Paris Hilton’s Nose Job: Celebrity Rhinoplasty Gone Wrong


She is one of the world’s most photographed women, but is her face truly a work of perfection?

While never admitting to having any sort of cosmetic surgery procedure like rhinoplasty, many celeb-watchers have always speculated that Paris Hilton’s looks are not “au naturel.”

Dr. Wigoda has reviewed some photos of young Paris Hilton compared with current photos of the heiress, and here’s what he had to say.
“When looking at Paris Hilton, its clear she has had at least one rhinoplasty. In my opinion, she went from having an attractive, normal appearing nose, to one that looks overdone. It is too narrow in the bridge area and the tip now looks like its hanging.

I would be curious to know if she can breathe well through her nose. She is a good example of two things: one, a smaller nose is not necessarily more attractive (and definitely not more functional) and two, just because you can afford to have cosmetic surgery, doesn’t mean you should have it done.

I prefer her “before” nose to her “after.” Too often, cosmetic surgeons have over-resected tissue in noses, trying to make them too narrow or too small. This makes the nose look operated on, unnatural, and unattractive.

Frequently, the nasal walls can collapse when the patient breathes in, making it difficult to breathe. Patients then require a reconstructive procedure to build their nose back up so they can breathe normally again.”

For more information on cosmetic surgery in Fort Lauderdale, see Dr. Wigoda’s Rhinoplasty FAQ’s.


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