Botox During Pregnancy: Is it Safe?


More and more women are questioning the use of  botox during pregnancy and whether it can affect a mother’s unborn child.  A new Canadian study published by doctors with the Motherisk program at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children indicates that when the procedure is done properly, botox does not pose an additional risk for expectant mothers and their babies.


Out of 19 cases cited where women had been injected with botox during pregnancy, one woman terminated her pregnancy medically, while a 2nd with a history of miscarriages lost her child.  The other 17 pregnancies went to term and none of the infants required any special postnatal care.


The Vancouver Sun also cited another study involving 28 pregnant women who used Botox, including as many as 10 during the second or third trimester.  In that study, there were only one abortion and two miscarriages, while the rest of the babies went to term without complication.  Once again the women who suffered miscarriages had a history of miscarriages.


Despite those low numbers, plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Wigoda still strongly cautions women who know they are pregnant not to take the risk.


“I think its clear to say that if a woman knows she is pregnant, she should not use botox. While in all likelihood, the botox will not injure the fetus, the fact is we just don’t know.”


Wigoda cites the small sample sizes of the cited studies, and the overall lack of extensive research as the reason he won’t knowingly inject a pregnant women with botox.


However, he also states there is no evidence to suggest that botox can harm a fetus, even when the injection happens late in the pregnancy. The authors of the Motherisk study say that as long as the botox is properly injected, it should not seep into a woman’s bloodstream. Further studies suggest that even if it does, it does not appear to cross the placenta.


For Wigoda, it’s more of a case of better safe than sorry.


“If someone does have Botox while not knowing they are pregnant, I think its fair to say that there is very little chance the fetus will be damaged and I wouldn’t worry too much about it.”

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