Video Testimonial: The Journey To Great Breasts Implants

How far should you go for painless breast implants? The approximate distance between Long Island, New York and Fort Lauderdale, Florida is 1,319.5 miles. While that may seem like quite a long way, Dr. Paul Wigoda’s patient believes no distance is too far to be in the right plastic surgery hands.

One day after plastic surgery

After traveling across the country for her breast implant procedure, one patient shares her story in this video testimonial below… just one day after surgery!

Dr. Wigoda, Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon and painless breast implants specialist, consistently emphasizes the importance of extensive research when it comes to plastic surgeons. Often, potential patients make the mistake of searching for plastic surgeons only within their own city, or close to home. While this may seem convenient, it often severely narrows your options for finding the best possible plastic surgeon for your procedure.  And, in almost all cases, the price of a plane ticket and a short hotel stay is well worth your health and confidence in your results.

Perfect and Painless Plastic Surgery: Don’t be afraid to take a chance.

After many of her friends had their own breast augmentations done in New York, this patient was eager, but hesitant, to have her own procedure done. After hearing her friends complain of extreme pain or discomfort after their surgeries, she took to the internet and found Dr. Wigoda’s reviews for painless breast implants on his official plastic surgery website, Yelp and Google reviews and his YouTube channel, and was shocked at the difference in testimonials!

“Just hearing what my friend experienced compared to what I was reading online about Dr. Wigoda and watching video testimonials, I decided to do my surgery with him, and it was a great decision! I’m very happy!”

In 2013 alone, more than 90,000 breast augmentation procedures were done in the United States. With that number rapidly growing, competition for patients among surgeons is growing as well. It is a priority that you make sure you spare no expense in obtaining the best possible results for your money and regard your health as more important than a sale or cheap unsafe procedure.

This patient is a prime example of a smart plastic surgery patient. Although she paid for a plane ticket on top of the cost of the breast augmentation, she claims her results were well worth the travel expense.

“The same day of the surgery I woke up after napping and felt great! My parents and grandparents were shocked to see that I was just fine!”

She could even lift her arms all the way above her head just one day after her surgery, which she claims her friends in New York were unable to do for sometimes weeks after their own breast augmentations.

Going the extra mile for breast surgery is worth it… for the right plastic surgeon.

This patient took a chance and traveled across the country for her breast augmentation and highly recommends Dr. Wigoda’s painless breast implants. Whether you are a few miles away, a state away, or a country away, schedule a free consultation today. Go the extra mile.

Breast Implants Gone Wrong Testimonial, How Dr. Wigoda Made it Right

The chances your breast implant surgery could go wrong is greater than you think.  Studies show one in five who have plastic surgery are unhappy with the results and Dr. Paul Wigoda finds it all too often that patients come to him to fix poorly done breast implant surgeries by other doctors.

Fort Lauderdale-based Dr. Wigoda always stresses the importance of researching your plastic surgeon, regardless of how routine the procedure may be. Having an experienced plastic surgeon will minimize your chance of having poor results and avoid the need for a second surgery.

The second surgery can still be a charm

The first time a procedure is done is your best chance at having a great result but this breast augmentation testimonial on a corrective implant surgery demonstrates that a botched procedure can be redeemed.

In 2005, this woman had a breast augmentation done that she claims was “terrible” and her dissatisfaction left her seeking corrective surgery. The procedures included a bilateral breast lift, the removal of scar tissue created from the first breast surgery, and her breast implants were replaced; all of which could have been avoided if her first breast augmentation had gone well.

It is often difficult to correct a botched breast implant surgery  because on top of completing the regular procedure, the plastic surgeon needs to fix  additional issues like present incisions and scars, as well as breast issue or nerves that have been moved, stretched, or injured in ways that are not reversible.

“I was surprised, recovery wasn’t bad at all especially compared to my first surgery which I had less work done with more pain,” she said.

Dr. Wigoda’s patient describes her initial surgery as painful for at least two weeks, which kept her out of work as she could not drive. Although her corrective breast surgery procedure was more involved, having an experienced plastic surgeon reduced her pain significantly and she was able to drive herself to her follow-up appointment the very next day and was back to work as a nurse within the first week.

She concludes her interview with, “I’m extremely happy, Dr. Wigoda made a miracle happen coming from where I was before to what it is now. I’m surprised that my breasts look this good especially this quick after surgery. I must say I’m happy.”

After her breast surgery, the patient highly recommends Dr. Wigoda’s Painless Breast Implants procedure. If you are looking to enhance or fix a previous breast augmentation or would like to have an excellent experience the first time around, contact Dr. Wigoda for a free consultation today.

Plastic Surgery Reviews: Dr. Wigoda is Top Doctor on RealSelf

paul wigoda realself reviewPlastic surgery reviews like this make a difference: Dr. Wigoda saved me from overspending and unwanted scars, or Dr. Paul Wigoda did an amazing job on my breast augmentation.


When it comes to plastic surgery finding Dr. Right is crucial to having a successful procedure and achieving the desired result. The Internet is helpful in doing background research, however sometimes it can provide information overload and it’s hard to determine which plastic surgery reviews are real or should be taken with a grain of salt.


Enter, the world’s largest community for learning and sharing information about cosmetic surgery and other elective treatments. It collects reviews, before and after photos and have a doctor Q&A available making it the most trusted resource for those who are looking for help beyond the beauty counter.


Fort Lauderdale and Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Wigoda bears the blue banner labeled “Top Doctor” below his profile picture. According to RealSelf, this is awarded to less than 10 percent of doctors on the site and is a status earned by achieving high patient satisfaction and getting favorable feedback on their expert answers. Additionally he received 5-star reviews in all nine categories as shown here.


Below are excerpts from our favorite reviews. For more information, photos, and answers to your plastic surgery questions, visit Dr. Paul Wigoda’s RealSelf profile.


23 and Feel Like I Was Meant to Be!

Reasons you should go to Dr. Wigoda:

1. Marie, the office manager is THE BEST in the biz and will honestly tell you how you are going to feel emotionally and physically every step of the way.


2. Dr. Wigoda is the Chief of Plastic Surgery of Broward General Medical Center. This is a big deal and he knows what he is doing, you’re in safe hands. He has so much experience that sometimes it can seem routine but after going through the whole process, I can see that he really did personalize the experience and even though I found it hard to explain what I wanted, he gave me exactly that. After looking at hundreds of pictures of women I emulated, he gave me something so much better-completely natural looking breasts that fit me perfectly.


3. They will never pressure you into doing anything you don’t want, it’s your body and you have control (I switched the size of the implant literally two minutes before laying down on the operating table and it was no problem).


4. This is your body, so spend the money it takes to do it right because the results are permanent. I have zero regrets and also know that if I had any issues, they would have resolved it immediately.

1 Month Post-Op! Dr. Wigoda saved me from overspending and unwanted scars

Dr. Paul Wigoda did an amazing job on my breast augmentation, I truly could have not asked for a better result. His calm, laid back manner was always comforting and reassuring and Marie is beyond helpful and kind. I went to four different doctors in my area for a consult and he was the only one that said he could achieve a great result without a lift and he was right. He saved me a ton of money and unneeded scars and I will be forever grateful. I chose Dr. Wigoda because of his great before and after photos as well as his fantastic patient reviews, and I am so happy with my choice. He and his staff made it an easy, enjoyable and fun experience and I cannot imagine having a better experience!!


Other reviews included the subject lines:

  • 5 months and loving them!!!!

  • Breast Augmentation – Very Satisfied

  • Best Decision I Have Ever Made!

  • No Pain, Great Gain

  • Would Do It Again


Dr. Wigoda hopes to make you the next happy patient to write a 5-star review and invites you to come in for a free plastic surgery consultation.

[Study] Breast Augmentation Enhances Women’s Sexuality and Self-Esteem

Dr. Wigoda Answers the Question: How will breast implants change your life?

By her 18th birthday, Laura Kearney realized “the girls” weren’t growing — but she pushed aside thoughts of breast implants. For eight years, she resisted the pressures of society and the focus on female anatomy. “It’s everywhere in your face,” says Kearney, now 26, in a recent article entitled How Will Breast Implants Change Your Life? on WebMD by Jeanie Lerche Davis. “I felt like less of a woman.” In the end, Kearney finally did it. She tossed the padded bras, opted for silicone breast implants. “It may seem petty to some people, but felt I needed to do something about it. I didn’t get a drastic implant, just one that suited me.”

The results? “I can’t believe how real, how natural they look. I can’t even describe how happy I am.” In fact, Kearny explained that the preparation for breast implant surgery caused her to pursue a healthier lifestyle. “I got into the vitamin regimen, quit smoking. It was a big opportunity for me to be a healthier person. It felt like everything was going in the right direction. It was so exciting.”  This story is not uncommon, the anecdotal evidence is extensive.

“I have seen countless women who start off a bit reserved when I first meet them, come back with big smiles. more confidence, and more outgoing personalities, just a few weeks after their breast implant surgery,” say Dr. Paul Wigoda. “Most patients, and for the most part, the general public, only think about the physical enhancement that implants provide. The fact is, there is a tremendous psychological boost for most patients that is very gratifying to see.”

And now, a study published in Plastic Surgical Nursing by Cynthia Figueroa-Haas, PhD, clinical assistant professor at the University of Florida College of Nursing confirms improvements in the women’s self-esteem and sexual satisfaction can be directly correlated with breast augmentation surgery. Figueroa-Haas used two widely accepted scientific scales to measure self-esteem and sexuality, the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale and the Female Sexual Function Index, which assesses domains of sexual function, such as sexual arousal, satisfaction, experience and attitudes.

Figueroa-Haas studied 84 women who were 21 to 57 years old, assessing their perceptions of self-esteem and sexuality before and after cosmetic breast augmentation. Here are the results:

– The participants’ average self-esteem score increased from 20.7 to 24.9 on the

30-point Rosenberg scale

– Their average female sexual function score increased from 27.2 to 31.4 on the

36-point index

– Participants reported an average 78.6% increase in sexual desire, an 81% increase in arousal and a 57% increase in sexual satisfaction.

The participants studied did not have particularly low self-esteem or particularly poor sexual function prior to surgery but both aspects of their lives significantly improved after they got breast implants. “They were already OK with self-esteem and sexuality — they just wanted larger breasts,” Figueroa-Haas told WebMD. “They got increased levels of self-esteem and sexuality.”

Figueroa-Haas warned that “women should not view plastic surgery as a cure-all for their self-esteem and sexuality woes but ethical plastic surgeons screen for this type of behavior and rule out potential patients who may have more serious psychological issues.”

If you think your self esteem could use a boost, Dr. Wigoda’s Fort Lauderdale-based plastic surgery center offers both breast augmentation and non-surgical services such as Botox and fillers that could help you to enhance your image and feel younger and rejuvenated.Dr. Wigoda is the Chief of Plastic Surgery of Broward General Medical Center, the primary trauma center for Fort Lauderdale and Broward County. For more information, visit

Painless Breast Implants by Dr. Wigoda in Florida

As demand for breast implants rises in Florida and beyond (a whopping 296,203 breast augmentations were performed on American women in 2010), Dr. Wigoda’s signature painless breast implant procedure has similarly risen in popularity among Florida women.

Thanks to Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon Dr. Wigoda, getting a breast implant has now become virtually painless. On his Painless Breast Implants website Dr. Wigoda has gathered testimonials of many women who took the plunge and couldn’t be happier with their results. Last summer, one patient even blogged about the experience from start to finish.

Most Florida women can resume normal activities within a day or two after surgery and feel virtually no pain. Dr. Wigoda’s technique is very atraumatic with a quick recovery and almost no pain. Over the years, Dr. Wigoda has perfected his technique using ten-plus years of South Florida plastic surgery experience to match the correct incision and implant to each patient. Each year over 350,000 women have breast augmentation surgery in the U.S. and Dr. Wigoda offers potential patiends behind-the-scenes access via his Facebook Page, YouTube Channel and Twitter feed.

Paul Wigoda M.D. Speaks on 2011 Plastic Surgery Trends

Paul Wigoda, M.D. comments on anticipated trends according to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASPS). They’ve made a number of plastic surgery predictions for 2011, centering on increased elective procedures such as facelifts, Botox, and buttocks augmentations.

1. More facelifts as economy picks up

Dr. Wigoda agrees with this sentiment; noting that elective plastic surgery as a whole tends to happen more during better financial times.

2. Additional fillers, Botox, and Injectables

Dr. Wigoda notes that these procedures are more affordable than traditional plastic surgery, especially as more products enter the market. Also, people tend to be happy with the results and continue procedures.

3. Increase of procedures to tighten the skin post weight loss

These procedures, ranging from arm lifts to tummy tuck’s are also usually elective, not covered by insurance, says Dr. Wigoda. Therefore, as consumers’ disposable income returns, so will these surgeries.

4. Changing out breast implants

Many of Dr. Wigoda’s patients see better results with silicone implants, so he predicts that his saline patients will make the switch to painless breast implants surgery. Also, since baby boomers remain the largest age demographic in the US, they may need their implants replaced or choose to have a breast lift done.

5. More botched plastic surgery cases

“Consumers looking for a bargain on cosmetic procedures will unfortunately lead to an increase in horror stories about ‘discount injectables’ bought offshore, cosmetic medicine, and cosmetic surgical procedures performed by untrained practitioners,” predicts ASAPS. Dr. Wigoda’s advice to avoid such catastrophe? Do your homework, and ask these questions before choosing a surgeon.

6. New ways to zap fat

Consumers will increasingly seek noninvasive techniques for fat removal (freezing, zapping, lasering) as an alternative to liposuction. Dr. Wigoda does not endorse freezing or zapping fat.

7. Getting a celebrity buttocks

Dr. Wigoda acknowledges that right now, thanks to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez, bigger is better. This can be accomplished several ways, he says, from performing liposuction on the areas around the buttocks such as the thighs, injecting fat into the buttocks, implants, or lifts.

Hurting Less: Dr. Paul Wigoda’s Breast Implants are Painless, Patients Say

Bargain basement-priced breast implants can be painful, dangerous and in the long run cost more time, money and risk, says Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Wigoda. Dr. Wigoda blends surgical technique, experience and precision to eliminate pain, promote recovery and produce lasting Fort Lauderdale breast augmentation results


Fort Lauderdale, FL – March 16, 2010 – Dr. Paul Wigoda’s plastic surgery patients are hurting less. Even as plastic surgery spending slumped again in 2009, breast augmentation remained the most popular surgical procedure for American women with over 300,000 procedures nationwide.

And as the tough economic times persist, price conscious consumers and patients are shopping for the best surgical techniques and least amount of pain, according to board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Wigoda.

“Combining knowledge, skill and personal care is vital to reducing post-surgical inflammation, promoting fast recovery and ensuring patients’ happiness with every Fort Lauderdale breast augmentation procedure,” Dr. Wigoda said.

In a market where many other surgeons are offering bargain breast augmentation procedures, these surgeries are often accompanied by a prolonged and painful recovery, additional missed time from work and poor results.

“Patients who choose a surgeon based purely on price without considering certification, training and experience may be making a costly mistake,” Wigoda said. “The first operation is the patient’s best opportunity for a quality result. Placing yourself in the capable hands of an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon is the first step to the quality you deserve.”

The Aesthetics Institute continues to give South Florida patients what they are looking for as Dr. Wigoda has developed a technique to eliminate pain from breast augmentation procedures.

“Breast augmentation was a dream that I always had,” said recent Dr. Wigoda patient Karen Vidal. “The same day of the procedure I was able to go home and move around without pain. On a scale of one to ten, I rate my level of pain at one and Dr. Wigoda at ten and a half!”

Dr. Wigoda uses over a decade of South Florida plastic surgery experience to blend the methods of other top cosmetic surgeons, perfect his own technique and match the correct incision, implant and procedure to every individual patient.

“The most uncomfortable experience of my procedure was having to sleep on my back for a couple of days,”  Vidal said. “Other than that, I was pain free.”

To learn more about Fort Lauderdale breast augmentation from Dr. Wigoda and The Aesthetics Institute visit: or

About Dr. Wigoda
Dr. Paul Wigoda is a Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon and owner of The Aesthetics Institute. He is a board certified plastic surgeon and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Florida Medical Association, and the Broward County Medical Association. Dr. Wigoda specializes in Fort Lauderdale breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, liposuction, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, facelift, brow lift, eyelid surgery, Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane, Botox, laser hair removal, and spider vein treatments.

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Fort Lauderdale Breast Augmentation Diaries Follow-up

It’s been 17 days since I had my Fort Lauderdale breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Wigoda and I wanted to share more about my experience and follow-up appointment.

The purpose of this appointment was to check the healing of my breast augmentation and give me the chance to talk to Dr. Wigoda about any follow-up questions or concerns. I have already had my stitches out and have been doing great.  I am happy, excited, and am doing normal activities including going to beach and following my daily routine around the house.

At the beginning of my appointment Dr. Wigoda checked my breasts and reported that the tops of my breasts (the swollen part) started dropping and that my breasts were becoming fuller at the bottom. Dr. Wigoda also showed me my breast augmentation scars for the first time and I was very surprised and happy because you can barely see them. He did a great job!

Dr. Wigoda also instructed me to start massaging my breasts to help move the dropping process along. After today I am able to start working out again in moderation, like bicycling at the gym or swimming, but I have been instructed not to lift weights to do anything to strain my chest.

I am very happy to have heard from Dr. Wigoda that everything is healing great. My next visit will be in three weeks.

Till then,

Breast Augmentation Diaries

Hello everyone. My name is Karoline; I am a 27-year-old woman who has had breast augmentation done at Dr. Wigoda’s Aesthetics Institute in Fort Lauderdale, FL and I am very pleased to share my story with you. Please check out my before picture and after video and let me know what you think.

I grew up in a family where most of the women had small breasts so until recently; the size of my chest was not really an issue for me.  However, I have always admired those with voluptuous breasts and dreamed of having nice cleavage in the low-cut dress without padded bras. I realized that the only way to make my dream come true was with breast augmentation.

Before making any decisions on to have my breast augmentation in Fort Lauderdale, I researched the Internet and read Web sites, articles, blogs, and even found some useful information on YouTube. Upon searching for Miami/Fort Lauderdale breast augmentation, I came across the name Dr. Wigoda and I was eager to look into his Web site. It was very important to me to read out about Dr. Wigoda’s education and training where, in addition, I found out that he has been awarded for his great work and also made media appearances. I was very impressed and called the office immediately to set up my free breast augmentation consultation.

Visiting Dr. Wigoda’s Aesthetics Institute was a pleasant experience. It is very clean, professional and everyone was very nice. Dr. Wigoda is very informative and addressed all my questions and concerns about breast augmentation very clearly. After this time spent with Dr. Wigoda, it was a simple decision to pick him as my surgeon for breast augmentation.

I made my breast augmentation appointment that same day and one week later I was back at the Fort Lauderdale Aesthetics Institute for my surgery.

The morning of my surgery was a little nerve racking but the staff and Dr. Wigoda was very comforting and caring. They prepared everything for my surgery and soon enough the anesthesia was kicking in and I fell asleep. The surgery went very smooth, and as I woke up, I was surprised that everything went so fast. My chest was a little sore and my breasts felt tight but I was feeling great!

Soon enough my husband took me home and I rested in bed for the rest of the day. That first night, I was a little uncomfortable because I had to sleep on my back, which I don’t really like – but I made it through and was able to get a good night sleep. On each one of the next two days I got a call from Dr. Wigoda who was checking up on my recovery. He also offered me his cell phone to contact him throughout the weekend with any concerns or questions.

The first week after my surgery was a very pleasant experience. I felt great. I was taking my medication and working through the rehabilitation series, which included lifting my arms every hour and avoiding lifting heavy objects so I would not strain my chest. I also have to add that I didn’t experience any serious pain – I only took four pain pills because of soreness and slight discomfort.  All in all, I felt great and got my stitches out after just a week.

Two weeks have already past since my surgery and I feel amazing. My breasts are still swollen but I couldn’t wait to wear my new bathing suit, so I went to the beach! For the next couple of weeks I’ll be seeing Dr. Wigoda once a week for a check up and I can’t wait for my final results.

I want to encourage anyone out there looking for Fort Lauderdale breast augmentation to visit Dr. Wigoda and trust upon him for your surgery.  He has done wonders for my body and I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience. For more information about Dr. Wigoda visit: and follow this blog for my updates!