Breast Implants with Benefits! Dr. Paul Wigoda’s Painless Breast Implant Patients Tell All [TESTIMONIAL]

breast implant benefitsCan breast implants be painless? People are often surprised that breast implant patients travel to Dr. Paul Wigoda’s Fort Lauderdale, Florida practice from all over the United States and beyond. Why didn’t they stay local? Was it worth the travel costs? This patient from Philadelphia wanted a highly recommended plastic surgeon with experience to make the procedure as painless as possible for her breast implants. She was excited to share that all of her requirements were met and Dr. Wigoda’s signature Painless Breast Implant procedure added three more unexpected benefits in this testimonial.

Expectations. Set. Match.

Painless Breast Implants. “It tells it all, the name is self-explanatory,” the patient shares.

After reading countless testimonials and noticing Dr. Wigoda came ‘100 percent recommended’ by past patients, our Philadelphia patient’s interest was piqued.

So was the procedure as painless as everyone said? You be the judge. Only six days after her breast augmentation procedure, this patient is full of energy, giggling and smiling about her experience!

“The testimonials said they didn’t have any pain and everything was about painless breasts, and that’s what I wanted, painless breasts, and that’s what I got!”

After her breast augmentation procedure, the patient reports waking up without feeling any pain in her breast, was able to raise her arms and claims everything was great. Dr. Wigoda’s Painless Breast Implants procedure clearly met her expectations, but she got a few more surprises that made traveling for augmentation all the more worth it.

Unexpected Benefit of the Painless Breast Implant Procedure

1. Raising Your Arms

Most breast augmentation patients should be able to lift their arms enough within a day or so that they can style their hair, for example. What this patient didn’t expect was that she would be able to do so comfortably. Some doctors recommend waiting 7-10 days before returning to work, but many of Dr. Wigoda’s patients, like the woman in this breast implant testimonial was able to drive herself to her follow up appointment the day after surgery and was back to her nursing job within a week.

2. Washing Yourself

You have to be careful washing after any surgery and must follow your doctor’s recommendations as to how long to keep the incision area dry and how to care for it. This patient was aware that she could bathe after surgery but was very surprised that she was able to do it on her own, expecting that the pain or discomfort would keep her from being able to do a thorough job.

3. Going Out on the Town

This patient had surgery on a Thursday and had a great weekend out of the house. Many people believe bedrest is the only road to recovery after a surgery but she was feeling well enough to, in her own words, “get out of the house, went out and had dinner, went about life and had a good time and good weekend.”

When asked to compare her experience to the reviews she read, the patient responded that “everything was accurate and truthful and the staff are great. I highly recommend Dr. Wigoda.”

Still not sure if you should book the flight? Read this patient from New York’s testimonial about her journey to great implants.

To see if Dr. Wigoda’s Painless Breast Implant procedure is for you, contact us for a free in-person or virtual consultation.


BAD CELEBRITY PLASTIC SURGERY 101 – Dr. Wigoda Weighs In On Victoria Beckham’s Enhancements

With cosmetic surgery among celebrities becoming increasingly normal and de-stigmatized, it’s difficult to tell who’s had what done in Hollywood.

However, there are those few select individuals whose procedures have achieved less than stellar results, making them stand out from their well-manicured, discreetly enhanced peers.

Whether it’s an unnaturally tight facelift or an unflattering breast augmentation, Dr. Wigoda will now be
weighing in on the bad celebrity plastic surgery debate.

Victoria Beckham’s style and looks are envied and copied by women all over the world, but there is one…make it two things about her that Dr. Wigoda does not recommend emulating.

“Victoria has very unnatural appearing breasts. I would guess that they are placed above the muscle, which usually looks less natural. Because she is wearing a dress however, it could be that the dress or a bra is pushing the breasts up and toward the middle to give more cleavage. However, I have seen other photos of her where in my opinion they look very fake and unattractive.

The best way to evaluate breasts is without clothes so that nothing is pushing or supporting them. Generally I recommend placing the implants below the muscle for a more natural appearance. There are other benefits as well including less rippling and less chance of a capsular contracture.

The claim that having implants placed under the muscle is more painful is a myth. If the surgery is done correctly, placing implants under the muscle does not cause increased pain. My patients complain of very little pain after having implants placed under the muscle.

The other claim is that when implants are placed under the muscle, the person will be weaker because the muscle is partly cut. This is also untrue for the vast majority of women. An average woman, even one who exercises a lot, will not notice any difference in muscle strength.”

Cosmetic surgery should only make you look like a better version of yourself. Not like a British pop star.

Now, time for discussion…who do YOU think has the worst implants in Hollywood? Leave comments and discuss!