Follow Up: Dr. Wigoda’s Skin Graft Procedure Gives Woman A New Lease on Life


“He never stopped trying something. When everybody else was ready to give up, he didn’t,” said Marcia Beaird.


This is WPLG Local 10’s report on their Miracle Monday segment featuring Beaird’s recovery with Dr. Wigoda’s skin graft procedure that gave her a new lease on life. You can read the original story here.



It’s been nine long and trying years and more than $2 million spent since Beaird’s routine liposuction procedure left her with flesh-eating bacteria that consumed 80 percent of her body, eating through both muscle and fat.


Dr. Wigoda was on call in the Broward General ER the night Beaird was rushed into the emergency room. She was already in renal failure and her organs had shut down just 48 hours after her procedure.


“I thought she was going to die the first night I saw her,” said Dr. Wigoda.


Fortunately, that was not the case. Dr. Wigoda was able to remove layers of infected skin and fat while saving as much as possible for future grafting. However, Beaird was not out of the woods yet. For three months she was in an induced coma and family members were told daily that that day could be her last.


Dr. Wigoda was able to save Beaird, but the traumatic experience wasn’t over. She has undergone multiple reconstructive procedures including tissue expansion to rebuild the areas destroyed by the infection. Fighting together has allowed Dr. Wigoda and Beaird to accomplish an impossible feat.


“I find strength in my faith and in Dr. Wigoda,” said Beaird, “He’s been an angel to me in my darkest hours.”


Her attitude regarding her new lease on life and amazing transformation is so positive and inspiring. Even Dr. Wigoda, who has seen this miracle firsthand is in awe of her.


“It really takes a strong person to be able to go through what she has been through and for her to have the positive outlook she has is unbelievable. I don’t know if I would have that,” said Dr. Wigoda.


Today, we are pleased to announce that Beaird has been feeling well enough to go back to the career she had prior to this experience and has recently started working as a flight attendant.


You can see just how far Beaird has come since this first segment aired four years ago.



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