Plastic Surgery Experience with Miami Breast Augmentation

So today is my last update on my breast augmentation surgery with Miami plastic surgeon, Dr. Wigoda.  I just wanted to reiterate how happy I am with Dr. Wigoda and his staff.  My breast augmentation surgery went great and I couldn’t be more pleased with my results.  You will see my before and after pictures below.  I went from an A-cup to a C-cup when I had my breast implant surgery last month and I feel 100% on my game!

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery I would defiantly book a consultation with Dr. Wigoda. I felt totally comfortable with the surgery, although I’ll admit; I was a little nervous beforehand.  Dr. Wigoda answered all of my pre-plastic surgery questions and was really caring overall.  I will be checking into the breast implant blog now and then so feel free to ask any questions you have or for more information visit Dr. Wigoda’s web site:

Have a good one!

Before/After Miami Breast Augmentation

So I thought my fellow Miami breast augmentation friends would want to see the before and after shots of my breast implants.  I had my augmentation surgery with Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon, Dr. Wigoda on January 30, 2009 and I look sooo much better!

The way I see it, I’m just like any young woman who wants to look busty.  I feel comfortable (and sexy) wearing low cut shirts and now, I don’t even have to wear a bra and my chest still looks perfect.  What the life!  I really couldn’t ask for more.

Check out the pictures below and also the video where I talk about my motivation for breast implants.

Before Breast Implants                            After Miami Breast Augmentation!!!!

Breast Augmentation Post-Opp Follow up

Hi Everyone –

Check out the video below with information from my breast implants follow up visit!  It has been a week since my breast augmentation surgery and I had an appointment with Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon, Dr. Wigoda today.  He examined me and removed my stitches, which took about fifteen minutes.  Then we talked about the next steps of my breast augmentation recovery.  Nothing major, just that now, I am allowed to sleep on my side instead of only on my back (one step closer to the way I normally sleep).

As you will see in the video below – I am wearing a sports bra and have been instructed to do so (or go bra-less) for the next few months.  According to Dr. Wigoda, wearing the sports bra is a precaution after the surgery, to make sure that everything heals properly.

What can I say, I love my breasts and I’m looking forward to filling out all my new tops and dresses!

Check in next week to see the before and after photos!

Fort Lauderdale Breast Augmentation: Patient Followup

Well here I am, five days after my breast augmentation surgery and I am feeling fantastic! Dr. Wigoda and his staff did an amazing job and I want to thank them all for their great work. The breast implant surgery was easier than I ever expected and I almost feel silly for the concerns about the appearance of breast implants that I had last week.

Immediately after the surgery I was tired from the anesthesia and couldn’t feel much but after a few hours I was able to walk around and eat like normal.  My breasts were sore, but I had no significant pain at all!  Overall, Dr. Wigoda has been really caring about my surgery – he knew how nervous I was. He even came to visit me on Saturday to make sure everything was healing properly and that the stitches were in place. So far, I could not be more pleased with my results.  If you or anyone you know in the Miami or Fort Lauderdale area is looking for a breast augmentation surgeon, Dr. Wigoda is definitely the way to go!

Finally, I’m sure you’re all wondering – well, how do they look?  And I must say, they are perfect.  Although my breasts are still wrapped in bandages, and I am not allowed to sleep on my stomach or side – it was worth it!

I will keep you posted.


Breast Augmentation Surgery in Miami

So today is the day for my breast augmentation surgery!  I woke up this morning feeling prepared and excited.  I’ve put on some comfortable clothes and am ready to head out the door to meet with Dr. Wigoda and his staff. First I will meet with the doctor at his Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery location, and then speak with the anesthesiologist for any final questions before the breast implant procedure.

I am so excited; I can hardly wait!  I want to share with you all the details of my breast augmentation procedure but I’m not a plastic surgeon – sooo, check out the video of Dr. Wigoda below, speaking about my breast implant surgery options.

Enjoy your weekend!
I will follow up next with on the “whole new me!”

Fort Lauderdale Breast Augmentation Patient Concerns


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.  The breast augmentation date is approaching faster-than-ever and I wanted to share with you a few of my concerns.  This Friday, I am having my breasts done by Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon, Dr. Wigoda and with his guidance; I’ve decided to go from an A-cup to a C-cup.

As I mentioned last week, my initial concern was about the future of my body and whether or not I’d be able to breast-feed after my breast implants (since I’m only 23, I’m not yet too concerned about babies, but I know I will be down the line!). Dr. Wigoda assured me that everything would function as normal after the surgery.

The other concern I had prior to my breast augmentation consultation was that my breasts might look fake or too “stacked,” up in the air. I discussed this with Dr. Wigoda, he was actually nice enough to talk to me over the phone, and explained that because we are putting the breast implants behind my breast muscle, the procedure would result in natural looking breast augmentation.

I will check in with you later in the week for another update before the surgery.

Miami Breast Implant Consultation

Hi Readers!

I am so happy to be able to share my breast implant experience at The Aesthetics Institute with you and let you know what it’s really like to get breast augmentation in Miami.

I have always wanted breast implants because I want a more womanly shape and appearance. I am tired of feeling “flat as a pancake” and want to be able to wear cute dresses, tank tops, and bikinis!

However, I’m concerned about the actual procedure, recovery time, and possible complications involved with having breast implants. I heard about Dr. Wigoda through my mother, who said he was one of the best plastic surgeons in Miami. So, yesterday I met with Dr. Wigoda to have my breast augmentation consultation and ask him some questions.

When I met with Dr. Wigoda I was very comfortable. Both he and the staff were very nice and The Aesthetics Institute is very clean and professional. Dr. Wigoda addressed all my questions and concerns, which took any hesitation I had about the surgery away. Overall, the consultation was great because I was nervous that I was making the right choice.

Dr. Wigoda understood how I was feeling and explained every step of the surgery. He made everything easy and simple for me to understand, so I knew exactly what was going to happen before, during and after the surgery, allowing me to make an informed choice about my breast implants.

So, I definitely have some thinking to do. I’ll keep you posted!