Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon Reports on Botox Cosmetics


Dr. Wigoda Featured as Expert Source on Botox

Pharmawire, the nation’s largest news wire service devoted to news and trends in the pharmaceutical industry, has turned to Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Wigoda to provide them with expert insight on Botox and it’s newest competitor Reloxin.

Dr. Wigoda discussed the competition between the two brands and the growth in the market that has occurred despite recent economic troubles in the US. However, Dr. Wigoda predicted that if Reloxin works as well as Botox, Allergan would need to drop the prices on Botox to remain competitive.

Dr. Wigoda went on to explain that the decisions of which product doctors will use come down to three things: what it does, how long it lasts, and how much it costs.

“When a competitor comes in, doctors will try it,” he said.

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