Desire for Cosmetic Surgery Rises 200%

10 Plastic Surgery Motivators and Cosmetic Surgery Trends

Droopy Eyes and Crows Feet Blues? 87% of women have a complex about at least one body part.

“I’d look so great if my eyelids weren’t drooping or if these crows feet weren’t so noticeable.” Sound familiar? We all have those one or two features that we feel age us prematurely or don’t fit our features and want to correct. Really, you’re not alone. According to a recent RealSelf cosmetic surgery study, a staggering 87% of US women currently report being unhappy with at least one body part.

The survey of more than 5,000 women showed that the desire to fix what they deem “problem areas” is fueling the trend to seek help from a cosmetic surgeon, and consultations have risen by more than 200%. But who is actually opting for the procedures and why now?

A Stitch of Plastic Surgery: Age Is Nothing But A Number

One may assume that plastic surgery for the Gen X and Baby Boomer generations are more common, and while that may be true regarding wrinkles and facelifts, the younger groups are opting for elective procedures like breast implants, rhinoplasty, and body sculpting.

The study found that 86% of women ages 25-34 are likely to change a body part using plastic surgery. That number drops dramatically at age 45 so it appears that acceptance comes with age.

Cosmetic Surgery Media & Medical Influences

The increase in plastic surgery for Generation Y can also be attributed to the ongoing pop culture obsession with body image. Flawless celebrities, reality television shows with plastic surgery competitions, and the selfie obsession can all be factored into the equation.

On the other hand, medical advancements and transparencies and even the way we gather our information could be allowing people to commit to cosmetic changes with less concerns. A whopping 61% of people researching procedures use the Internet as their primary source so they are able to do as much research as they want and fact check on their own. The added knowledge of the procedures and advancements also makes the patient more confident in their doctor and less concerned about risks.

According to, the RealSelf study seems to prove that the hush-hush stigma surrounding plastic surgery is slowly dissipating and Dr. Wigoda agrees. As surgery becomes more mainstream, millions of women who passed on plastic surgery in the past are coming out of hiding and pursuing the procedures they’ve been wanting for years.

Plastic Surgery Motivators

If one in five women are planning on actually pursuing cosmetic surgery, and one in three have thought about it but are undecided, we have to consider why this desire has increased. The study found that 65% of women consider a procedure because they will feel more comfortable with themselves. Other motivators to consider surgery included a milestone life event such as career changes, marital status change, and significant birthdays.

After they undergo a procedure respondents have listed their top expected outcomes as:

  1. Self-esteem

  2. Overall confidence level

  3. Overall happiness

  4. Comfort having your photo taken

  5. How you look when clothed

  6. How you look when minimally dressed/naked

  7. Your opinion of your sex appeal

  8. Comfort posting pictures on social media

  9. Confidence when center of attention

  10. Sex life

Not surprisingly, they were dead on in their assumptions with the rankings of the actual impact of cosmetic surgery being almost identical.

So, in short, cosmetic surgery is no longer taboo and more women are opting for procedures to enhance their beauty… would you? How would you fill in the blanks? I would look great if my ____________ (was/were) ____________.

Got it? Good. Now contact Dr. Wigoda for your complementary virtual or in-person consultation to discuss your options and how you can look your best this year!

Plastic Surgery Reviews: Dr. Wigoda is Top Doctor on RealSelf

paul wigoda realself reviewPlastic surgery reviews like this make a difference: Dr. Wigoda saved me from overspending and unwanted scars, or Dr. Paul Wigoda did an amazing job on my breast augmentation.


When it comes to plastic surgery finding Dr. Right is crucial to having a successful procedure and achieving the desired result. The Internet is helpful in doing background research, however sometimes it can provide information overload and it’s hard to determine which plastic surgery reviews are real or should be taken with a grain of salt.


Enter, the world’s largest community for learning and sharing information about cosmetic surgery and other elective treatments. It collects reviews, before and after photos and have a doctor Q&A available making it the most trusted resource for those who are looking for help beyond the beauty counter.


Fort Lauderdale and Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Wigoda bears the blue banner labeled “Top Doctor” below his profile picture. According to RealSelf, this is awarded to less than 10 percent of doctors on the site and is a status earned by achieving high patient satisfaction and getting favorable feedback on their expert answers. Additionally he received 5-star reviews in all nine categories as shown here.


Below are excerpts from our favorite reviews. For more information, photos, and answers to your plastic surgery questions, visit Dr. Paul Wigoda’s RealSelf profile.


23 and Feel Like I Was Meant to Be!

Reasons you should go to Dr. Wigoda:

1. Marie, the office manager is THE BEST in the biz and will honestly tell you how you are going to feel emotionally and physically every step of the way.


2. Dr. Wigoda is the Chief of Plastic Surgery of Broward General Medical Center. This is a big deal and he knows what he is doing, you’re in safe hands. He has so much experience that sometimes it can seem routine but after going through the whole process, I can see that he really did personalize the experience and even though I found it hard to explain what I wanted, he gave me exactly that. After looking at hundreds of pictures of women I emulated, he gave me something so much better-completely natural looking breasts that fit me perfectly.


3. They will never pressure you into doing anything you don’t want, it’s your body and you have control (I switched the size of the implant literally two minutes before laying down on the operating table and it was no problem).


4. This is your body, so spend the money it takes to do it right because the results are permanent. I have zero regrets and also know that if I had any issues, they would have resolved it immediately.

1 Month Post-Op! Dr. Wigoda saved me from overspending and unwanted scars

Dr. Paul Wigoda did an amazing job on my breast augmentation, I truly could have not asked for a better result. His calm, laid back manner was always comforting and reassuring and Marie is beyond helpful and kind. I went to four different doctors in my area for a consult and he was the only one that said he could achieve a great result without a lift and he was right. He saved me a ton of money and unneeded scars and I will be forever grateful. I chose Dr. Wigoda because of his great before and after photos as well as his fantastic patient reviews, and I am so happy with my choice. He and his staff made it an easy, enjoyable and fun experience and I cannot imagine having a better experience!!


Other reviews included the subject lines:

  • 5 months and loving them!!!!

  • Breast Augmentation – Very Satisfied

  • Best Decision I Have Ever Made!

  • No Pain, Great Gain

  • Would Do It Again


Dr. Wigoda hopes to make you the next happy patient to write a 5-star review and invites you to come in for a free plastic surgery consultation.