Before and After Breast Implants: How You Will Feel?

Before and After Breast Implant Surgery Feelings

Breast implant surgery is a big deal. No matter how much larger your breasts are getting, aspects of your ordinary life are going to change. We created a realistic list of what you can expect before and after your surgery coming from real people with real results. While everyone’s lifestyle obviously varies, these are the most popular general changes breast implant patients tend to see in their own lives.



  • Less confidence in your normal lifestyle

  • More boring routine with less change

  • Lacking or a strained sex life or romantic relationships

  • Trouble finding clothing that fits correctly or matches body proportions



  • After surgery you will feel a little tightness with minimal discomfort

  • High impact exercise or strenuous activity might have to be put on hold for a month

  • After a month, breast implants may still be a bit high, they will take up to 3 to 4 months to drop

  • Once your breast implants have “settled in”, a sexier more proportioned look

  • Plunging necklines! Filling out tops better with more cleavage

  • Increased attention from spouse/boyfriend leading to an increased sex drive and more satisfying sex life

  • Most importantly – More confidence in yourself and your body.


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