Dr. Wigoda Shares How to Be a Smart Plastic Surgery Patient


In this video, Ft. Lauderdale surgeon Dr. Wigoda explains how to be a smart plastic surgery patient and why you want to be one of the smarter patients. Hint: They do their research, ask a lot of questions, and pick plastic surgeons with the right credentials and experience.



With people opting for bargain surgeries and shopping for plastic surgeons the way they shop for clothes, they are taking a huge risk and possibly sacrificing the quality of their results and then some. Smart plastic surgery patients can be financially-savvy and still see great results; they just have to do their homework.


You want to be one of the smarter patients because while there are many thousands of happy patients there are also many who are unhappy. They may have had bad results, complications, chronic pain or unrealistic expectations. Remember, plastic surgery is real surgery. If you gave up quality for cost then you may even end up spending more in the long run because they have to miss more work for recovery time, end up being hospitalized or have a plastic surgery nightmare and need to do another surgery to correct the original procedure. You are making an investment in yourself and want that investment to pay off.

Be a smart plastic surgery patient by:

  • Asking a lot of questions

  • Having realistic expectations about results

  • Understanding what recovery will be like

When picking your plastic surgeon, make sure they have:

  • The right credentials and experience

  • Time to spend with you before and after surgery

  • Can make independent decisions regarding future care without having to ask for permission

Are you interested in having the best results possible? Join the smartest patients and take your time to do your research and make a well-informed decision! Start today by seeing how Dr. Wigoda compares to other surgeons!




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