Dr Wigoda Shares Insight on @PRSJournal’s Study of The Perfect Breast Shape

Dr Wigoda Perfect Breast Shape for Breast Implants

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, following that logic, that should mean that the perfect pair of breasts is subject to debate. However, according to a new study called Population Analysis of the Perfect Breast, a whopping majority of people agree on what they believe are the most attractive proportions and you may be surprised by the results.


In the study, both men and women were asked to rank the attractiveness of four women with varying breast sizes. Each of the women’s breasts were morphed into four different proportions based on the percentage of the breast above and below the nipple. While size preferences varied, one preferred proportion was apparent.RealSelf Perfect Breast Shape


Of the four proportions which were 35:65, 45:55; 50:50, and 55:45, the 45:55 ratio stood out as the clear winner with both genders. However, while both sexes overwhelmingly agreed on the proportion, 90% of men selected it versus 82% of women which suggests that men actually prefer more natural appearing breasts than do women.


So what does that mean about the quest to find the perfect pair?


The 45:55 upper-to-lower pole ratio was actually found to be the most natural and attractive, according to the study. The keyword here being natural, a term that most would not associate with breast implants. While there are some women who come into the Aesthetics Institute who specifically want the “fake look,” most, however want a natural looking, just fuller, breast.


When considering breast implants, many women have the mentality that if they’re going to get implants, they need to ensure that they have visible results. However, they also worry that going too big will result in a pornstar-esque or “fake and stacked” appearance that they won’t be happy with…Quite the dilemma. While this study didn’t report what cup size was most ideal, it did mention that regardless of what size you choose, it can still look natural by coming as close to this proportion as possible.


Armed with this knowledge, women now have a language they can use to describe what they want their plastic surgeon to achieve. Likewise, it gives the surgeon a template to aspire to, rather than guess or assume. The thing to keep in mind is that while doing research, seek a plastic surgeon with excellent reviews AND who very clearly discusses the procedure and how he/she will meet your desired results. Feeling comfortable and getting honest feedback will ease your worries that you’ll end up with a drastic and unwanted appearance.


If you’re considering breast implants and want the best experience possible, contact Dr. Wigoda, pioneer of the painless breast implant technique.

Image Credit: RealSelf