Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul Wigoda Reports Mommy Makeovers Trending


Considering 86% of women say they feel less attractive post-pregnancy it’s makes sense more women are undergoing mommy makeovers — plastic surgery procedures that restore their post-pregnancy bodies, reports Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul Wigoda.

“The Mommy Makeover is a trending plastic surgery solution for many women because they can save time and money by blending procedures into one package, in fact combining a tummy tuck and breast augmentation can shave as many as six weeks off your recovery time,” says Ft. Lauderdale plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Wigoda. “A Mommy Makeover is a great post-birth day present to yourself!”

The term “Mommy Makeover” was coined in 2005 and has quickly become a hot plastic surgery trend amongst today’s hot moms, especially celebrities, who are less and less willing to sacrifice the bodies they’ve work so hard for after baby has come.

Mommy Makeovers are a combination of two or more plastic procedures after giving birth including: 

·      Breast Augmentation

·      Breast Lift

·      Tummy Tuck

·      Liposuction

·      Arm Lift

 One of the most popular combinations is breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction, also known as the “Triple Threat.”

 “After baby, I have many patients complain about the effects of pregnancy that don’t go away with time including loss of volume in breasts, weight gain especially in the tummy area and loose abdominal muscles, and how those effects have negatively impacted their love life.” says Ft. Lauderdale plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Wigoda. “Many women find that although pregnancy was one of the most beautiful and exciting times in their lives they are unhappy with the toll motherhood has taken on their bodies and self esteem.”

In fact a recent studies report:

·      86% of women say they feel less attractive post-pregnancy

·      15% of married couples report they haven’t had sex with their spouse in the last year

·      62% of moms now say they would consider a “Mommy Makeover” if costs were not an issue, and

·      68% of female body contouring patients noticed an improved sex life after their procedure

Is a Mommy Makeover right for you? Dr. Wigoda says candidates should be sure they are finished growing their families, be able to take two weeks off for downtime and must be 100% recovered from their pregnancy.  If this sounds like you we invite you to come in for a plastic surgery free consultation for a mommy makeover.

Mommy Makeover Cost, Facts, and Figures


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