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Who doesn’t love free things and boobs? I am here to offer you both!

If you are an avid reader of Dr. Paul Wigoda’s Painless Breast Implant blog then you know we release tons of articles with very important information about safe plastic surgery procedures, researching your plastic surgeon, what kind of implant is right for you and the list goes on and on.

While we appreciate all the clicks and love, we know every relationship has some give and take. Now it’s our turn for the give. Enter: An absolutely 100% free for you to download ebook named, The Painless Guide To Breast Implants!

Let’s check out the seven reasons why it should already be downloaded on your desktop…

7. Safety, Safety, Safety

When undergoing any procedure, safety should always be your top priority. The Painless Guide To Breast Implants ebook gives you an in-depth rundown telling you what to look for in a surgery center, including “8 Things Your Plastic Surgeon Should Never Say,” and a checklist of everything your plastic surgeon should have to prove that they are qualified.

Examples of things you DON’T want to hear:

“It looks fine if you squint.”
“You did have two nipples when we started…right?”

6. Size and Shape

Upper-lower profile, the rice test, ccs. If I lost you with some of those terms, chances are you need to do some more reading before taking another step further in your breast augmentation journey. This ebook provides an extensive guide to all of these and more, if there was such thing as a boob dictionary, this would qualify.

5. Saline vs. Silicone

Ah, the age-old debate, Saline vs. Silicone! Do you want a more natural look? Do you want them to feel softer or harder? Do you want to avoid rippling? Do you want a smaller or larger incision? Do you want to float in the ocean? All of these questions can make your head spin (or your chest). This ebook has got you covered! It has a comparative charts with all of the pros and cons for both Saline and Silicone implants.

4. Question Prep Like A Pro

If you are like me, sometimes you think of all the important questions to ask your doctor, then you get into the room and see all the imposing white, bright lights, and possible bad choices and your mind goes blank. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an ebook handy with a list of the top five best questions to ask your plastic surgeon?

Psst, this ebook has the TOP TEN questions, we wouldn’t settle for just top five.

3. Learn From a Plastic Surgery Expertdr wigoda plastic surgeon

Let me tell you a little about Dr. Paul Wigoda, the plastic surgeon behind this ebook.

Dr. Paul Wigoda is a Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon and is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He was named best plastic surgeon in South Florida in 2010. He is Chief of Plastic Surgery at Broward Health Medical Center, the primary trauma center for Fort Lauderdale and Broward County. These are just a few of his qualifications!

2. Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

While the ebook contains a lot of information in the chapters, it also contains TONS of links to other information regarding different procedures, blogs, definitions, and more. Everything you need is in one beautiful little package. I promise it’s much easier than clicking all around the internet to learn what AAAASF accredited means. It’s not just a boob dictionary, it’s a boob encyclopedia too.

1. It’s FREE

Seriously, you have nothing to lose here, NOTHING. Keep your money from your paycheck to buy a cute new bra after your breast augmentation. Your boobies will thank you.

Did you download the ebook, read through it, and bust out your highlighter? Now you are ready to go!

If you have any question, contact Dr. Wigoda at 954.463.7088 or schedule a free plastic surgery consultation online today!

One more thing! Next day recovery implants ARE possible, just download the ebook to get the scoop…

Breast Implant Tip: When It’s Painless, the Pleasure Really Is All Yours!

dr wigoda painless implants kimmy b interview (3)

We sat down with Hits 97.3 DJ Kimmy B and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Wigoda to debunk “No Pain – No Gain” when it comes to boob jobs. We’ve all heard it, but how much better would it be if you could get all the gain and none of the pain?!

Where is a girl even going to start though? There’s so much information out there, so many doctors and options. We asked Kimmy B to take us through it.

The Painless Breast Implant Patient Down Low

“Unless you know people that have had, you know, breast augmentation – I came for painless breast implants – there’s definitely different ways to go about doing breast implants.” Kimmy B tells us, and you know our girl did her homework. She starts excitedly talking about all the awesome benefits of her painless breast implants and boy are there a lot of benefits! Lucky for us, we’ve got the Doctor himself in the room to walk us through them!

As she said, “I came to get my boobies done painlessly,” and Dr. Wigoda is here to clearly explain how his painless breast implants process really sets him apart. It all comes down to trauma – and as Chief of Plastic Surgery at a Level 1 Trauma Center, he is imminently qualified to handle trauma.

No Trauma No Drama

“The way I do it is a lot less traumatic and that’s the reason my breast augmentation procedure is painless. Patients generally don’t lose any blood when I do the plastic surgery, so they have no swelling afterwards, they have no bruising, and all of that reduces the pain.” Don’t just believe him though – take a trip down Kimmy B’s Instagram and check out her #WigodasOnFleek – she was on the red carpet only days after getting them done. Talk about no pain and all the gain!

Dr. Wigoda’s calm, thorough approach makes it so easy to see why Kimmy B picked him. As she says, “it is a surgical procedure and it is your body, so definitely go to somebody who takes the time to make you feel comfortable.” We couldn’t agree more, and we’re starting to see that Dr. Wigoda makes it painless before you’ve even decided to get the procedure.

Myth Bust-ed

A painless breast implant procedure is all well and good, but we have all heard that you need to get them replaced every ten years or so. Will that part hurt? Dr. Wigoda sets us straight, busting this myth wide open. We love a doctor who isn’t trying to squeeze his patients for every dollar, and we can see why Kimmy B put her trust right here.

It’s not too late to put yourself on fleek this summer – let Dr. Wigoda show you that the painless breast implant procedure can be just as painless as the free breast implant consultation!

What Happens After Plastic Surgery? Celebrity DJ Shares All


When celebrity DJ Kimmy B has something to say, her fans tune in. If you are late to the game, not a Florida local, or don’t listen to the radio, let us reintroduce you to Hits 97.3’s new afternoon Kimmy B. Back in 2014, we followed Kimmy B’s journey to getting Painless Breast Implants from Dr. Paul Wigoda from start to finish. Now you can get a virtual front row seat to it all! From picking her new size for her “#Wigodas” (you’ll see her reference her new breasts by this hastag), her painless recovery, her results, and more. As 2016 comes to a close what better way to recap her experience than with one of this years most popular social media platforms? Instagram!


Insta #1

Say goodbye to your boobies Kimmy B.! After a free consultation with Dr. Wigoda, Kimmy B. made the decision to undergo painless breast implants surgery. Are you considering going to a breast augmentation consultation? Here are the 10 best questions you should be ready to ask your plastic surgeon!

Insta #2

About Last Night…#HITsSESSIONS!!! Big S/O to #DrWigoda…they did good…LOL!!! I ♡ My Job

A photo posted by Kimberly Bell (@kimmyb973) on

Just a few days after her painless breast augmentation surgery, Kimmy B is killing it on the carpet with her brand new #Wigodas! The best thing about Dr. Wigodas painless breast implants is that the procedure includes minimal recovery time and little to no discomfort so you can get back to your routine as quickly as possible!

Insta #3

Kimmy B. is bikini ready with her #WigodasOnFleek! Confidence is key, and what better way to feel confident than to feel comfortable and proud of your body? Huffington Post reports that women who receive breast augmentation often have a large increase in self esteem and feel more empowered!

Insta #4 

Seeing double? Speaking of multiples, if you were interested in getting breast augmentation but scared that you’ll need multiple surgeries to replace your implants, that is a plastic surgery myth! As Dr. Wigoda stated before, “Breast implants do not have to be changed every 10 years.”

Insta #5

Go Miami Heat! Kimmy B’s #Wigodas are a slam dunk! Are you wondering what to expect before and after the plastic surgery procedure? Let us help ease the mystery!

Insta #6

Balancing out that hourglass is always a fashion forward move! Take the next step for your #NakedWardrobe with a pair of #Wigodas. Here are a few other patients who are happy with their results.

Insta #7

Kimmy B. putting her “mangos” to good use! One of the biggest adjustments after getting painless breast implants is the new size breasts on your chest. Wondering what to expect with the change? Click here to see how Kimmy B. reacted from day one to a week after her own breast augmentation surgery!

Insta #8

If you live anywhere in the #SouthFlorida and #Miami area, chances are you have heard Kimmy B’s beautiful voice echoing through 📻 #radio waves. She’s part the @djlaz973 ☀️Morning Show duo, chiming in during your daily drive to work or the 🏖beach. @kimmyb973 decided to take the plunge with #breastimplants to increase her chest size and has agreed to take us through the journey with her. 🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙 We caught up with her to ask about her decision to size up with #breast #implant #surgery with Dr. Wigoda and get all the details! ❓❓❓❓❓ Q: What made you decide to take the plunge and go for the breast implants? A: I love my body but I’ve always had super small boobies, and when I started working out extensively they got even smaller….THE HORROR!!! I’ve been debating the whole boob job thing for a few years, but I hadn’t found a doctor I felt totally comfortable with, until I met Dr.Wigoda. After my first consultation with him I was SOLD!!! I’ve thought about this long and hard, and I’m just ready to feel as confident out of my clothes as I do in them… ❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓ Q: What were the most important factors to you? A: Definitely credentials and qualifications, not to mention quality of work! ❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓ Q: Why #DrWigoda? A: Credentials and qualifications….have you seen this guys resume?!?! When I saw “Chief of #PlasticSurgery” at a level 1 trauma hospital…I was like, “that’s my Doctor”!!! For more check out our blog or painlessbreastimplants(dot)com. #doubletap ❤️ if you want to learn more. #djlaz #beforeandafter #boobjob

A photo posted by Paul Wigoda, MD (@drwigoda) on

What made Kimmy B. decide to take the plunge and go for breast implants? She said, “I’ve been debating the whole boob job thing for a few years, but I hadn’t found a doctor I felt totally comfortable with, until I met board-certified plastic surgeon Dr.Wigoda. Check out Kimmy B’s before and after shots with her new breast implants! What a difference!

What About You?

One thing is for sure, Kimmy B. will be rocking her new painless breast implants as we go into 2017! The question is, will you be rocking your own set with her? Get a free painless breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Paul Wigoda today!

Do you want to see more of Kimmy B. with her #WigodasOnFleek? Follow her on Instagram at @KimmyB973 (and Dr. Wigoda too!) and check out her full video testimonials on YouTube!

Florida Plastic Surgeon Shares Implant Myths on Facebook Live

Do breast implants need to be replaced every 10 years?


That’s one question Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul Wigoda frequently hears from his breast augmentation patients.

“That’s a common myth about breast implants that I hear all the time from patients, but it’s not true,” said Dr. Wigoda in one of his plastic surgery Facebook Live Q&A sessions. “Breast implants do not have to be changed every 10 years.”

Dr. Wigoda goes on to say that he has had patients who had waited for a very long time to get implants, because they don’t want to replace them just a few years down the road and don’t want to undergo surgery regularly. Other patients come back after 10 years because they think they need to get them replaced. In actuality, this is just one of the many myths about breast implants.


So, do breast implants ever need to be replaced?

Yes. There are times when breast implants need to be replaced, just not on a regular basis.

Implants don’t need to be changed or removed unless there is a problem or the patient wants to make a change with elective surgery such as  wanting to go bigger (or less commonly, smaller), or wanting a lift and deciding to change them even though they are intact.

“If implants rupture or deflate you would replace them. As long as they’re not ruptured, hard, or have capsular contracture and you don’t want a breast lift, they don’t need to be replaced,” said Dr. Wigoda. “Even if they’ve been in for 10 to 15 years you do not have to change them. Implants may not need to be changed for 20, 30, or even 40 years.”

Breast augmentation procedures are much different than they were 20 years ago. The shells are much stronger and it’s very likely silicone implants will last 20 to 30 years. Only one out 20 women will have a ruptured implant after 10 years and we have yet to receive data for ruptured rates at longer time periods.

How do I know when my breast implants need to be changed?

With saline breast implants, you will know one ruptured because it deflates pretty quickly. It may take a week or two but you will definitely know because of the physical difference. The saline solution can be absorbed by your body without posing any health risks, but you will want to either remove both shells or replace the damaged one to get back to a symmetrical appearance.

Silicone breast implant ruptures may not be noticeable. In fact, you may not know about it all but it’s not dangerous and the silicone typically remains trapped within the implant shell. If it does escape, the silicone does not spread to your breast tissue or body and you will not get sick. If you are in an accident, your plastic surgeon may suggest you get an MRI, just so you know what you’re dealing with.

So don’t hesitate if you really want breast implants because you think you will need plastic surgery every 10 years. While ruptured breast implants may impact how long your implants last, they are
not highly likely and shouldn’t keep you from a plastic surgery procedure that can increase your confidence and self-esteem.

If you have more questions and want to learn more about breast augmentation myths and facts, contact Dr. Wigoda for a free consultation today!


Breast Implants Safety: 8 Things Your Plastic Surgeon Should Never Say [INFOGRAPHIC]

One of the top three questions new patients have during their first breast implant consultation with Dr. Paul Wigoda is “are breast implants safe?” While breast implant safety is an understandable concern, plastic surgery has evolved so much over the past 15 years and advances in the techniques and technologies have made the procedure more precise and safe making patients even more confident in expert board-certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Wigoda. Patients should be concerned about breast implant safety – in fact, we would be concerned if they weren’t – but expert plastic surgeons should also be able to offer peace of mind by making the patient more knowledgeable on the procedure and ensuring that the plastic surgery procedure is both safe and reliable.

8 Things Your Plastic Surgeon Should Never Say To You

To ensure your plastic surgeon has patients’ safety and concerns front of mind, do your homework and use both the internet and your free breast implant consultation as a way to interview the plastic surgeon. Ask them about topics like breast implant surgery risks, breast implant safety and cancer, and breast implant leaks and make sure that you are confident in their answers and they match the research you have done. If the plastic surgeon brushes off those questions and it make you uncomfortable or concerned in any way, they may not be the right doctor for you.

As you research for the right plastic surgeon, make sure they meet the following requirements:

  • Certified. Make sure your plastic surgeon is board-certified plastic surgeon
  • Safety. Work in an AAAASF accredited surgery facility
  • Authentic. Make sure your plastic surgeon is 100% up front with you about lawsuits or, better yet, have never had any;
  • Results. The plastic surgeon you pick should have past patient reviews

If a plastic surgeon does not meet one or more of these requirements, that should raise a red flag immediately.

A plastic surgeon who does not have the proper certifications, has lawsuits, cheap prices and limited to no patient reviews should make patients more concerned about their breast implant safety. Additionally, make sure the plastic surgeon is someone you are comfortable with and that they ask you about pre-existing conditions and have plenty of questions for you as that will indicate that safety during and after the breast implant procedure is equally important to them.

It’s OK to be concerned about breast implant safety but if you have found a reputable plastic surgeon, they are guaranteed to have the experience, skills, and tools to perform a safe, breast augmentation procedure. If you have any questions regarding this popular procedure or would like to schedule a free consultation to learn more, contact Dr. Paul Wigoda today!

Painless Breast Implants? Quick Recovery? Are You Kidding?

ft lauderdale breast implants

No we are not! We have all heard those horrifying stories of women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery, and have completely become sedentary in the recovery process. Women, whom because of so much pain have had to depend on family members to help them with even the smallest of chores like, getting dressed, or just doing their hair. Stories like this would scare off and discourage anyone wanting to enhance their assets! But what if we told you that the era of painful breast augmentation was over, you would probably think it’s impossible? We are here to say no it’s not! Say goodbye to pain and bruising and hello to the painless breast implants procedure that will give you the breasts you always wanted!

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Wigoda has been able to develop a special technique in which you “barely lose a drop of blood,” and delivers a painless experience to his patients. Sounds crazy, we know, but it’s not.

But, are they really painless..?

Yes! Don’t just take our word for it, after all there are various women who can attest to the painless breast implants procedure, and what better way to find out the truth than through someone that has already experienced the painless breast implant process.

One week after her surgery, a Dr. Wigoda’s patient sat down with us and gave us insight to her painless experience.

“There hasn’t been any pain…No limitations with driving, doing my hair, or doing my makeup.” There is no need to be completely inactive anymore or dependent on others to help you go about your day! Dr. Wigoda’s patient had a great experience with the painless breast implant plastic surgery procedure, and she would, “advocate for this to anyone who wants breast augmentation.”

Want to view the painless breast implant testimonial for yourself? Check it out!

However, she wasn’t the only one that had a positive experience. Another one of Dr. Wigoda’s patients who after four consultations truly connected with Dr. Wigoda, scheduled her plastic surgery, and shared her experience with the painless breast implant procedure. Check her testimonial here. She was very active right after her surgery and she stated there was “no real pain.” Very active, no pain, how better can this get?

It gets better…if we haven’t convinced you that Dr. Wigoda’s technique for breast implants is painless, schedule your FREE breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Wigoda, then check this woman’s testimonial ONE day after surgery! Affirming, “I didn’t feel any pain,” this woman raises her arms with no struggle and astonishes us. Check her testimonial here.

So what can you expect?

No more pain, no more excessive swelling, or bruising with Dr. Wigoda’s painless breast augmentation technique. Here’s what you can expect :

  • Revolutionary technique
  • Quick Recovery
  • Minimal Discomfort
  • Less Swelling and Bruising
  • No sutures to remove

Nevertheless, don’t forget to do your research.

“There are a lot of plastic surgeries centers in Miami that are very inexpensive plastic surgeries and you have to wonder what they are cutting on to do surgeries at that price. When every other plastic surgeon is significantly more expensive. What you can find is that the quality of surgery and care after is not that good.” – Dr. Wigoda

For more information on Dr. Wigoda’s qualifications as a board-certified plastic surgeon, check him out on ASPS plastic surgeons “Find a Surgeon tool.”

Wondering how much breast augmentation plastic surgery costs? Book your free painless breast implant consultation with Dr. Paul Wigoda today.


Image Source: 123rf.com/subbotina

Painless Breast Implant Surgery: Dr. Wigoda’s Patient Chronicles Life After Plastic Surgery

breast implant testimonial

After breast implant surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Wigoda conducts multiple follow-up interviews with every patient to ensure they have the best results possible.

In fact, he has an entire YouTube playlist devoted to painless breast implant surgery testimonials!

While these videos help new patients understand what to expect after plastic surgery, one patient went a step further and decided to chronicle life after painless breast implant surgery by blogging about her experience.  

Breast Implant Surgery FAQs

Some common questions that this blog will shed some light on include:

For answers to these questions and more, please read the summaries below or visit the original blog, here.

The Healing Process Begins – One Day After Breast Implants Surgery

Just one-day post-op, this patient sang her praise about Dr. Paul Wigoda and staff.

“I was extremely comfortable throughout the procedure,” the patient began. “When I got home I had some tightness in my breast, but after I took my prescription and ate, I felt completely fine and woke up fine.”

At the end of the video, she raised her arms (remember, this is the day after surgery) and said “there is no pain, it was great!”

See more of her one-day post-op testimonial in the video below.

No Pain, Yes Gain – Three Days After Breast Implants Surgery

Two days after her initial post-op appointment, our patient reports that she is completely able to raise her hands above her head with “virtually no pain” in her chest. She does, however, explain that she has upper back and lower neck soreness as a result of “adding five pounds to [her] front.”

On day three, she was able to take a nice walk around the neighborhood but continued relaxing and using a heating pad. She also began feeling soreness around her incisions but could not feel her nipples or the skin around them at that time, which Dr. Wigoda explained was normal.

“All in all, I’m feeling great!”

Feeling Good But (Im)patiently Waiting – Three Weeks After Breast Surgery

At three weeks, nipple sensation had returned ever so slightly; however, the new breast implants had not fallen into place.

“I’m an extremely impatient person, so I’m DYING for them to ‘fall and fluff’!” our patient exclaimed.

She continues describing her sensations and explains her decision to wear a sports bra to bed although Dr. Wigoda has given her permission not to. At this stage, massaging wasn’t necessary so she scheduled another follow-up appointment to learn light massaging techniques to help the breast implants move to the center of the chest for a natural looking cleavage.

It’s Time, Start Massaging – One Month After Breast Implant Surgery

“For a little update on how they feel? They’re still very sensitive but not as much as my week three post.”

At this stage, plastic surgeon, Dr. Wigoda recommended doing breast massage techniques that push the implants to the center and up from the sides. This technique will allow the breast implants to center better as they continue to fall for the next four-six months.

“Whew, my Plastic Surgeon is the best, check him out!” – One Happy Patient!

GoodBye Sports Bras – Two Months After Breast Implants Surgery

To try to outlast the test of time and because she was worried that gravity would take effect and her procedure would not look good for long, our patient was persistent about wearing sports bras. However, in order to speed up the process of letting the implants drop, Dr. Wigoda recommended she “bare it all” for the time being so she could see her results.

In this post, our patient shares photos of her scars after using a new cream and how her implants look in a T-shirt and sports bra.

Patience is a Virtue – Three Months After Breast Implant Surgery

More photos in this post!

Our breast augmentation blogger and patient reported that one breast has fallen into place and is perfect, but she has concerns because the other is still high.

Spoiler alert: She won’t be disappointed for long!

This post contained a lot of informative updates such as:

  • She lost feeling in her nipples and is now experiencing her first “nerve pains”
  • Scars are disappearing at this time
  • After the first bra shopping trip, she officially has a new bra size and discovered how weird push-up bras feel with implants. Fortunately, she won’t be needing those any more.

They Look GREAT – 1.5 Years After Breast Implants Surgery

“My breast augmentation was the best decision that I’ve ever made! They look GREAT!”

A little bit of patience goes a long way and our patient has reported that her breasts have completely dropped, fluffed and look amazing.

After describing her phenomenal results, Dr. Wigoda’s painless breast implants patient signed off with some final advice.

“I cannot stress this enough…please, go to a real doctor. Not a clinic.” she wrote. “My dearest friend is using my doctor, Dr. Paul Wigoda, to fix a $9,000 mistake she endured in a clinic.”

“When I looked online, I saw that Dr. Wigoda had a painless breast implant surgery and I read all of the reviews and everyone said he was a fantastic doctor. I had to go to him. My self-confidence has skyrocketed,” she concluded.

So there you have it, a firsthand account of major milestones after her painless breast implant surgery. Hopefully her experience has helped answer some of your breast implant plastic surgery questions or concerns.

If you seek further guidance and a free plastic surgery consultation, contact Dr. Paul Wigoda today to learn more about what to expect after painless breast implant surgery.

Before and After Breast Implants: How You Will Feel?

Before and After Breast Implant Surgery Feelings

Breast implant surgery is a big deal. No matter how much larger your breasts are getting, aspects of your ordinary life are going to change. We created a realistic list of what you can expect before and after your surgery coming from real people with real results. While everyone’s lifestyle obviously varies, these are the most popular general changes breast implant patients tend to see in their own lives.



  • Less confidence in your normal lifestyle

  • More boring routine with less change

  • Lacking or a strained sex life or romantic relationships

  • Trouble finding clothing that fits correctly or matches body proportions



  • After surgery you will feel a little tightness with minimal discomfort

  • High impact exercise or strenuous activity might have to be put on hold for a month

  • After a month, breast implants may still be a bit high, they will take up to 3 to 4 months to drop

  • Once your breast implants have “settled in”, a sexier more proportioned look

  • Plunging necklines! Filling out tops better with more cleavage

  • Increased attention from spouse/boyfriend leading to an increased sex drive and more satisfying sex life

  • Most importantly – More confidence in yourself and your body.


Got anything to add to the list? Comment below!


Feeling like you are ready to check off all of these “afters” for yourself? Contact Dr. Paul Wigoda for a free in person or virtual plastic surgery consultation!

Image Credit: 123rf.com/Gergely Zsolnai and 123rf.com/Fuzzbones

Breast Implants Patients Top 3 Concerns

Breast Implants Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Breastfeeding, body image and a boob tune up.  When potential patients come to a breast augmentation consultation, they always have a few frequently asked concerns. These are three questions we hear the most for those of you considering getting breast implants surgery.

1. Will I be able to breastfeed after surgery?

Yes. After surgery your breasts will function how they would have before, except they will be larger.

*This seems to be a common misconception we hear all the time at the office.

2. Will my breasts look too fake or “stacked”?

No, they will not. The breast implants are placed behind the breast muscle, resulting in a natural look. Although the breasts may appear slightly high up and swollen directly after surgery, they fall and heal shortly after. Also take note, how large of implants you receive in correlation with your body size affects how real or fake breast implants appear.

3. What happens in 10 years? Will I need new boobs again or a boob tune up?

This is probably the most common myth I hear. The fact is that breast implants don’t ever have to be changed….yes, that is correct, not a typo, never….UNLESS there is a problem such as a rupture of the implant or capsular contracture. If there are no problems, you can keep your implants for 30, 40 or 50 years. The chance of rupture with Sientra implants is about five percent after 10 years. We have yet to receive data for rupture rates at longer time periods. The chance of getting a capsular contracture bad enough to warrant a change is probably also less than five percent. So after 10 years there is about a 90 percent chance you can continue without any changes. Keep in mind, it is not unusual for women to change their implants at or before 10 years for elective reasons such as wanting to go bigger (or less commonly, smaller), or wanting a lift and deciding to change them even though they are intact. However, if the patient is perfectly happy with her breasts after 10 years, all she has to do is get yearly checkups and continue to enjoy them.

If you have any concerns that we haven’t addressed, contact Dr. Wigoda for a free painless breast implants consultation.


Image Credit: 123rf.com/Anastasia Vish

7 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Breast Implants

Getting a major surgery such as a breast augmentation can be scary, confusing and sometimes stressful. But, what no one told you is that it doesn’t have to be. All those scary internet rumors and myths can sometimes be overwhelming. When consulting with my clients after surgery, these were the top responses when asking what they wished they knew before going under the knife and today I will address the most popular beliefs and concerns.

What to expect before breast implants

1) The price of beauty should NEVER be pain. Breast Implants DO NOT have to be painful. Do your research and make sure to read reviews of various doctors and their techniques. Getting breast implants should never lead to horrible pain. YES you will be sore, YES you may be uncomfortable, but excruciating pain should never be the result of breast implant surgery. If you are considering getting breast implants, Dr. Wigoda’s Painless Breast Implants will prove you wrong. Multiple testimonials prove that clients are in minimal pain after surgery and can even lift their arms above their head right after the procedure!

2) Silicone vs. Saline. When it comes to choosing between silicone and saline implants, most women and doctors agree that silicone is the way to go. Silicone feels closer to real breast tissue as it is an oil, while saline is simply salt water. Another important topic to consider is rippling, which is more common with saline implants. Rippling is ridges caused in the corners of the implant, and may be noticeable if you do not have a large amount of fat or breast glandular tissue covering the implant. As I always say to my clients, “whether you choose saline or silicone, it is a personal choice, but all of these things should be discussed with your surgeon.” If you want to form your own opinion, check out this blog on Silicone vs. Saline implants.



3) I Must, I Must Increase My Bust! Before you decide on the size of your implants keep in mind, it’s not unusual for patients to wish they had gone bigger once the implants have settled and they get used to having larger breasts. Make sure you consult with your doctor on the size the implants will be after the swelling subsides. Also keep in mind that you can always increase or decrease the size in the future. Because I hate to break it to you, but the Judy Blume increase your bust exercise doesn’t actually work.

4) Boobies Equal Confidence. Many women state that receiving breast implants significantly boosted their confidence. Studies show the women’s motivation for breast implants is often due to the fact that they were unhappy with the size or shape they were born with. This lack of self-esteem can affect multiple areas of women’s lives and relationships.  Statistics show that women who have breast implants tend to get more promotions, improve romantic relationships and have higher self-esteem. “I have seen countless women, who start off a bit reserved when I first meet them, come back with big smiles, more confidence, and more outgoing personalities, just a few weeks after their breast implant surgery,” says Dr. Paul Wigoda. A study published in Plastic Surgical Nursing confirms that when 84 women were surveyed, the participants’ average self-esteem score increased from 20.7 to 24.9 on the 30-point Rosenberg scale.

5) I Have Heavy Bowling Balls Glued To My Chest. Strike! This rumor is something that many women hear all the time, that breast implants feel fake and uncomfortable. The truth is, most women claim their implants can feel very natural, as if they are an extension of their body. When breast implants are done correctly, they should feel as natural as your breasts before surgery. Sure, it may take you some time to adjust to the new size, but after the adjustment period you shouldn’t notice it!

6) The Breast Implant Lifespan. Another one of the most common misconceptions about breast implants is that they must be changed and maintained every 10-12 years. This is simply not true. If you get them done right the first time, and you love them, you don’t need to touch them unless something has gone wrong. If something does go wrong, almost every single breast implant does have a ten year warranty. This means the company will send you free new implants, as well as contribute some money for the surgery to fix them. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, then yes go see a doctor. But if not, you are not required to “update” your breasts, they are not an iPhone.

7) Breasts in the Bedroom. Did you know most women report better sex lives after their surgery? Breast augmentation can lead to higher sexual confidence in the bedroom, and of course your husband isn’t going to complain either. This is sometimes hard for clients to believe, but a study published in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ magazine Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery backs this up. When women were surveyed six months before and six months after surgery, their sexual satisfaction on average increased up to 30 points on a 0-100 scale!

So there you have it everyone, the seven things that everyone else wishes they knew before breast implant surgery. If you have anything else to add to this list of things, please feel free to leave comment and share with everyone!

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