5 Days Before the Big ‘B’ Day: Painless Breast Implants by Dr. Paul Wigoda

Today I went and had my blood work, EKG and vitals done in preparation for my breast implant surgery with Dr. Paul Wigoda. Only five more days! I can’t believe it. After spending the last week on vacation in my bathing suit on the beach it all started becoming a reality. I mean, I don’t hate my body, I actually have always kind of liked it (and my small B bra size), but after going through my pregnancy and seeing what I could possibly look like a size bigger, I’ve been a little hooked on bigger breasts.

After having a baby, and now a few years have gone by, the breast size and shape lose that loving shape and size. Small but perky are now small and shrinking. So, I’m thinking why wait? I have known Dr. Paul Wigoda of The Aesthetic Institute for almost three years as his friend, PR and Social Media consultant, have interviewed dozens of his happy breast implant patients (with envy) and now I think… it’s my turn!

Am I nervous? Yes, a little. More on the fact that I have never been put under and that control factor.  I’m also nervous about going too big, I really just want to be a big B without having to buy a “good bra” from Victoria Secrets. I mean how real is that?

Lisa B Age 43

Breast Augmentation Scars: Incision Options

One of the first questions many women ask when considering breast augmentation is: Where will the incision go and how will the scar look?

It’s understandable that women want to look good, and in most cases, breast augmentation is for cosmetic purposes, so the concern about breast implant scarring is normal.

Dr. Paul Wigoda, a Fort Lauderdale breast augmentation plastic surgeon gives his insight to the types of breast implant incisions and the pros/cons of each.

Breast Augmentation Incisions and Scars
There are three different breast implant incisions that are offered for breast augmentation, including:

  1. Inframammary: Below the breast in the fold
  2. Periareolar: Around the lower half of the areola (nipple)
  3. Transaxillary: In the armpit

According to Dr. Wigoda, some patients may be better candidates for using one incision over the other but most patients are good candidates for at least two if not all three types of breast augmentation incision. In most cases, placement of incision is up to the patient and where they would prefer to have their scar. The good news is, that in the vast majority of Fort Lauderdale breast augmentation cases the scars heal well and eventually are minimally noticeable.

Read on for the pros and cons of the three different types of breast augmentation incisions and scaring.

Breast Implant Incision: Below the breast in the fold (Inframammary)
Pro: This is the most common incision used by plastic surgeons. The scar from this incision is not visible when sitting up or standing. Also, in the future, if a woman’s breast implants need to be removed, most surgeons will do so through this incision. If the woman’s original implants were placed through a different incision, they will now have scars in two locations.
Con: The incision can be seen when the patent is laying down but in most cases the scar is unnoticeable after six months.

Breast Implant Incision: Around the lower half of the areola (Periareolar)
Pro: If placed correctly, the periareolar scar heals very nicely and is often difficult to find even by a trained eye.
Con: In order to use this incision the areola has to be larger than 3.4 to 4.0 centimeters across.

Breast Implant Incision: In the armpit (Transaxillary)
Pro: With the introduction of endoscopic surgery, breast augmentation through the armpit has become more common.
Con: For the first six months after breast augmentation the scar will be noticeable when a woman raises her arms and is wearing a sleeveless shirt. Women considering Fort Lauderdale breast augmentation and live in sunny South Florida may want to take this con into consideration.

For more information about breast augmentation, the types of incisions, and breast implant scars contact Dr. Wigoda at 954.463.7088 or visit www.doctorwigoda.com.

Dr. Wigoda’s Fort Lauderdale Breast Implants Featured on “The Best of South Florida”

On Saturday, August 30th at 4 pm, Dr. Wigoda will be featured on the Health and Beauty Edition of “The Best of South Florida.” Look for the show on CBS, BBC, Comcast and Atlantic Broadband to learn about Dr. Wigoda’s cosmetic surgery and aesthetics expertise.

“The Best of South Florida,” hosted by Jessie Alexander, is dedicated to reporting on what’s hot in SoFl and Dr. Wigoda was the natural choice for expert cosmetic surgery advice. As a leader in the Fort Lauderdale cosmetic surgery community and expert trend watcher, Dr. Wigoda and his patients will discuss everything from dermal fillers to breast implants.

What does it mean to be the Best?
1: Excelling all others
2: Most productive of good: offering or producing the greatest advantage, utility, or satisfaction.

Click here to learn more about The Best of South Florida.

Dr. Wigoda’s South Florida Breast Implant Patients Give Stellar Reviews

Dr Wigoda Perfect Breast Shape for Breast Implants

Dr. Wigoda’s breast augmentation services at The Aesthetics Institute are among the best in the country, and he has been voted the “The Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Fort Lauderdale”. His attentiveness to patients and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure their comfort and satisfaction has earned him rave reviews among those who have had his services.

Dr. Wigoda works with each patient individually to determine the best surgical plan, and determines what type of augmentation procedure is best for their anatomy. His surgical facilities are fully accredited by the American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF). This certification is considered the “gold standard” in cosmetic surgery facility certification.

Below you’ll find video testimonials from two former patients discussing their experiences with Dr. Wigoda and their breast augmentation procedures.

For more patient testimonials and South Florida plastic surgery videos visit Dr. Wigoda’s Youtube channel.

Dr. Wigoda Offers South Florida Breast Implant Special

Summer’s here and in Fort Lauderdale that means one thing – itsy bitsy bikinis. If you’re like most women and feel your body could benefit from a little lift here or a pinch there, Dr. Wigoda has some great news for you.

In honor of bikini season, Dr. Wigoda is offering breast implants at a special price. For a fraction of the cost, you can experience the same stellar service and results while achieving your perfect summer look. Dr. Wigoda’s breast augmentation offer is good for a limited time only and includes:

  • Breast augmentation performed by Dr. Wigoda
  • Saline implants
  • General anesthesia provided by board certified anesthesiologist
  • Surgery performed in AAAASF accredited operating room
  • Initial consultation and all post-operative visits

For more information on South Florida breast implant specials, please click here to visit Dr. Wigoda’s web site.

Fort Lauderdale Breast Implants For Vegetarians? Huh?

Well, sort of. You see, not every breast implant is treated equally — especially those of Fort Lauderdale- based Dr. Wigoda. There are breast implants that look like chicken cutlets and then there are breast implants that look like, well, breasts.

And Dr. Wigoda works with breasts, not cutlets, thanks to his exclusive training. Dr. Wigoda is the pioneer of a new technique for breast augmentation which not only causes minimal bleeding, swelling, bruising, and pain, but also causes some of the most natural-looking — and feeling– breasts in the biz.

And they don’t cost an arm and a leg or, well, a breast. Don’t believe us? Check out Dr. Wigoda’s Best Breast Special.

Check out the latest trends in breast augmentation:

More than 50 percent of Dr. Wigoda’s patients are choosing gels/silicone.


There’s that chicken cutlet theory again:
More natural feeling and looking with less rippling effect, plus, you get what you pay for. Cheaper saline implants are $4900 whereas gels are $5900 – and if you inquire soon, the price is as low as $3,900. Click here for Dr. Wigoda’s Best Breast Special.

Same recovery — less pain, major gain.

Bigger is better – patients are going bigger, choosing a large C or small D cup, whereas two years ago most chose a small/medium C cup.

Reason: The biggest regret from implant patients polled was that they hadn’t gone bigger. However, geography also plays a part, too. In New York, women go to a small to medium B, whereas in South Florida, they choose a large C or small D. Must be the weather.

For more information on the ever-evolving trends in breast implants, visit www.drwigoda.com or call Dr. Wigoda at (954) 463-7088.

The Aesthetics Institute Launches South Florida Beauty Blog

By Dr. Paul Wigoda
Plastic Surgeon and Owner of The Aesthetics Institute and Me Day Spa

Dr. Wigoda

Welcome to the first entry of the South Florida beauty blog. We are dedicated to providing the latest news and views on South Florida plastic surgery and day spa trends. As founder of The Aesthetic Institute and Me Day Spa, my goal is to educate consumers about the plastic surgery and beauty realm. Each week will feature an article one of my associates or myself, sharing some of the thoughts we feel are important to the beauty industry.
The Aesthetics Institute is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery including breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, liposuction, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, facelift, brow lift, eyelid surgery, juvederm, radiesse, restylane, botox treatments, laser hair removal, spider vein treatments, and the “laser facial” wrinkle treatment.

Me Day Spa is located in Miami Beach, Florida and offers complete day spa services including hair styling, extensions, color, cuts, manicures, pedicures, and skin care including professional makeup, facials, glycolic treatments, mango peels, microdermabrasion as well as massage and medical spa services including laser hair removal, spider vein treatments, botox, fillers, and plastic surgery consultations.

As a physician, I have always believed in the golden rule – treat others as you would like to be treated – and you can expect that to relay in my practice. I pride myself in taking the time to get to know each one of my patients as well as possible, which includes learning the patient’s background, interests, and goals.

I encourage you to subscribe to this blog and dive into South Florida plastic surgery news.
If you are considering plastic surgery and are in the Fort Lauderdale area check out: www.drwigoda.com. Also, Miami and SoBe locals can request consultations at Me Day Spa in Miami Beach – come on in, get a pedicure, and lets talk plastic! For more information on Me Day Spa services visit: www.medayspa.com.