Lipo Nightmare: Dr. Wigoda Saves Life with Grafting Procedure

Five years after saving a woman’s life and multiple surgeries later, Dr. Paul Wigoda was featured on ABC Local WPLG this week; reporting on how a woman was attacked by a flesh-eating bacteria that stemmed from liposuction Lipo Nightmare: Dr. Wigoda Saves Lifecomplications.

Flight attendant Marcia Beaird thought she was simply getting routine liposuction. Instead, she was rushed to the hospital a mere 48 hours after receiving the lipo on her stomach, lower back and thighs.

“I was already in renal failure and my organs had shut down,” she said. “From that point, the nightmare started.”

The bacteria consumed 80 percent of her body, eating through both muscle and fat.

“I thought she was going to die the first night I saw her,” said Dr. Wigoda, who was on call in the Broward hospital ER the night Beaird was rushed to the emergency room.

Dr. Wigoda was able to save Beaird, but the traumatic experience wasn’t over. Her scarred skin began developing chronic wounds and she again turned to Dr. Wigoda. “He never stopped trying something. When everybody else was ready to give up, he didn’t,” she said.

“I find strength in my faith and in Dr. Wigoda. He’s been an angel to me in my darkest hours,” Beaird asserted.

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