Dr. Wigoda Agrees: Experts Say Early Facelifts Lead to Longer, Better Results


Most people under 50 think they are too young for plastic surgery. A recent study published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal, however, indicates that people in this age group will actually achieve better and longer-lasting results from plastic surgery if they get it before they turn 50.

Researchers Dr. Tom S Liu and John Q. Owsley of the California Pacific Medical Center analyzed patient satisfaction ratings and photographs of plastic surgery patients in three age groups: Under 50, 50 to 60, and over 60 years of age. They found that people 50 years or younger maintained their youthful appearance longer and were happier with their results, which was backed up by the patient’s self-reported satisfaction during short and long-term follow up appointments.

Patients over 60 were less likely to maintain and were more dissatisfied with their results. While they looked younger than their peers, people in this age group experienced regression in five areas more quickly. This is likely due to the fact that people over 60 have already incurred significant facial aging that impacts the results they obtain from the surgery. The middle group, 50 to 60, experienced intermediate results.

While some plastic surgeons steer people 50 or younger away from face lifts to other cosmetic procedures, a maintenance facelift may be the best procedure for them after all and the researchers encourage plastic surgeons to offer maintenance face lifts to people in this group. In addition to looking younger longer, the signs of aging in people under 50 tend to be mild. This means a facelift will not change their appearance as dramatically as it does in patients that are older, which is great for people that prefer their transition look as natural as possible.

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