Is Your Plastic Surgeon Board Certified? Questions To Ask Before Plastic Surgery


Making the choice to undergo cosmetic surgery is not one that should be taken lightly. Even the most famous and experienced plastic surgeons have less than-stellar results with patients from time to time, and occasionally have patients that experience complications during plastic surgery.

Consider the following questions when researching plastic surgeons. Keep in mind that the final choice of surgeon is yours and should depend on whom you feel the most comfortable with, not who is the cheapest or most well known.

1.    Is the surgeon a fully trained plastic surgeon?

In order to become a plastic surgeon, a physician must complete 4 years of medical school, at least 3 years of a general surgery residency, and at least 2 years of a plastic surgery residency. Fellowships are often done for additional training. All of these must be done at fully accredited programs.

2.    Is the plastic surgeon board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?

In order to become a board certified plastic surgeon, a doctor must meet the requirements in question one and then pass a written exam. After being in practice for approximately one year, the plastic surgeon then must pass a three-day oral exam given by many of the national leaders of plastic surgery around the country. This is the only board that is important for a plastic surgeon.

3.    Where is the surgery being performed? Have there been any serious complications at the surgery site?

You should always ask if there have been any problems at the practice or surgery center where you will be having your cosmetic procedure There are some well known cosmetic surgery centers in South Florida where more than one death has occurred. Patients may not realize that the cosmetic surgery centers are businesses often owned, not by physicians, but by businessmen.

For more information and questions to ask your plastic surgeon before having a cosmetic surgery procedure, call Dr. Wigoda at (954) 463-7088.



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