Dr. Wigoda Warns: Silicone Belongs at Home Depot, Not in Your Body

When considering plastic surgery, it is paramount to seek out the services of a board-certified doctor versus someone whom you discovered online, out of the country or at a “pump party.” There has been an increase in the number of people seeking procedures from unqualified personnel to save time and money, but at what expense?

Is it really worth it to jeopardize your health? Dr. Paul Wigoda states:

“Patients need to use common sense and have cosmetic procedures done only by a board certified physician whose credentials they can easily check. Patients think it sounds great to save a few hundred dollars without realizing that their face or body can be destroyed and the “physician” is nowhere to be found.”

In the USA Today article, Illegal silicone buttock injections can be deadly, experts say, a Detroit woman was admitted to the ER coughing blood and out of breath. She soon confessed that she had been to a home party to receive liquid silicone injections for a butt implant. It was clearly not the medical grade that is used for breast implants. This variety was the kind you can purchase at Home Depot. The chemicals in the silicone quickly traveled to her lungs, becoming stuck in the airways which caused clots in the smaller vessels of her lungs. A potentially deadly situation!  “In my opinion,” says Dr. Wigoda, “there is absolutely no indication for silicone injections anywhere in the body. Besides the fact that it is illegal in the US to inject it for cosmetic purposes, the potential complications can be severe.” In 2008 a Miami man was arrested for allegedly injecting women’s buttocks with silicone at a “pumping party.”  The Florida Department of Health said he was charged with illegally practicing medicine. There are so many tragic stories in the news of women who have sought this procedure and consequently, died shortly thereafter.

There are two possible side effects of the silicone – it can travel to the lungs or the brain and the brain is 100% fatal. This woman was lucky enough to have gone to the ER to receive immediate treatment. Others are not so fortunate.

Dr. Wigoda says, “The complications include not only death, as mentioned in the article, but severe disfigurement. I have personally taken care of a patient who had silicone injected in her cheeks. Years later, the silicone had migrated down to her jaw and made her look like she had extremely large jowls. I had another patient injected in Mexico in her thighs and 10 years later the silicone had migrated into her feet. She could barely walk and her feet where double the size of normal.”

There have been many cases in which women have opted to save money and attend home parties to enhance their bodies, but at too great of an expense. This procedure involves using an extensive amount of liquid silicone and a large gauge needle because the silicone is very thick and this can cause it to travel to the bloodstream.