Transformations with Miami Beach Hair Extensions

Wanting long, voluminous hair is not an uncommon desire among women.Often times, after a bad haircut or wearing a short hairstyle for an extended period of time women will want a change. That is exactly what happened with Me Day Spa’s most recent Miami Beach hair extension client.

All of us have all been there before; either because of some miscommunication with a stylist or a blatant mistake, we’ve all had that horrible haircut.I’m talking about the haircut that makes you run from mirrors and hide under hats.

The client featured on Me Day Spa’s Facebook fan page has a specific type of hair, as we all do, and when she visited a stylist that wasn’t familiar with her hair, she left with a horrible haircut.The haircut technique that affected this client was a hair-cutting razor, you know, the small comb-looking scissors that stylists use to shape your hair? Well, this client’s hair did not take well to the razor. Her hair instantly broke and became damaged. This haircutting technique affected the entire left side of her hair and the stylists at Me Day Spa predicted it would take over a year for her damaged hair to replenish.

Sooo – what is the next best step? She decided to try Me Day Spa’s Miami Beach hair extensions!

The hair extensions at Me Day Spa in Miami Beach are 100 percent natural human hair.Me Day Spa uses several different methods to apply the hair extensions including, seamless, fusion (keratin tip), sew-in, and clip-in day, which are the most popular methods.

Me Day Spa also offers hair extension bonding, integration, micro-link, and removable wigs.The duration of these hair extensions will vary with each technique.The client can have clip-in extensions that last one day, up to fusion extensions, which can last for six months.

The specific method used for the client in this blog post was the seamless method, which will last for two to three months if the hair is taken care of properly.In this case, Me Day Spa’s hair extension specialist recommends coming in for extension refills and touch ups every six months to a year.

To see the step-by-step transformation from our Miami Beach hair extensions visit our Facebook fan page for detailed photos and while you’re there, if you like what you see, become our fan.And, as always, if you’re interested in Miami Beach hair extensions give us at call at: 305.534.6363.