Dr Wigoda’s Patient Shares Experience with Sun Sentinel On Having Plastic Surgery as a Couple


Dr Wigoda in the media Sun Sentinel

Dr. Paul Wigoda, board-certified plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale, has couples asking “all the time” for cosmetic surgery procedures. Nowadays, couples are embarking on a new chapter of their relationship by going under the knife together – undergoing plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures together.

One of Dr. Wigoda’s patients’s, Felix Fidelibus, and his partner of 16 years shares their plastic surgery experience with the Sun Sentinel on Dr. Wigoda.

As stated in the Sun Sentinel article, “both men disliked the way the failed procedures made them look and feel,” so they decided to go in for a repair together, to support each other through the process. Though they went in at the same time for their evaluation and pre-op consultation appointments, Wigoda did their surgeries two weeks apart, so each could drive the other to and from the outpatient operation and be there during the more difficult first days of recovery. “It’s like going on vacation together, only you’re not going on vacation, you’re recuperating together,” Fidelibus said. “It was the best thing, because you’re going through the same thing together. It’s a good feeling knowing you’re taking care of each other at the same time.”

dr wigoda in the news

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Read the full story here:  http://www.sun-sentinel.com/health/fl-couples-plastic-surgery-20131024,0,7942614.story





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