Choosing a Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Miami

Happy Friday everyone!

I wanted to share with you my decision to have Dr. Wigoda perform my breast augmentation surgery.  I met with him earlier this week for my plastic surgery consultation and I am ready to move forward with Dr. Wigoda as my breast augmentation surgeon. We’ve scheduled the surgery for next Friday, January 30, 2009 and I couldn’t be more excited.

During the consultation I really felt comfortable with Dr. Wigoda. He answered all my questions and he actually cared about everything I was worried about.  I was concerned about being able to breast-feed in the future and I really felt comfortable discussing all my hesitations with him. Dr. Wigoda didn’t just give me the medical answer that you’d expect from a Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon; he really took the time to go deep into detail with each of my questions and concerns.

Today I am feeling a little nervous about the surgery, but I know I am in great hands!  I will follow up with you all next week.


Beauty and the Breast Implant Blog

Miami breast implant doctor takes his patients story online.

Interested in acquiring the perfect South Beach-Miami style body? Thinking about breast augmentation services in Miami or Fort Lauderdale? Wondering about the process of breast lifts?  Look no further. Dr. Wigoda, a Miami-Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon introduces an online reality blog series about beauty and breast augmentation.

From start to finish, we will blog every step through the breast implant process. Beginning with the initial breast augmentation consultation and ending with the final follow-up visit; you will have VIP access to the process of breast augmentation.

Actual Miami breast implant patients will express their thoughts, concerns, and emotions through blog posts and video to document the reality cosmetic surgery experience.

Our first patient is Mishelle, a 23-year-old woman from Miami, who recently came to Dr. Wigoda’s Fort Lauderdale cosmetic surgery office researching breast augmentation.

Next week is Mishelle’s first blog post.  She will review her initial consultation with Dr. Wigoda and every step along the way through her breast implant experience. Please feel free to leave questions or comments.