Dr. Wigoda Looks at the Past 10 Years of Plastic Surgery

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Wigoda has been practicing Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery for over 10 years. As we roll into a new decade, Dr. Wigoda is taking a look back at the development of South Florida plastic suregery over the past 10 years.

Check out the video below to hear his thoughts on how liposuction, Botox, breast augmentation and dermal fillers have changed since 2000.

To hear where Dr. Wigoda believes plastic surgery is heading in the next decade, visit The Aesthetics Institute Youtube Channel.

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Dr. Paul Wigoda Offers Med Spa Services on South Beach

Customers continue to rave about Dr. Wigoda’s Me Day Spa.

But South Beach’s premier physician-owned med spa is giving clients something new to talk about as it announces the addition of new medical services like BOTOX, JUVEDERM and RADIESSE injectibles, laser hair removal and spider vein treatment.

“Now you can get your hair extensions, manicure, massage and BOTOX injections all at one place,” said Dr. Wigoda, owner of Me Day Spa on South Beach and The Aesthetics Institute in Fort Lauderdale.

While most med spas offering these services have nurse practitioners or physicians assistants performing the procedures, Dr. Wigoda, a board certified plastic surgeon, will perform all injections.

Check out Me Day Spa’s YouTube Channel to hear Dr. Wigoda talk about this exciting new offer.

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Heidi Klum No Plastic Surgery Necessary

She’s not called Heidi “the body” for nothing.

At 35, Heidi Klum is truly one of the most beautiful women in the world – and according to Dr. Wigoda she is definitely an all-natural beauty. Known to credit her good genes for her appearance, German-born Heidi certainly has her parents to thank for giving her the supermodel looks we all idolize.

Here’s what South Florida plastic surgeon, Dr. Wigoda has to say:

“Obviously, it is difficult to come up with anything less than positive to say when looking at one of the world’s most beautiful women. From a cosmetic surgery standpoint, she has no flaws to fix.

She has perfectly smooth skin in the forehead, glabella, and crow’s feet region. There is no way to know if this is good genes or if she has had Botox, but I suspect it is mostly genetic. Her jaw line is perfect. She has no jowls and the skin is taut throughout.

Looking at her eyelids, there is no skin laxity in the upper or lower lids and no fatty bags in the lower lids. She is still relatively young, though. At 35, women with good genes who take care of themselves (don’t smoke, avoid sun exposure, eat healthy, etc) often don’t need to have any work done, although some will have Botox more as a preventative treatment than to eliminate existing wrinkles.”

Seal is one lucky guy!


Celebrity Botox Confessions

Getting Botox in Miami has become about as common as getting your haircut, getting a manicure, or even going to the gym.

In Hollywood, what used to be a hush-hush procedure deflected by starlets who credited their smooth skin to good genes and sunscreen is now so common that even young actresses regularly admit to using Botox.

Actress and singer Vanessa Williams, who at 45 looks 35, credits Botox with her youthful appearance. Williams tells PEOPLE Magazine in the latest issue that she gets Botox “every three months” but that it’s definitely “not a lot”.  Other stars including Brook Shields and Jenny McCarthy spill their Botox secrets in the latest issue as well.

Quality over quantity seems to be the mantra when it comes to having Botox injections, and Dr. Paul Wigoda of The Aesthetics Institute and Me Day Spa certainly abides by this standard.

“Botox is not something that you use in the same way on each patient,” said Dr. Wigoda. “You have to understand their face and facial movements as well how to apply the least amount of Botox to achieve maximum results.”

Check out the video of Dr. Wigoda applying Botox to a patient below.

Red Carpet Monday “The After Party Edition:” Tori Spelling and Plastic Surgery.

OOPS! We were so busy ogling over the celebrities that turned out for a variety of events last week that we neglected to give you your daily Monday dose of celebrity plastic surgery goodness.

Have no fear; the plastic surgery patrol is here.

This week’s subject: Tori Spelling.

You can love her, hate her, or love to hate her but at least you’re talking about her. Growing up the incredibly wealthy offspring of TV’s most prolific mogul gave Tori plenty of access to the “services” of many California plastic surgeons. Dr. Wigoda certainly has plenty to talk about…

“Looking at this photo of Tori, what stands out to me are her cheeks. They appear somewhat abnormal in their contour and size. I can only guess that she has had them injected with a filler (perhaps Radiesse) but it appears to have been done poorly.

Her lips are fairly full. This could be natural, or perhaps they are also injected with a filler like Juvederm or Restylane.

Her forehead is fairly smooth without any wrinkles. This could be from Botox injections. The quality of her skin looks good but she is fairly young.

In addition, lighting and makeup can camouflage any irregularities. My suggestion for her would be to ease up on the cheek treatments and perhaps find someone else to do them.”

Tori, the chicken-cutlet look isn’t good for you. Give Dr. Wigoda a call.

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