Fort Lauderdale Breast Augmentation Diaries Follow-up

It’s been 17 days since I had my Fort Lauderdale breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Wigoda and I wanted to share more about my experience and follow-up appointment.

The purpose of this appointment was to check the healing of my breast augmentation and give me the chance to talk to Dr. Wigoda about any follow-up questions or concerns. I have already had my stitches out and have been doing great.  I am happy, excited, and am doing normal activities including going to beach and following my daily routine around the house.

At the beginning of my appointment Dr. Wigoda checked my breasts and reported that the tops of my breasts (the swollen part) started dropping and that my breasts were becoming fuller at the bottom. Dr. Wigoda also showed me my breast augmentation scars for the first time and I was very surprised and happy because you can barely see them. He did a great job!

Dr. Wigoda also instructed me to start massaging my breasts to help move the dropping process along. After today I am able to start working out again in moderation, like bicycling at the gym or swimming, but I have been instructed not to lift weights to do anything to strain my chest.

I am very happy to have heard from Dr. Wigoda that everything is healing great. My next visit will be in three weeks.

Till then,