Fort Lauderdale Breast Surgery From A-D [Infographic]

Did you know the average woman who gets breast augmentation is in her mid-30’s, married or in a long term relationship and has some college education? A recent study by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery published an infographic highlighting how breasts have evolved over the history of human existence.

Tides (and bra sizes) are changing – from average breast size to opinions and breast enhancement materials.

“I can’t imagine using glass balls and wood chips to enhance the breasts,” said Dr. Paul Wigoda, painless breast implant specialist and chief of plastic surgery at Broward General Medical Center. “Luckily we now have safe, FDA-approved saline and silicone breast implants in the hands of experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons.”


Dr. Wigoda shares the demographics and positive feedback in Dr. Wigoda’s plastic surgery testimonials from the women who have had breast surgery such as breast lifts, breast augmentation and/or breast reduction, it’s no wonder that breast augmentation is a top plastic surgery procedure for the modern woman. Thirty-one percent of today’s plastic surgeon’s use saline and 69% use silicone according to the recent study. Some of the top reasons why women say they get breast plastic surgery are to look better and feel better.

Dr. Wigoda mentioned: “One of the most common comments I get, once the patient has lived with her new implants for a few months is, “I wished I would have done this sooner!”. The vast majority of patients are happier about how they look, they feel better about themselves, and it is truly amazing how such a simple procedure changes their lives for the better.” online casinos nederland

Smoking Makes Nipples Fall Off? Dr. Paul Wigoda Says Yes!

Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul Wigoda confirms that smoking can make your nipples fall off after certain surgeries.

“I encourage all my patients to quit smoking before surgery,” said Dr. Wigoda who pioneered the technique painless breast implants.

For decades the Surgeon General has warned that smoking can cause health complications. Yet the Center for Disease Control reports that 19% of Americans over the age of 18 smoke. Not only is smoking unhealthy in general and can lead to diseases like lung cancer, it can cause serious complications during and after plastic surgery.

First, smokers have a higher risk of developing respiratory complications, like pneumonia, with any surgery that requires general anesthesia. Second, there are many cosmetic procedures – such as facelifts, breast reductions or lifts, and tummy tucks – where large areas of skin and fat are undermined (separated from the tissue below) to tighten the skin. Blood flow to the skin decreases during these procedures. If the skin does not receive the minimum amount of blood flow needed to be healthy and survive the surgery, the skin dies and the person ends up with an unsightly wound.

In people with healthy blood circulation, this isn’t a problem. However, smoking inhibits the circulation of blood because nicotine is a vasoconstrictor. It causes blood vessels to constrict (close). This constriction further reduces blood to flow to the areas that are trying to heal. As a result, the skin or other tissue – including fat, nipples, and areolas – can die.

Dr. Wigoda specializes in breast implant surgery and breast reconstruction surgery and says, “In my practice, I ask all patients who smoke to quit at least one month prior to their surgery if they are having a procedure that involves undermining skin. Although there is less risk with breast augmentation or liposuction procedures, I still encourage all of my patients to quit smoking because of the damage it does to the body.”

Patients who smoke age quicker, their skin is less healthy, and they lose elasticity faster – all of which makes them look older than they are. Most Americans only think lung cancer or emphysema is the primary risks of smoking. The reality is that smoking affects the entire body, including all organs, because it affects all the blood vessels. This is why smokers are more likely to have heart attacks and strokes.

To look your best, feel your best, and increase your chances of having a great outcome from cosmetic surgery, give up the unhealthy habit of smoking.


Best Celebrity Boob Jobs and My Breast Implants by Dr. Wigoda 2 Months Later

Painless breast implants diaries check in two months later. So it’s been two months since I went “under the knife” for the first time in my life! The good news: It was painless! I guess that’s why Dr. Wigoda calls it painless breast implants! And for the bad news…I don’t have any. I guess if I had to come up with some bad news, it’s that none of my old bras fit.

I just looked back at some of my before and after pictures to see if I miss the old me. I decided to do a Google search (because that’s what I do!) for celebrity before and after boob jobs to see the good, the bad and the ugly.

After comparing my before and after breast surgery by Dr. Paul Wigoda, I am even more impressed and happy. I feel really bad for Tory Spelling and Tara Reid! But Demi Moore and Christina Aguilera made out pretty good! Kind of like me!

I am settling in to my new body. I did yoga for the first time since my painless breast implant surgery. I pushed myself too far, thinking I could just pick up where I left off two months ago, this month and pulled a muscle, but that lasted about a week. My breast implants are “dropping” into place and so is my life ironically! Maybe this is what I needed all along. They say sometimes you feel good and everything falls into place! I think Dr. Wigoda’s painless breast implant results stack up pretty good to Demi Moore and Christina Aguilera.