Celebrity Plastic Surgery Files: Did Courteney Cox Get Breast Implants?


Dr. Paul Wigoda Digs up the Dirt on Courteney Cox’s Breast Implants

Friends stars having plastic surgery? Resident mayor of Cougar Town Courteney Cox looks just as fabulous as she did during her days as America’s endearingly uptight Friend. The 42-year old actress is no stranger to having work done. In the 2004 Harper’s Bazaar magazine, she proudly proclaimed, “everything in moderation is fine.” Cox continued, “If [Botox] looks natural and it makes you feel better, do it.”

Recently, photos have surfaced of Cox shooting Cougar Town in Hawaii, sparking widespread speculation that she has had breast augmentation surgery. Like most female stars that shy away from admitting to having breast work done, Cox has remained mum on the subject. However, in comparing the two photos of her, it is fairly obvious that there is something different about the Cougar Town hottie.

She clearly looks fuller throughout the breast and especially in the superior aspect. While it is possible that a tight padded bra could push the breasts up to give this appearance, it looks like she is wearing an unpadded bikini top which would mean she could have breast implants.

However, it is fairly common for women to increase in breast size if they gain weight or experience changes in their menstrual cycle. Her top does appear to be pushing her breasts upwards. If this were the case then she could be au natural. To be certain, a full body picture of her from different angles would be needed.

“While Courteney Cox does appear to go from a B cup to a C cup in the before and after photos, it is very hard to tell if the enhancement is due to a breast implant or the way her bathing suit top fits on her,” offers South Florida plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Wigoda. “Overall, she looks great and obviously takes very good care of her skin and body. She is an outstanding example of preventive maintenance, such as Botox, done well.”

jennifer aniston

Cox’s Friends co-star and former Mrs. Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, also appears to have gone under the knife. However, looking at the past picture of her in the white bikini, it is clear she was much thinner when it was taken. Her increased bust size may be due to weight gain that has made her breasts a little heavier. There really is nothing else to suggest she had injections in her breasts.

Dr. Wigoda notes on the Marcolane injections discussed in the Marie Claire article, “It is not something I would recommend. It seems to be quite painful and I would imagine the results are fairly minimal once the swelling goes down. In addition, it seems to be quite expensive for something that, in the best case, would only last one year.”

If Cox did indeed go under the knife in pursuit of a fuller bustline, she’s far from alone. In 2010, nearly 300,000 breast augmentations were performed on American women. Dr. Wigoda predicts this trend will continue, especially as the economy begins to improve over the next couple of years.

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