Breast Augmentation Diaries

Hello everyone. My name is Karoline; I am a 27-year-old woman who has had breast augmentation done at Dr. Wigoda’s Aesthetics Institute in Fort Lauderdale, FL and I am very pleased to share my story with you. Please check out my before picture and after video and let me know what you think.

I grew up in a family where most of the women had small breasts so until recently; the size of my chest was not really an issue for me.  However, I have always admired those with voluptuous breasts and dreamed of having nice cleavage in the low-cut dress without padded bras. I realized that the only way to make my dream come true was with breast augmentation.

Before making any decisions on to have my breast augmentation in Fort Lauderdale, I researched the Internet and read Web sites, articles, blogs, and even found some useful information on YouTube. Upon searching for Miami/Fort Lauderdale breast augmentation, I came across the name Dr. Wigoda and I was eager to look into his Web site. It was very important to me to read out about Dr. Wigoda’s education and training where, in addition, I found out that he has been awarded for his great work and also made media appearances. I was very impressed and called the office immediately to set up my free breast augmentation consultation.

Visiting Dr. Wigoda’s Aesthetics Institute was a pleasant experience. It is very clean, professional and everyone was very nice. Dr. Wigoda is very informative and addressed all my questions and concerns about breast augmentation very clearly. After this time spent with Dr. Wigoda, it was a simple decision to pick him as my surgeon for breast augmentation.

I made my breast augmentation appointment that same day and one week later I was back at the Fort Lauderdale Aesthetics Institute for my surgery.

The morning of my surgery was a little nerve racking but the staff and Dr. Wigoda was very comforting and caring. They prepared everything for my surgery and soon enough the anesthesia was kicking in and I fell asleep. The surgery went very smooth, and as I woke up, I was surprised that everything went so fast. My chest was a little sore and my breasts felt tight but I was feeling great!

Soon enough my husband took me home and I rested in bed for the rest of the day. That first night, I was a little uncomfortable because I had to sleep on my back, which I don’t really like – but I made it through and was able to get a good night sleep. On each one of the next two days I got a call from Dr. Wigoda who was checking up on my recovery. He also offered me his cell phone to contact him throughout the weekend with any concerns or questions.

The first week after my surgery was a very pleasant experience. I felt great. I was taking my medication and working through the rehabilitation series, which included lifting my arms every hour and avoiding lifting heavy objects so I would not strain my chest. I also have to add that I didn’t experience any serious pain – I only took four pain pills because of soreness and slight discomfort.  All in all, I felt great and got my stitches out after just a week.

Two weeks have already past since my surgery and I feel amazing. My breasts are still swollen but I couldn’t wait to wear my new bathing suit, so I went to the beach! For the next couple of weeks I’ll be seeing Dr. Wigoda once a week for a check up and I can’t wait for my final results.

I want to encourage anyone out there looking for Fort Lauderdale breast augmentation to visit Dr. Wigoda and trust upon him for your surgery.  He has done wonders for my body and I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience. For more information about Dr. Wigoda visit: and follow this blog for my updates!