Plastic Surgery Trends of 2012: Shhh…Botox is the New Mani and Men Love Plastic Surgery

Starting the anti-aging process early as a preventive measure is always a more successful path than trying to reverse the signs of aging, reports Dr. Paul Wigoda. The 2012 stats prove that men and women are on the same page. When Marie Claire writer Aleksandra Crapanzano asked, “Is it uncouth to show up with fine lines?,” ASPS posted an article considering Botox as the new manicure for today’s 40-year-old.

While the invitees of some intermittent dinner party groups are getting older, their faces are not. The previously required manicure and salon blowout no longer make the cut in some social groups. Instead, a Botox or injectable treatment is the new get-ready routine.

They key, as ASPS points out in Botox may be the most popular procedure, but sometimes it’s a secret, is not to look younger but to maintain their good looks. In fact, one physician notes that even husbands are unaware of their wives’ tiny procedures.

One reason for this shift over the years from facial plastic surgery to less-costly, nonsurgical options, such as Botox, has been shown to be the economy – although long-lasting results were shown to be a higher priority than cost and immediacy of results, according a survey published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

While survey respondents reported delaying major procedures due to economic factors, it seems the injectable industry’s reputation is thriving, even spilling over to create false hopes for poker players who don’t realize that Botox was not created to nor will it really affect their ability to convey emotions.

Along with surgeon-supported “less is more” approach to maintaining youth and good looks earlier, rather than reversing aging later, plastic surgeons are seeing more male clients. Men are no longer just sneaking their wive’s and girlfriend’s beauty products in the bathroom. They’re buying professional anti-aging products and professional cosmetic services and procedures.

According to ASPS’s Hello Handsome: Male plastic surgery and skincare trends, the percentage of male clients that account for plastic surgery procedures has risen 121 percent in the past 15 years. The top five procedures for men include rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, facelifts, liposuction and male breast reductions.

Meanwhile, the overall percentage of plastic surgery procedures has increased by 197 percent in the past 15 years. In fact, 9.2 million plastic surgery procedures were performed in 2011.

Have you ever wondered if you were too young for Botox? Do you want to know exactly how it can help you maintain your looks now or smooth out a few fines lines that have developed in the past couple of years? Dr. Wigoda can provide professional medical advice and address concerns such as the misnomer “Pokertox” expectation.



Dr. Wigoda and ‘Bridalplasty’: Plastic Surgery for Special Occasions

Dr. Wigoda reflects on the E! reality show ‘Bridalplasty’, giving real-world plastic surgery insight into pre-wedding procedures! He notes that while the competitive nature of the show is purely for entertainment value, it is very common to get some sort of injectables or plastic surgery before a big event, especially a wedding.

Dying to get a little nip or tuck before your big day? Dr. Wigoda recommends scheduling a surgical procedure at least three months in advance, and allowing at least a week to recover from a non-surgical procedure

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Paris Hilton’s Nose Job: Celebrity Rhinoplasty Gone Wrong

She is one of the world’s most photographed women, but is her face truly a work of perfection?

While never admitting to having any sort of cosmetic surgery procedure like rhinoplasty, many celeb-watchers have always speculated that Paris Hilton’s looks are not “au naturel.”

Dr. Wigoda has reviewed some photos of young Paris Hilton compared with current photos of the heiress, and here’s what he had to say.
“When looking at Paris Hilton, its clear she has had at least one rhinoplasty. In my opinion, she went from having an attractive, normal appearing nose, to one that looks overdone. It is too narrow in the bridge area and the tip now looks like its hanging.

I would be curious to know if she can breathe well through her nose. She is a good example of two things: one, a smaller nose is not necessarily more attractive (and definitely not more functional) and two, just because you can afford to have cosmetic surgery, doesn’t mean you should have it done.

I prefer her “before” nose to her “after.” Too often, cosmetic surgeons have over-resected tissue in noses, trying to make them too narrow or too small. This makes the nose look operated on, unnatural, and unattractive.

Frequently, the nasal walls can collapse when the patient breathes in, making it difficult to breathe. Patients then require a reconstructive procedure to build their nose back up so they can breathe normally again.”

For more information on cosmetic surgery in Fort Lauderdale, see Dr. Wigoda’s Rhinoplasty FAQ’s.

Fort Lauderdale Cosmetic Procedures Increase in Popularity Among Men

“Dude, Where’s my Botox?”

Men and cosmetic surgery, an unlikely pair? Not so much.

Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon, Dr. Wigoda of the Aesthetics Institute says, “About 20 percent of my patients are male.”

The Fort Lauderdale/Miami plastic surgeon offers pectoral implant surgery and sees male patients for a variety of cosmetic procedures.
“Men come to my office interested in everything from nose jobs to injectables,” said Dr. Wigoda.

According to the 2007 cosmetic surgery trends study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Wigoda is not alone by noticing an increase in male cosmetic surgery.  Statistics show the number of American men enduring a little “nip and tick” is on the rise.

The top 4 cosmetic procedures for men in 2007 were:

•    Rhinoplasty (nose jobs)
•    Eyelid surgery
•    Liposuction
•    Male breast reduction

After all, looking good isn’t gender specific.