Apple Genius Bar, Seasons 52 – The Day After Painless Breast Implants from @Dr Wigoda

2 Days After My Painless Breast Implants at Apple Genius Bar

Day After My Painless Breast Implants at Apple Genius Bar

Waking up the day after breast implant surgery I did not expect to be pain free, but I was… (and just a little swollen). Slept in until 11:00 am, what a treat! Starbucks was the first request, I must be getting better. I just lounged in bed working and playing on my Mac. Making reservations, changing addresses, deleting old pictures and enjoying a day with nothing on my agenda except: relax… Dr. Wigoda’s orders after painless breast implant surgery!

I did not need to take any pain pills all day until around 5:00pm, started feeling a little pulling and tightening, very minor.

Don came home from the gym and felt like venturing out to the Apple store for a quick visit to the genius bar. I called Dr. Wigoda and he said as long as I was up to it and not driving, no problem.

So I took a light shower and decided not to blow-dry my hair, I would get my hair blown out at the mall at Regis, a cheap treat. Made me feel human again.

Visited with Apple store genius bar and then off to a quick bite at Seasons 52. Back home lounging again and watching Saturday Night Live happy to not have an agenda for tomorrow again!