Botched Plastic Surgery: Dr. Paul Wigoda Tells Patients to Research First!


Dr Wigoda- Botched Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery makes perfect! At least that’s what patients are hoping when they walk into a plastic surgery office. But South Florida board-certified plastic surgeon  Dr. Paul Wigoda, MD reminds patients to do their research first or they could end up in a reality TV show.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and as the second season of Botched on E! is nearing, we’re reminded of the sometimes terrifying consequences of elective surgery. Note that the majority of botched plastic surgeries are not this extreme, however it’s been reported that one in five patients who get plastic surgery are generally not happy with the results.

A botched or even a poor surgery makes it extremely difficult for a patient to trust doctors with their bodies in the future, which can keep them from getting corrective procedures. That’s why Dr. Paul Wigoda stresses the importance of researching your plastic surgeon and making sure they have a fully-accredited plastic surgery center.

Luckily for some unfortunate patients, the first season of the Botched provided some amazing surgeons to correct these medical mishaps. The cringeworthy highlight reel included one woman with a uniboob and another whose botched tummy tuck lifted her vagina all the way up to her stomach! For more horrifying consequences of not researching your plastic surgeon check out the seven most cringeworthy moments From Botched Season 1.

With season two of Botched coming up, realize that reality television isn’t the only place you can find great corrective surgeons. Dr. Wigoda, Chief of Plastic Surgery at Broward Health, has saved the day for many patients who have suffered from plastic surgeries gone wrong.

Here are some of his corrective plastic surgery success stories:

The Second Time CAN Be The Charm

When a breast implant procedure went wrong, Dr. Wigoda was there to make it right. In this botched plastic surgery testimonial a woman describes her first breast augmentation as “awful” and shared that it had caused her weeks of pain, resulted in an infection, and she missed work. Dr. Wigoda was able to perform an even more complicated procedure to correct this mistake but, by choosing the right plastic surgeon, the patient found herself in less pain and had less healing time! She was even able to drive herself back to his office the next day for her follow up appointment.


Patient Given Hours To Live Has New Lease On Life

An issue with plastic surgeons that can be equally if not more devastating than not being able to do a procedure, is operating without a sterile environment. A routine liposuction almost cost Marcia Beaird her life when she was attacked by a flesh-eating bacteria that stemmed from complications. The flesh eating bacteria affected 80% of her body’s muscle and fat, forcing Dr. Wigoda to remove and replace layers upon layers of infected skin. In Beaird’s case, the thing that almost cost her her life also saved it and 10 years later she is thankful for the plastic surgeon who was on call for her emergency treatments.

It’s terrifying to be a victim of a botched surgery, but you don’t have to suffer from someone’s mistakes for your whole life. If you find yourself unsatisfied with your plastic surgery results, contact Dr. Wigoda for a free plastic surgery consultation to see how you can reach your perfect plastic surgery potential.


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