La Toya Jackson Plastic Surgery


When the name Jackson comes up in the context of plastic surgery, the obvious connection is to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. However, while Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery is well documented and extremely recognizable, he is not the only member of the family that has had work done.

Last week, Dr. Wigoda reviewed pictures of La Toya Jackson’s plastic surgery, Michael’s older sister, and shared his thoughts on the evolution of her multiple plastic surgeries. View the video and photos below or visit Dr. Wigoda’s plastic surgery YouTube channel for more information.

Here is a glimpse at what Dr. Wigoda suggested about La Toya Jackson’s plastic surgery:

“She has definitely had her nose done many times, probably has a chin implant, breast implants and has probably had multiple liposuctions.  In my opinion, her surgery is completely overdone and does not look natural at all.”

In the case of plastic surgery, more is definitely not better. Generally speaking, if you are interested in a nose job, one is all you should need. With breast implants you will only need one surgery if it is done right and the same applies to liposuction.

If you are considering a procedure or for more information on Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery, visit Dr. Wigoda’s plastic surgery FAQ page or follow him on Twitter @drwigoda.


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