The Breast Vacation Ever? @DrDrewHLN Panel Injects Opinions


vacation breast implants

Insta Breasts, a 24-hour saline solution that allows patients to “test drive” a breast augmentation, is making plastic surgery news. The one-day enhancement created by Dr. Norman Rowe is actually the first step toward what he calls “vacation breast implants” which is in the works and is expected to last two weeks. But are women in the market for breast enhancement really looking for this type of temporary fix, or is it just a hoax? Dr. Wigoda addresses his major concerns for the temporary procedure and why he thinks vacation breasts may disappear just as quickly as they appeared.

Are Temporary Breast Implants Safe?

If it’s done with sterile technique and by a qualified plastic surgeon it is probably safe with little risk of complications. Furthermore, the saline solution is the same that is used in long-term breast implants which, when an implant ruptures, is safely absorbed in the body.


How Much Do Temporary Implants Cost?

Rowe quotes his prices at between $2,500 and $3,500 for a procedure that can take less than 20 minutes in some cases! For three to four times that amount, patients can get amazing implants that last well more than 24 hours.


Who Should Consider Vacation Breast Implants?

Because it only lasts one day, and there is a high cost involved, it’s not likely that it will be very popular. Even if it lasts two weeks, is it worth having them done for say a vacation when you would have to buy clothes and bras to fit your new shape? Honestly, Victoria’s Secret has a line of swimsuits that can give you an entirely new shape and you can use it year-round, not just during those two weeks.

The main audience for this type of cosmetic surgery would probably be brides, and it is unlikely that they will risk this sort of procedure on their wedding. Will the dress fit? Will they feel well enough to dance, or a little off balance? When brides-to-be are considering any type of plastic surgery before the big day they need to do it in a reasonable amount of time. Bridal breast implants should be planned at least three to six months before you walk down the aisle.


Will The Vacation Implants Trend Continue?

It’s quite possible that this vacation implants fad will disappear faster than it takes the saline solution to absorb. Most women who come in for breast augmentation consultations know they want to have larger, fuller breasts. There are very few that are “on the fence” and would like to do a test run. The primary issue is usually how big to go and it is unlikely that this procedure will help answer that question very well as the patient would have to redo it with a variety of sizes to know for sure what they want.

A good plastic surgeon will educate the patient on all of their options. Saline vs. silicone, over or under the pec, size and shape recommendations, and so on. During your consultations, you should also be able to try on various sizers. While this won’t allow you to feel exactly what it’s like to have that new weight on your chest, it will allow you to see how you will appear with various sizes.

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