South Florida Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Paul Wigoda, M.D. on Botched Plastic Surgery

Last week, Paul Wigoda, MD gave his thoughts on The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s (ASAPS) 2011 plastic surgery trends. Unfortunately, one prediction came true almost immediately.
20-year-old aspiring hip hop vixen Claudia Aderotimi died shortly after receiving liquid silicone injections to plump her rear end. While the desire to resemble voluptuous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj is very common, Aderotimi’s procedure was performed in a Philadelphia hotel room by another aspiring hip hop artist using liquid silicone.

She and a friend flew to Philadelphia from the UK and each paid more than $1,000 to receive the injections. After complaining of chest pain and shortness of break, Aderotimi was rushed to the hospital and died later that day, likely because the non-FDA approved silicone from the shots seeped into her bloodstream.

This scenario is eerily similar to the ASAPS prediction: “Consumers looking for a bargain on cosmetic procedures will unfortunately lead to an increase in horror stories about ‘discount injectables’ bought offshore, cosmetic medicine, and cosmetic surgical procedures performed by untrained practitioners.”

Dr. Wigoda strongly recommends considering only a fully trained board-certified plastic surgeon for any cosmetic procedure. Never get any form of plastic surgery done in a location without all necessary emergency equipment. Don’t put your life into the hands of just anyone; asking the right questions can – and will – save your life.