Plastic Surgery? Do you have an Instagram Filter for that?


how social media and Instagram fuel plastic surgery

Does this filter make my boobs look big? Social media seems to be driving doctor patient interactions around the topic of plastic surgery, selfies and Instagram. We all know that Instagram is the new big thing, and apparently it’s been causing other women to want some new big things of their own (or in some cases tighter and tanner things).

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According to an article on NY Daily News, The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery says there’s been a 33% bump in procedures driven by self-awareness from social media since 2013. The influx of filters and editing software has made women now more than ever want to attain their ideal body image.

All this increase in plastic surgery due to Instagram made us wonder, is it possible to REALLY look like these images we’re finding on social media? We decided to ask Dr. Paul Wigoda to get the truth behind the #instafad, and here is what we found out…


“I Want To Look Just Like…,” So Bring an Image!


Okay, first off we have some good news. No matter what kind of plastic surgery you decided to receive, bringing in a picture can help your plastic surgeon get a more realistic idea of what you want done. Some helpful tips for finding an image that fits the one you are dreaming of…

  • Celebrities! We all have that one famous person that we would KILL to look like. Celebrities are well known and often have a variety of different photos available so you can bring in multiple images to best inform your surgeon what you want.

  • Plastic Surgery Websites like or This is about as realistic as it gets. Before and Afters are realistic representations of what clients will look like after the surgery is done. This way you know the look is attainable, and the surgeon has a clear idea of what you expect.

  • Random browsing. I know this may seem vague but looking through magazines or just the internet (even Instagram) may lead you to stumble across that dream chest or stomach that you have always wanted!

Just remember to always be as specific as you can when describing your expectations to your surgeon so they can do everything in their power to make you look as fabulous as you are in social media!


Filter Away The Flaws Using…With Non-Surgical

With good news often comes bad news, and here is yours. As much as we want our skin to look as tan and youthful as it does in those Instagram filters, that isn’t completely obtainable. Dr. Wigoda tells us that while some lasers can help lessen the appearance of skin abnormalities such as sun spots, we have yet to create a surgery to permanently tan or change our skin color.

However, if you like a filter because it may make your skin look more firm or toned, Dr. Wigoda informs us you may have more luck reaching your expectations. Surgeries such as Botox, Fillers or liposuction can leave your skin tighter with less wrinkles, one step closer to Instagram perfection!

This means as much as we would all like to automatically have that sun kissed glow that X-Pro II gives us, we will have to just stick to spray tans and makeup for now.

So tell us everyone, what’s your favorite Instagram filter you would want to permanently apply to yourself?

For more questions on Botox, Fillers or Liposuction, contact Dr. Wigoda for a free plastic surgery consultation today!


Image Credit: Branislav Ostojic


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