Breast Implants Patients Top 3 Concerns

Breast Implants Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Breastfeeding, body image and a boob tune up.  When potential patients come to a breast augmentation consultation, they always have a few frequently asked concerns. These are three questions we hear the most for those of you considering getting breast implants surgery.

1. Will I be able to breastfeed after surgery?

Yes. After surgery your breasts will function how they would have before, except they will be larger.

*This seems to be a common misconception we hear all the time at the office.

2. Will my breasts look too fake or “stacked”?

No, they will not. The breast implants are placed behind the breast muscle, resulting in a natural look. Although the breasts may appear slightly high up and swollen directly after surgery, they fall and heal shortly after. Also take note, how large of implants you receive in correlation with your body size affects how real or fake breast implants appear.

3. What happens in 10 years? Will I need new boobs again or a boob tune up?

This is probably the most common myth I hear. The fact is that breast implants don’t ever have to be changed….yes, that is correct, not a typo, never….UNLESS there is a problem such as a rupture of the implant or capsular contracture. If there are no problems, you can keep your implants for 30, 40 or 50 years. The chance of rupture with Sientra implants is about five percent after 10 years. We have yet to receive data for rupture rates at longer time periods. The chance of getting a capsular contracture bad enough to warrant a change is probably also less than five percent. So after 10 years there is about a 90 percent chance you can continue without any changes. Keep in mind, it is not unusual for women to change their implants at or before 10 years for elective reasons such as wanting to go bigger (or less commonly, smaller), or wanting a lift and deciding to change them even though they are intact. However, if the patient is perfectly happy with her breasts after 10 years, all she has to do is get yearly checkups and continue to enjoy them.

If you have any concerns that we haven’t addressed, contact Dr. Wigoda for a free painless breast implants consultation.


Image Credit: Vish