Hair Salon Tips and Tricks: How To Save Your Blowout

Going to your favorite Miami Beach salon and getting a blowout doesn’t have to end with doing the “how do I keep my hair perfect for the next few days” routine of avoiding water, sweat and frizz at all costs.

Saving that just-left-the-salon look isn’t hard, with a few tips and tricks you can keep your blowout looking great for several days after you leave the stylists chair.

“You can keep a blowout looking salon fresh for three days after you leave the salon,” said Me Day Spa stylist, Todd Bertenshaw. “The only thing off limits is completely wetting your hair but you can still shower, workout, and do your normal routine.”

Here are Todd’s top three tips to save your blowout:

  • Use a shower cap in the shower – they are available at any drugstore and keep even a small amount of moisture from getting on your hair.
  • Invest in a dry shampoo – these come in spray, powder and even liquid forms. They absorb oil at the roots and keep the hair at the crown looking fresh.
  • Use a flat iron to smooth stray hairs and backcomb hair around the crown at the roots when it falls flat.

South Beach Spa Launches Ad Campaign, Introduces High-End Hair Products

In a true Miami-Beach-spa-fashion, Dr. Wigoda and Me Day Spa have launched a hot new ad campaign to support Me Day Spa’s new high-end hair products and services.

Visit the salon in person to see full size photos of Me Day Spa’s new mascot and model – She’s hot!

As a L’Oreal concept salon with expert staff, Me Day Spa is no stranger to luxury and style. The additions of several new product lines re-assert that Me Day Spa is Miami’s premiere spa destination.

South Beach Spa’s New Products Include:

  • Kerastase hair care retail products and in salon treatments: including strengthening, leave in, color treated, and curly hair products
  • Eminence skin care: featuring the new body care and tropical lines
  • Alison Raffaelle cosmetics: naturally inspired beauty products
  • Obagi medical products: prescription strength, salon quality skincare
  • Prevage MD: anti-aging skincare that corrects environmental damage
  • Trapp Candles: premium exotic fragrances for the mind and body
  • Marcia Teixeira Brazilian Chocolate Hair Relaxer: A natural de-frizzing treatment – desert for your hair

For more information about these products call Me Day Spa: (305) 534-6363