Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery Centers: How to Spot The Red Flags


With the increasing popularity of plastic surgery in the US, new “surgery centers” are appearing across South Florida with surprisingly low rates on popular procedures. Getting extremely affordable plastic surgery in Fort Lauderdale with an outpatient setting sounds like a dream right? Wrong.

These plastic surgery centers advertise “board certified” physicians and “exceptional facilities.” Often, neither is present on the premises. Typically, when encountering a discount “ cosmetic surgery center” patients experience something like this:

“These local plastic surgery centers advertise board certified physicians on staff; however, this it is not always the case. One surgeon out of the group may be certified and he or she usually performs the evaluation,” said The Aesthetics Institute owner, Dr. Paul Wigoda. “On surgery day however, the surgeon is not the same physician the patient met with and is usually not board certified.”

As far as South Florida plastic surgery centers are concerned, Dr. Wigoda stresses that they often have the bare minimum of equipment, poor sanitation, and lack proper credentials from the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF).

So, how can you spot the red flags?

•    Ask about your Doctor’s credentials and if he or she is board certified. If on the day of your surgery the doctor is not who you originally were evaluated by, leave and contact the Florida Board of Medicine to file a complaint.
•    Surgery consultations should never be done over the phone. Physicians need to evaluate you in person to determine how to treat you.
•    Proper hygiene and sanitation should always be employed. If the facilities seem dirty or dated, get out!
•    In general, excessive and overt advertising is always a red flag. Good surgeons rely on more traditional methods of patient recruitment including word-of-mouth referrals.

Most importantly, if you decide to have cosmetic surgery, do your research. Quality surgeons will be more than happy to answer questions and address concerns. Get referrals from past patients and be sure to evaluate your surgeon’s credentials.



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