Can Cosmetic Surgery Help you Get a Job or Promotion?

Rough and wrinkled? Cosmetic surgery might be a prerequisite for your next job search or promotion.  A survey of women believe a youthful appearance makes it easier to get a job, gain a promotion, or find new clients.

Botox and other facial cosmetic procedures aren’t just for the celebrities, news anchors and other individuals who make their career on the big screen. It’s looking like the go-to procedure to give professionals the desired effect they are looking for to boost their careers. The fact is that appearances do matter to some extent. While employers don’t expect you to “keep up with the Kardashians,” they do expect that you maintain a positive, well-kept appearance, which may not only make face-to-face business more enjoyable, but also give you a newfound self-confidence that radiates in the workplace.

According to the results of a survey compiled by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), a significant number of working women are influenced by the perception that plastic surgery can improve their chances in the job market. The survey of 756 women between 18 and 64 years revealed than three in five respondents believed that in difficult economic conditions, it gets somewhat easier to obtain a job, gain a promotion, or find new clients with a youthful appearance. Let’s examine why this may ring true.

Feeling good and building confidence

Women in particular tend to believe that if they show signs of aging they will be less competitive in the workforce compared to recent graduates and younger candidates. While we like to believe this is not true, ultimately, women who use Botox injections to improve or maintain some of their best features admit to feeling more self-confident which can lead to a better reaction to how people perceive them in the workplace.

However, women considering Botox to enhance their career aren’t looking to turn back the hands of time completely, rather they want to look their age and not be perceived as someone who is “too old” for a particular job assignment. The look they are going for is healthy and youthful, but they still want their experience to shine through.

Facing Social Media with video calls, profile images and photo tags

Today our faces are becoming an increasingly important business asset. Conference calls now take place on FaceTime, Skype and Google Hangouts. Many people also report that they find jobs or build business relationships through social media networking sites. Having a profile picture on your LinkedIn account makes you appear more trustworthy and typically sees more clickthroughs to your profile than a page without an image. People regularly “doctor” their profile pictures in Photoshop anyway, but why settle for the fantasy when you can have the fairytale? Cosmetic procedures give you the power to appear the way you want to in your photographs, no touch-ups required.

Convenience of lunch-time treatments

The result of the desire to appear more youthful to remain competitive in the workplace has led to an increase in “lunch-time treatments” as they are non-surgical cosmetic procedures that can realistically be done during the client’s lunch hour and allow them to go back to work without skipping a beat.

From the perspective of the entrepreneur who is pressed for time and does not want to undergo a surgical procedure, non-surgical options like Botox and facial filler injections have many benefits. First, the duration of the procedure is shorter and there is minimal to no downtime or discomfort. Additionally, there are less dramatic effects compared to surgery and minimal risk of side effects.

Today’s numerous cosmetic surgery electives are advanced and safer than ever with injectables such as Botox and minimally invasive techniques that optimize results and speed up patient’s recovery. If you are trying to maintain and obtain a more youthful radiance, contact Dr. Wigoda today to discuss how you can reach your goals.

Image credit: feverpitched / 123RF Stock Photo