Dr. Wigoda Kicks Off Facebook Beauty Sweepstakes

Breast implants like Courtney Cox, Botox like Kim Kardashian’s mom, a Tummy Tuck like a celebrity model or some lingerie from Victoria Secret just because it makes you feel good; Enter to win Dr. Wigoda’s Beauty Sweepstakes on Facebook

Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul Wigoda has launched a Facebook sweepstakes and campaign to expand his digital interactions with his patients. Now men and women looking for an expert source in plastic surgery and non-surgical services like Cosmetic Botox and fillers can subscribe to Dr. Wigoda on Facebook for all the latest plastic surgery tips and trends.


Dr. Wigoda gives his Facebook Fans something to talk about with his Beauty Sweepstakes Giveaways. The sweepstakes starts today on Dr. Wigoda’s Facebook Page and entrants have a chance to win a $250 Dr. Wigoda gift card or a Victoria Secret gift card ranging from $10 to $250. The winner will be published in Dr. Wigoda’s beauty blog and earn $250 towards Dr. Wigoda’s non-surgical services, while 10 runners-up will win Victoria Secret gift cards ranging from $10 to $50.

The winner will also be featured on Dr. Wigoda’s plastic surgery and beauty blog to share some of their top beauty tips and experience with Dr. Wigoda. Official contest rules include winners must be 18 years of age or older, live in Florida and be part of Dr. Wigoda’s Facebook Page.

The contest will run through September 30, 2011 and the winners will be notified by October 15, 2011.

About Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul Wigoda

Dr. Paul Wigoda practices plastic surgery in the Fort Lauderdale and Miami area. As Chief of Plastic Surgery at Broward General, Dr. Wigoda is board certified and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Wigoda is an advocate for patient safety and education when it comes to plastic surgery. Areas of specialization include breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, liposuction, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, facelift, brow lift, eyelid surgery, Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane and botox treatments. Laser hair removal, spider vein treatments are also offered.


Skinny on Lipo: Dr. Wigoda’s Liposuction Frequently Asked Questions

As the heat index here in Florida continues to climb and people spend more time in their bathing suits, many Floridians are considering getting liposuction to get the body they want. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Wigoda warns patients to educate themselves on the different types of liposuction and to do their research before choosing their Florida plastic surgeon for any procedure.

What is liposuction? Also known as lipoplasty or liposculpture, the procedure removes excess fat deposits, slimming and shaping specific areas of the body. Liposuction can treat stubborn fat pockets in several places on the body, including abdomen, flanks, back, thighs, inner knees, arms, neck and hips. Liposuction can be performed on its own or combined with other plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, a facelift or tummy tuck.

Contrary to common belief, liposuction is not a weight-loss solution. The procedure was designed to treat small areas of fat. Many patients seek liposuction to remove stubborn fat deposits that linger in spite of diet and exercise.

Considering having lipo done? There are several different types of liposuction procedures:

  • Ultra-sonic liposuction
  • Smart lipo
  • Suction assisted liposuction
  • Power assisted liposuction

Dr. Wigoda recommends ultra-sonic liposuction as he believes it to be most effective in achieving your desired results. Despite the current popularity of Smart liposuction, Dr. Wigoda does not feel it is as effective as ultra-sonic liposuction and has only become a buzzword due to heavy marketing.

It is also important to know what type of doctor your surgeon is. While legally any doctor can perform a liposuction, patients should only entrust their bodies to board-certified plastic surgeons for cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Wigoda urges any patient considering liposuction to do their research and consult a Florida plastic surgeon with good credentials and reviews.

Dr. Wigoda Reports on Woman’s Botched Eyelid Surgery

Marilyn Liesz is suing her plastic surgeon for negligenceA New Jersey woman is suing her doctor, claiming she can’t close her eyes after getting a procedure done on her eyelids. The eyelid lift was intended to restore a youthful appearance to the eyes by cutting away excess skin. However, when too much skin was removed, Liesz was left unable to close her eyes completely.

Marilyn Liesz is suing Dr. Paul Parker for negligence. Parker’s attorney told the jury Leisz was warned of the risks before performing the surgery in 2005, especially since she had previously undergone multiple other procedures  before seeing Dr. Parker.

Leisz now uses a gel and vaporizer at night so she doesn’t scratch her eyes. She also says she’s losing her vision and lives in fear of injuring her eyes.

“All the favorite things I used to, like tennis, racquetball, swimming, horseback riding, bike riding, skeet shooting, gardening, I can’t do those things,” Leisz said. While it may be possible to correct the procedure, Liesz is wary of going under the knife yet again.

Dr. Wigoda encourages potential patients to interview several plastic surgeons before having work done. Instead of rushing through a procedure, a good plastic surgeon will help decide whether a patient is a good candidate for a surgery and ensure the patient is fully aware of the risk involved.

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Plastic Surgery Chat Replay> Dr. Wigoda Hosts Live Health Chat with South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Board-certified plastic surgeon Paul Wigoda, M.D. answers consumer questions about plastic surgery.

Liposuction myths, plastic surgery protocol and nose job no no’s were welcome topics in an online forum when South Florida plastic surgeon Dr. Wigoda went digital with a South Florida Sun-Sentinel online health chat, answering common questions from consumers about plastic surgery. Last week Dr.Wigoda answered questions from consumers about everything they needed to know when considering plastic surgery.

Paul Wigoda MD on Sun Sentinel Health Chat

No stranger to digital media, Dr. Wigoda frequently reaches out to current and potential patients via his South Florida Plastic Surgery and Beauty Blog, Twitter feed, an active Facebook fan page and YouTube Channel.

“Breaking down the barriers of plastic surgery and helping distinguish the myths and the facts is a continuous educational process,” said Wigoda, whose practice is based in Fort Lauderdale. “I was thrilled to be presented with the opportunity to help so many people at once via the highly accredited and respected Sun-Sentinel’s reach.”

Some topics covered include: Shopping around for a good plastic surgeon, checking the background of a doctor and a surgery center, questions to ask the doctor beforehand, typical costs for various procedures, tricks and traps in advertised prices, what to look for in the contract, safety issues and risks of surgery, getting medical clearance from an independent physician in advance, realistic expectations for the results and what to do if something goes wrong.

A full transcript of the chat is available on the Health page of the Sun-Sentinel’s website.

About Dr. Wigoda
Paul Wigoda, M.D. is a Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon and owner of The Aesthetics Institute. He is a board certified plastic surgeon and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Florida Medical Association, and the Broward County Medical Association. Dr. Wigoda specializes in Fort Lauderdale breast augmentation, breast reduction, painless breast implants, breast lift, liposuction, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, facelift, brow lift, eyelid surgery, Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane, Botox, laser hair removal, and spider vein treatments.

Paul Wigoda, M.D. Ft Lauderdale Location:
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Dr. Wigoda and ‘Bridalplasty’: Plastic Surgery for Special Occasions

Dr. Wigoda reflects on the E! reality show ‘Bridalplasty’, giving real-world plastic surgery insight into pre-wedding procedures! He notes that while the competitive nature of the show is purely for entertainment value, it is very common to get some sort of injectables or plastic surgery before a big event, especially a wedding.

Dying to get a little nip or tuck before your big day? Dr. Wigoda recommends scheduling a surgical procedure at least three months in advance, and allowing at least a week to recover from a non-surgical procedure

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Dr. Paul Wigoda Reviews Joan Rivers’ Plastic Surgery

Legendary comedian, TV personality and “Fashion Police” host Joan Rivers is known for her brash personality, strong New York dialect – and equally bold plastic surgery procedures.

Lifts Lead the 2016 plastic surgery List,

In this video, Dr. Wigoda describes Rivers’ various cosmetic surgery procedures through the years, from the 1980s to present.

Dr. Wigoda’s advice to Rivers, not surprisingly, is to ease up on the plastic surgery procedures a bit: “I would definitely stop all surgical procedures on her. I think she can continue with Botox…her lips look fine, I might fill in her nasal labial folds a little bit. I definitely wouldn’t do anything to her cheeks, other than possibly take out a little of the fat.”

To learn more about Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery procedures from Botox to painless breast implants from Dr. Wigoda visit: http://www.doctorwigoda.com or http://www.medayspa.com

About Dr. Wigoda
Dr. Paul Wigoda is a board certified plastic surgeon and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Florida Medical Association, and the Broward County Medical Association. Dr. Wigoda specializes in Fort Lauderdale breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, liposuction, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, facelift, brow lift, eyelid surgery, Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane, Botox, laser hair removal, and spider vein treatments.

Heidi Klum No Plastic Surgery Necessary

She’s not called Heidi “the body” for nothing.

At 35, Heidi Klum is truly one of the most beautiful women in the world – and according to Dr. Wigoda she is definitely an all-natural beauty. Known to credit her good genes for her appearance, German-born Heidi certainly has her parents to thank for giving her the supermodel looks we all idolize.

Here’s what South Florida plastic surgeon, Dr. Wigoda has to say:

“Obviously, it is difficult to come up with anything less than positive to say when looking at one of the world’s most beautiful women. From a cosmetic surgery standpoint, she has no flaws to fix.

She has perfectly smooth skin in the forehead, glabella, and crow’s feet region. There is no way to know if this is good genes or if she has had Botox, but I suspect it is mostly genetic. Her jaw line is perfect. She has no jowls and the skin is taut throughout.

Looking at her eyelids, there is no skin laxity in the upper or lower lids and no fatty bags in the lower lids. She is still relatively young, though. At 35, women with good genes who take care of themselves (don’t smoke, avoid sun exposure, eat healthy, etc) often don’t need to have any work done, although some will have Botox more as a preventative treatment than to eliminate existing wrinkles.”

Seal is one lucky guy!


Pre-Wedding Plastic Surgery Is On The Rise

In the not-so-distant past, getting married meant months of planning. These tedious months included
finding dresses, tuxedoes, location, flowers, and planning bridal party. Now, Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeons like Dr. Wigoda are reporting that many brides (and grooms) to be are adding Botox, liposuction, lip augmentation, and rhinoplasty to that list!

With more and more people hoping to be picture-perfect on their big day, Dr. Wigoda sees brides-to-be resorting to what were once considered extreme measures. Dr. Wigoda’s pre-wedding patients, whether male or female, have often already been thinking about cosmetic surgery and their impending nuptials are often simply at catalyst for them to make the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery.

“Typically, I see younger brides coming in for liposuction or breast augmentation a few months before the wedding. Brides in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s often come in for Botox or fillers. I also see family members, especially the mothers of the bride or groom, who come in for anything from injectables to facelifts.”

For more information about perfecting your look for your wedding day contact Dr. Wigoda for your free consultation today.