BAD CELEBRITY PLASTIC SURGERY 101 – Dr. Wigoda Weighs In On Victoria Beckham’s Enhancements


With cosmetic surgery among celebrities becoming increasingly normal and de-stigmatized, it’s difficult to tell who’s had what done in Hollywood.

However, there are those few select individuals whose procedures have achieved less than stellar results, making them stand out from their well-manicured, discreetly enhanced peers.

Whether it’s an unnaturally tight facelift or an unflattering breast augmentation, Dr. Wigoda will now be
weighing in on the bad celebrity plastic surgery debate.

Victoria Beckham’s style and looks are envied and copied by women all over the world, but there is one…make it two things about her that Dr. Wigoda does not recommend emulating.

“Victoria has very unnatural appearing breasts. I would guess that they are placed above the muscle, which usually looks less natural. Because she is wearing a dress however, it could be that the dress or a bra is pushing the breasts up and toward the middle to give more cleavage. However, I have seen other photos of her where in my opinion they look very fake and unattractive.

The best way to evaluate breasts is without clothes so that nothing is pushing or supporting them. Generally I recommend placing the implants below the muscle for a more natural appearance. There are other benefits as well including less rippling and less chance of a capsular contracture.

The claim that having implants placed under the muscle is more painful is a myth. If the surgery is done correctly, placing implants under the muscle does not cause increased pain. My patients complain of very little pain after having implants placed under the muscle.

The other claim is that when implants are placed under the muscle, the person will be weaker because the muscle is partly cut. This is also untrue for the vast majority of women. An average woman, even one who exercises a lot, will not notice any difference in muscle strength.”

Cosmetic surgery should only make you look like a better version of yourself. Not like a British pop star.

Now, time for discussion…who do YOU think has the worst implants in Hollywood? Leave comments and discuss!


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