Cameron Diaz’s ‘Weird’ Reaction Shouldn’t Turn You off to Botox

Recently, while promoting her new lifestyle guide “The Body Book,” actress Cameron Diaz told reporters that she now regrets having Botox because of a bad reaction she had to the cosmetic procedure.

She claimed that the plastic surgery had changed her face “in such a weird way” that she would rather “see my face aging than a face that doesn’t belong to me at all.”


Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Wigoda respects Diaz’s opinion, but he counters that her experience is not typical of the majority of patients who undergo the process.


“The vast majority of men and women who get botox love it,” says Wigoda, “there may be few who, like Ms. Diaz, are ultimately unsatisfied with their experience, but botox remains one of the safest and most reliable plastic surgery procedures out there.”


Wigoda believes that Diaz’s problems may lie in the quality of her plastic surgeon, rather than the procedure itself.

Injecting a patient with botox is much more than just simply “hitting the eject button”, according to Wigoda, a surgeon’s experience is key to having a positive experience with the surgery.


“There is some skill involved in the procedure, after all. If botox is injected in the wrong areas, it can give an appearance that is less than desirable.” he states.


In his opinion it mostly comes down to a surgeon’s judgement, as well as his or her artistic eye.


“Problems can also arise if a surgeon injects too much botox, which can over paralyze the facial muscles, again resulting in a strange appearance.”


Wigoda also cautions against using a plastic surgeon merely because they are well known or popular.

artist plastic surgery dr wigoda

“There are surgeons I know who are very busy because of heavy advertising, but it doesn’t actually mean they have great results or great judgement,” he says, “You can paint paintings every day, it doesn’t mean you will be a great artist.”


One of the biggest problems Wigoda sees among those who’ve had a negative experience with botox, is that they didn’t go to a properly trained plastic surgeon.


“Some surgeons just have it and some don’t,” he adds.


“A dermatologist may be brilliant at diagnosing skin cancers or rare skin problems, and may decide to take on a lot of botox and fillers. But it doesn’t mean that he is going to be great at the cosmetic procedures just because he is busy doing them.”


He cautions any woman who is considering undergoing the procedure to seek out a qualified plastic surgeon, and seek out some of that doctor’s patients for input.


If you do your homework, Wigoda says you should walk away from the experience with a positive outlook and a more youthful appearance.


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