Dr. Wigoda’s Red Carpet Monday: Madonna’s Plastic Surgery Mishaps


Yikes! Queen Madge is that you? We can hardly tell beneath the chicken cutlets protruding from your face. Even though Madonna is a celebrity, that doesn’t make her immune to bad plastic surgery.

There’s no denying that the material girl is definitely turning into the material mature woman. Our feeling is, if you are going to have cosmetic surgery done that isn’t appropriate for your age and facial structure, DON’T GET ANY!

Here’s what Dr. Wigoda had to say about Madonna’s recent cosmetic surgery:

“What a scary photo…not sure what her doctor was thinking but I can’t imagine this is the look they wanted.

Starting from the top, her forehead looks a bit long but with few
wrinkles… this is either from botox or she may have had a forehead lift. If so, this might explain why
she has allowed her dark hair roots to grow one inch (not wanting to color her hair with incisions in the area).

Her eyelids have probably been operated on and overall look reasonably good. There is minimal excess skin in the upper eyelids and minimal “bags” in the lower lids although she does have a distinct tear trough. I generally try to fill this in with the fat from the fatty bags when I do a blepharoplasty. It’s unclear if her surgeon did this or just removed excess fat, which is an older, less advanced technique still used by some surgeons. There is more skin visible on the left upper eyelid than the right, this could just be from the photo or she could be asymmetric. There are few crows’ feet suggesting she has had Botox.

Below the eyelids is where things start looking a bit scary. It’s hard to know exactly what was done but whatever it was, it wasn’t done well. If I had to guess, she most likely had a face and neck lift with incisions around her ears. They may have removed some fat from the lower cheek and I think pulled the skin too tight, giving her that “swept” look just below her cheeks. Her cheeks are too full…either from a filler like radiesse or from fat injections (fat transfer) or even an overly aggressive mid-face lift.

Her nasolabial folds are fairly smooth, most likely from fillers like Radiesse or Juvederm.

Madonna has a full upper lip with a small lower lip…could be her natural state or they could be filled with a filler like Restylane or Juvederm.”

Madonna, we love you just the way you are. Now fire that surgeon and make an appointment with Dr. Wigoda.

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