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Silicone or Saline? Making the Right Breast Augmentation Choices – Decisions, Decisions! Part 1

Dr. Paul Wigoda Plastic Surgery Saline or Silicone Implants

Dr. Paul Wigoda Plastic Surgery Decisions, Decisions: Saline or Silicone Implants?

Each year, hundreds of women undergo breast implant surgery with Dr. Paul Wigoda. Most women undergo the procedure to enlarge breasts that are naturally small or to correct disproportionate breasts. Some combine breast augmentation and breast lift to add volume as well as create a more youthful bust line. And some, receive implants during breast reconstruction following a mastectomy.  No matter your reason for considering implants there are a number of decisions you will need to make with your doctor prior to your surgery. Here are some of them:

– Breast implant type – Saline or silicone gel?

– Breast implant volume – How big?

– Breast implant dimensions – How wide and how projecting?

– Breast implant shape – Round or teardrop?

– Breast implant surface – Smooth or textured shell surface?

– Breast implant insertion site – Axillary, breast fold, or periareolar?

– Breast implant position – Above or under the pectoralis major muscle?

Over the next few weeks we will examine pro’s and con’s of the various alternatives.

Today we look at Saline vs. Silicone.

Saline vs. Silicone Gel

Advantages of silicone gel breast implants:

  1. Softer to touch, feel more like breast tissue. Silicone gel is an oil, similar to the fatty tissues of the breasts. Saline is simply saltwater
  2. Reduced rippling relative to saline implants. All implant edges ripple. Try putting water in a Glad bag and look at the edges of the bag. You will definitely see less rippling with oil in a bag than water in the same bag

Advantages of saline implants:

  1. Smaller incisions. The average incision for saline is 3 cm (just over an inch). Since silicone gel implants are pre-filled by the manufacturer, they require a 4 to 5 cm incision
  2. Lower cost
  3. If the implant does rupture, it becomes obvious after a few days or weeks whereas silicone implants do not shrink when they rupture

So which one should you choose?

Silicone gel breast implants are probably better from a purely cosmetic standpoint: they feel very similar to breast tissue.  Saline breast implants are probably better from a purely safety standpoint: it’s hard to argue with the safety of a bag of saltwater. In general, if you have a reasonable amount of breast tissue, subcutaneous fat, and breast tone, saline implants will be reasonably well-camouflaged and may be a good choice. On the other hand, if your breasts are very small (A minus), you are extremely thin, and/or have poor breast tone (i.e. you don’t have much tissue to cover your implants), you may want to consider silicone gel.

At the end of the day, only you and your doctor can choose the right type of implants for you. Dr. Paul Wigoda’s Fort Lauderdale-based plastic surgery center offers both silicone and saline implants and we are happy to help you decide what’s best for you during a free consultation.  Call us at 954.463.7088 to schedule your visit!

See the our next blog post on this series: Breast Implants and Size: Making the Right Choice by Dr. Wigoda

Breast Decisions: Saline or Silicone Breast Implants- Dr. Paul Wigoda Interview

Though breast implants have been around since the 1960s, there are only two types of liquid implants: silicone  breast implants and saline breast implants. If you are considering breast augmentation, you will need to make a decision about which one to use. To help you with your decision, South Florida plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Wigoda provides a comparison between the two.

Saline is simply salt water while silicone is a type of gel. From a safety standpoint, there is no difference between these two types of implants. There was a scare in the 1990s about silicone implants that caused a number of lawsuits, but studies have consistently shown that silicone implants don’t cause illness.
What are breast implants made of?
The shell of the implants is made from the same material and there is only a one percent chance per year that the implant will break. Most manufacturers warranty their implants for a lifetime. If the implant breaks, they will provide you with a new pair. If it breaks within 10 years, they will chip in some money towards the surgery needed to replace the broken implant.
What if a breast implant breaks?
An implant that breaks generally doesn’t cause any medical problems. If a saline implant tears, the water will simply leak out. Your body will absorb the water and you’ll likely notice a reduction in breast volume after a few days or weeks. If a silicone implant tears, however, the gel usually remains inside. You probably won’t know that the implant has broken unless you have an MRI. The FDA currently recommends an MRI after 3 years and then every 2 years. However, these recommendations may soon be changing. Most plastic surgeons think MRIs can be performed less often.
Silicone  breast implants versus Saline breast implants
There are some differences between the  breast implants, though. Silicone implants tend to feel more natural while saline breast implants can sometimes feel hard once they have been inserted. Saline breast implants also have more of a problem with rippling than silicone breast. This is when the shell of the implant wrinkles and this wrinkling can sometimes be seen if there isn’t a lot of fat and skin covering the implant.
However, the scar may be slightly smaller with saline implants because they come empty and are filled when they are inserted into the breast. This also provides the doctor with more flexibility during surgery. For example, if the surgeon notices the breasts are uneven, he or she can make adjustments to the implants to even things out. Lastly, silicone implants average about $1,000 more per pair than saline implants.
It is important to discuss all of these issues with your plastic surgeon during your breast augmentation consultation so you have all of the information you need to make the best choice for you. Dr. Paul Wigoda is available for plastic surgery consultations to help you make the best choice.

Dr. Paul Wigoda Reports Silicone Breast Implants Grow 72% in 2012

Faces are lifting, silicone breast implants are IN, skin is smoothing, Botox is booming and tummy tucking is far from flat, growing 70% in the last 12 years. The biggest bump Dr. Paul Wigoda noticed was the fact that 72% of breast implant surgeries in the United States used silicone implants; 28% used saline or sterile salt water implants.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has just released their 2012 annual statistics reporting the number and variety of plastic surgery procedures that were performed last year. The report, a virtual “state of the union” for plastic surgery profession, provides us with several interesting insights into trends in plastic surgery for the year.

“The fact that total U.S. cosmetic procedures were up last year is not surprising given that the economy is beginning to bounce back and these procedures are high on many people’s list of things to do with the extra income they are seeing.” says Dr. Paul Wigoda. Check the infographic below for increases in cosmetic procedures in relation to other important economic indicators, also on the rise.

Overall, cosmetic procedures in total were up a whopping 5%! The most popular procedures by volume were breast augmentation with 286,274 performed in 2012, followed by nose reshaping (242,684), eyelid surgery (204,015), liposuction (202,128), facelift (126,320) and tummy tuck (106,628).

Faces Lifting!

The biggest bump last year came in the form of facial rejuvenation procedures.

Here are some highlights:


  • Facelifts up by 6% from 2011

  • Eyelid Surgery up 4%

  • Microdermabrasion up 8% with 973,556 performed

  • Soft Tissue Fillers up by 5% with 1,988,767 performed

  • Botox and Dysport up 8% with 6,134,631 performed

Why so much focus on the face? The ASPS suggests “one has to assume that economic recovery and consumer confidence plays an important role… Another factor is people entering or re-entering the workforce at an older age, needing to compete with younger applicants. Having our appearance look as good as our experience and resumes… is a strong motivation.”

Other Notable Performers Include:

  • Breast Augmentation, up 35% from 2000

  • Calf Augmentation up 8% from 2011

  • Pectoral Implants up 6%

  • Upper Arm Lift up 3%

  • Tummy Tuck up 70% from 2000

Male Surgeries on the Rise

A clear indicator of the increase in male surgeries is in the treatment of male breast development or gynecomastia with an increase of 5% over last year. Says Dr. Paul Wigoda, “We have seen a marked increase in male procedures over the past several years, especially last year. Not just for gynecomastia but for facelift, eyelid lifts, pectoral augmentation, dermabrasion and nose reshaping. Plastic surgery is definitely no longer just for women.”

All in all, the ASPS reports prove that the state of the plastic surgery profession is very promising with further increases projected for next year. So, if you’ve been waiting for an economic turnaround to plan a cosmetic procedure, the time to schedule it is officially now. Come in for a free consultation with Dr. Wigoda and celebrate our improved economy!

7 Reasons to Bust Open this Free eBook

breast implants ebook guide

Who doesn’t love free things and boobs? I am here to offer you both!

If you are an avid reader of Dr. Paul Wigoda’s Painless Breast Implant blog then you know we release tons of articles with very important information about safe plastic surgery procedures, researching your plastic surgeon, what kind of implant is right for you and the list goes on and on.

While we appreciate all the clicks and love, we know every relationship has some give and take. Now it’s our turn for the give. Enter: An absolutely 100% free for you to download ebook named, The Painless Guide To Breast Implants!

Let’s check out the seven reasons why it should already be downloaded on your desktop…

7. Safety, Safety, Safety

When undergoing any procedure, safety should always be your top priority. The Painless Guide To Breast Implants ebook gives you an in-depth rundown telling you what to look for in a surgery center, including “8 Things Your Plastic Surgeon Should Never Say,” and a checklist of everything your plastic surgeon should have to prove that they are qualified.

Examples of things you DON’T want to hear:

“It looks fine if you squint.”
“You did have two nipples when we started…right?”

6. Size and Shape

Upper-lower profile, the rice test, ccs. If I lost you with some of those terms, chances are you need to do some more reading before taking another step further in your breast augmentation journey. This ebook provides an extensive guide to all of these and more, if there was such thing as a boob dictionary, this would qualify.

5. Saline vs. Silicone

Ah, the age-old debate, Saline vs. Silicone! Do you want a more natural look? Do you want them to feel softer or harder? Do you want to avoid rippling? Do you want a smaller or larger incision? Do you want to float in the ocean? All of these questions can make your head spin (or your chest). This ebook has got you covered! It has a comparative charts with all of the pros and cons for both Saline and Silicone implants.

4. Question Prep Like A Pro

If you are like me, sometimes you think of all the important questions to ask your doctor, then you get into the room and see all the imposing white, bright lights, and possible bad choices and your mind goes blank. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an ebook handy with a list of the top five best questions to ask your plastic surgeon?

Psst, this ebook has the TOP TEN questions, we wouldn’t settle for just top five.

3. Learn From a Plastic Surgery Expertdr wigoda plastic surgeon

Let me tell you a little about Dr. Paul Wigoda, the plastic surgeon behind this ebook.

Dr. Paul Wigoda is a Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon and is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He was named best plastic surgeon in South Florida in 2010. He is Chief of Plastic Surgery at Broward Health Medical Center, the primary trauma center for Fort Lauderdale and Broward County. These are just a few of his qualifications!

2. Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

While the ebook contains a lot of information in the chapters, it also contains TONS of links to other information regarding different procedures, blogs, definitions, and more. Everything you need is in one beautiful little package. I promise it’s much easier than clicking all around the internet to learn what AAAASF accredited means. It’s not just a boob dictionary, it’s a boob encyclopedia too.

1. It’s FREE

Seriously, you have nothing to lose here, NOTHING. Keep your money from your paycheck to buy a cute new bra after your breast augmentation. Your boobies will thank you.

Did you download the ebook, read through it, and bust out your highlighter? Now you are ready to go!

If you have any question, contact Dr. Wigoda at 954.463.7088 or schedule a free plastic surgery consultation online today!

One more thing! Next day recovery implants ARE possible, just download the ebook to get the scoop…

Florida Plastic Surgeon Shares Implant Myths on Facebook Live

Do breast implants need to be replaced every 10 years?


That’s one question Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul Wigoda frequently hears from his breast augmentation patients.

“That’s a common myth about breast implants that I hear all the time from patients, but it’s not true,” said Dr. Wigoda in one of his plastic surgery Facebook Live Q&A sessions. “Breast implants do not have to be changed every 10 years.”

Dr. Wigoda goes on to say that he has had patients who had waited for a very long time to get implants, because they don’t want to replace them just a few years down the road and don’t want to undergo surgery regularly. Other patients come back after 10 years because they think they need to get them replaced. In actuality, this is just one of the many myths about breast implants.


So, do breast implants ever need to be replaced?

Yes. There are times when breast implants need to be replaced, just not on a regular basis.

Implants don’t need to be changed or removed unless there is a problem or the patient wants to make a change with elective surgery such as  wanting to go bigger (or less commonly, smaller), or wanting a lift and deciding to change them even though they are intact.

“If implants rupture or deflate you would replace them. As long as they’re not ruptured, hard, or have capsular contracture and you don’t want a breast lift, they don’t need to be replaced,” said Dr. Wigoda. “Even if they’ve been in for 10 to 15 years you do not have to change them. Implants may not need to be changed for 20, 30, or even 40 years.”

Breast augmentation procedures are much different than they were 20 years ago. The shells are much stronger and it’s very likely silicone implants will last 20 to 30 years. Only one out 20 women will have a ruptured implant after 10 years and we have yet to receive data for ruptured rates at longer time periods.

How do I know when my breast implants need to be changed?

With saline breast implants, you will know one ruptured because it deflates pretty quickly. It may take a week or two but you will definitely know because of the physical difference. The saline solution can be absorbed by your body without posing any health risks, but you will want to either remove both shells or replace the damaged one to get back to a symmetrical appearance.

Silicone breast implant ruptures may not be noticeable. In fact, you may not know about it all but it’s not dangerous and the silicone typically remains trapped within the implant shell. If it does escape, the silicone does not spread to your breast tissue or body and you will not get sick. If you are in an accident, your plastic surgeon may suggest you get an MRI, just so you know what you’re dealing with.

So don’t hesitate if you really want breast implants because you think you will need plastic surgery every 10 years. While ruptured breast implants may impact how long your implants last, they are
not highly likely and shouldn’t keep you from a plastic surgery procedure that can increase your confidence and self-esteem.

If you have more questions and want to learn more about breast augmentation myths and facts, contact Dr. Wigoda for a free consultation today!


How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost?

How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost?

How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost?

You’ve spent a lot of time looking at various plastic surgery cost options, comparing reputable surgeons throughout your region, and making lists of all the reasons you should just go for it. But one thing always prevents you from setting the appointment: the cost. Whatever your reasons for wanting or needing plastic surgery, it’s a big decision. Truly it’s important to think about all the reasons why you may or may not benefit from the plastic surgery itself, but if you can’t afford the cost then it’s impossible to take that first step. This one aspect can keep many people from achieving the look that they desire.

“There are a lot of plastic surgeries centers in Miami that are very inexpensive plastic surgeries and you have to wonder what they are cutting on to do surgeries at that price. When every other plastic surgeon is significantly more expensive. What you can find is that the quality of surgery and care after is not that good.” – Dr. Wigoda

Typical Plastic Surgery Cost

Various plastic surgeries can cost wildly different prices. It all depends on what part of your body you want changed, how drastically you want it altered, and how much your plastic surgeon charges for their services overall. Here are a few popular plastic surgery choices and their price ranges to give you an idea of how much they each generally cost.

Liposuction: $4500-$7500
Liposuction is a surgery typically conducted on individuals with stubborn fat areas. It is a procedure that involves “sucking” out fat from common problem sites such as the thighs, buttocks, arms, and stomach. The fat can also be transferred to the buttock (Brazilian Butt Lift) or even the face to make the cheeks and/or lips fuller.

Breast augmentation: $4500-$6500
Many women struggle with having too-small breasts or breasts that are asymmetrical. Breast augmentation can be done in a number of different ways, but generally it includes surgically inserting an implant (saline or silicone gel) into the breast in order to enlarge and balance it out.

Nose job: $5500-7500
Sometimes genetics or bad accidents might land you with a nose that doesn’t look quite right. This surgery involves changing the shape of the nose so that is it more symmetrical with the face. It can drastically change the way someone’s face looks. Those that have difficulty breathing through their nose can sometimes be helped as well.

Tummy tuck: $6500-8500
Tummy tucks are great for people who have lost a lot of weight, had a baby, or experienced something else that would lead to having too much sagging stomach skin. This plastic surgery involves trimming the excess skin, tightening the abdominal muscles to flatten the belly, and removing excess fat so that the stomach looks tighter and more youthful.

Making Plastic Surgery Cost Affordable

Perhaps during all of your researching and planning you discovered that there are ways to finance your plastic surgery, but it’s more likely that you didn’t know. There are numerous options that can help you achieve the body that makes you feel the best without stressing your bank account. Often plastic surgeons have financing options available in their office for your review, so be sure to ask during a consult.

Shopping for Plastic Surgery Costs is a Mistake:

“One of the biggest mistakes I see patients make is shopping for plastic surgery based on price. Here in South Florida there are many plastic surgeons and a lot of non-plastic surgeons doing plastic surgery. It’s legal here. You can be a gynecologist, family doctor, or brain surgeon and decide you want to do plastic surgery. The problem is they aren’t really trained to do it. They can take a weekend course, however a board-certified plastic surgeon spends years not only learning how to do plastic surgeries, but also how to take care of problems when there is one.” – Dr. Wigoda

Affordable Financing Options in South Florida

If you live in Florida or the region surrounding, you’re in luck. Dr. Paul Wigoda, not only offers innovative and high-quality surgical services, but he also offers a few plastic surgery financing options. These options include:

  • Care Credit: allows patients to charge approved medical procedures to a credit account. Usually this option also includes a period of no interest, allowing the person to pay for their procedure without incurring extra charges.
  • Global Check: offers plastic surgery financing that allows you to pay back the loan within 90 days without interest.
  • Prosper: a business that allows companies to connect with you to offer you the best rates and loan terms.

Dr. Wigoda recommends you apply for financing before your appointment so that you can be sure that your surgery will be covered. You can read more about it on his

If you’re unsure about whether or not you should just go for the plastic surgery of your dreams, visit Dr. Wigoda’s website to learn more about the various innovative plastic surgery options that he offers including the cutting edge but non-surgical PRP services like the O-Shot, P-Shot, and Vampire Facial. Once you’ve decided on a plastic surgery service, contact one of the financing companies above to see if you can qualify to have the surgery covered.

Make sure to book your free plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Wigoda today. You can talk to him personally about your ideas and what would be the best fit for your situation and needs along with getting a tour of his AAAASF accredited plastic surgery center. While you’re visiting the website, be sure to also sign up for our email list! We have specials from time-to-time. Don’t forget that you’re worth all the research, commitment, and process – you deserve to enjoy having a body that you feel great living in!


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Plastic Surgery Research, Reviews, and Reputation

Florida plastic surgeon reviews Dr Wigoda

It’s no secret that plastic surgery is increasing in popularity thanks to celebrity influencers such as Kim Kardashian and reality shows like Botched; however, not all plastic surgeons deliver A-list results or critically acclaimed reviews. The American Society for Plastic Surgery reports that Americans spent over 13.5 billion dollars on combined surgical and nonsurgical procedures in 2015, up 13% from the previous year. Overall, the number of plastic surgery procedures have increased by 39% in the last five years.

Plastic Surgery False Confidence

The increase in plastic surgeries might indicate an equal increase in confidence about plastic surgeons; however, this isn’t always the case. There are still a number of precautions that must be taken when selecting a plastic surgeon and deciding on a specific type of plastic surgery procedure.

Really Botched: A Plastic Surgery Procedure Gone Wrong

One Miami woman tells a story of her experience that should make us all think twice before choosing a plastic surgeon without doing the research first.

Crystal Heath, a work-out fanatic, went to Dr. Omulepu for liposuction and a Brazilian butt lift. She lost more than 100 pounds and wanted to reward herself with a plastic surgery procedure.

“I had lost a lot of weight and in the process, I lost my butt as well,” Heath said.

Heath went under the knife for a butt lift on February 15th, but the doctor ended up giving her a tummy tuck instead.

She scheduled a butt enhancement surgery with a plastic surgeon who was known for his “Brazilian Butt Lift” surgery, and went in for the plastic surgery procedure. Unfortunately, when she woke up, she found herself having undergone a tummy tuck instead. Additionally, she was treated very poorly and ended up in the hospital with numerous infections. Luckily she survived, but was traumatized from the experience.

You Don’t Have to be a Kardashian: Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon

Some plastic surgeons do not secure the proper certifications that make them competent surgeons. These certifications ensure that physicians receive the proper training and help raise confidence levels for patients. This gives them security knowing that their doctor is well-trained and qualified. If you are considering going under the knife, it is important that you choose a plastic surgeon that has proper certifications and licenses, with a trustworthy reputation.

Positive Plastic Surgery Reviews Help You Choose

While the stories of plastic surgeries gone wrong are everywhere, one place you won’t find them is in Dr. Paul Wigoda. He has taken the time to ensure that he is not only competent, but is also excellent at making sure that people are treated very well. One can see from the vast number of positive testimonials that he is well respected, has comforting bedside manner, and takes his job very seriously.

In contrast with the story of the traumatized Cathy Heath, who vowed never to have another cosmetic procedure again, consider this online review by a satisfied plastic surgery patient:

“In picking a Cosmetic Surgeon for the first time around I made a deadly mistake. I chose another doctor in Miami Beach that I knew on a social level and almost lost my life. Red flag number one! A surgeon should be judged on skill, experience, bedside manner and especially compassion. And Dr. Wigoda has all that, plus more. I was lucky enough to have Dr Wigoda brought in on my case. Not once but twice he has saved my life! I definitely give him a rating off the charts!!!!”

It’s important to make sure you choose a doctor who will treat you well AND is qualified.

Drwigoda plastic surgery google reviews

Online reviews and social media sites such as Google+ have made it possible to research and educate oneself. When considering permanently altering your body, take the time to know who you’re entrusting with your life. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Wigoda prides himself in his technique, compassion, and education as his five-star reviews indicate:

Karoline L.:

“Four years ago I had a breast augmentation with silicone implants and I absolutely still love my breasts. I went from a B-Cup to a D-Cup and can’t express how thrilled I am about this procedure. Dr. Wigoda did an absolutely amazing job to keep my breasts looking natural, and my scars are hardly noticeable. He is a great Dr. He listened to my wishes and concerns, and took his time to carefully inform and advise me about my procedure. Even post-op he made sure my recovery was going well and took his time to address any questions I had afterwards. I am very happy to have had my surgery done with Dr. Wigoda and would do any other surgeries with him in a heartbeat.

I also chose Dr Wigoda for my Juvederm lip augmentation and Botox injections. He injects just the right amount to have my lips looking plump and gets rid of the crow’s feet, yet I am still looking natural.”

Vincent Burburan:

“Was able to watch some of his work as a student. I have watched/shadowed a lot of doctors, however he left an everlasting impression on me. Doctor Wigoda is a master of his craft, very professional, and has great bedside manner. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good Plastic/Reconstructive surgeon, as well as a hand surgeon!”

A Google User:

“Dr. Wigoda is the best! Last year after a significant weight loss, I decided to go for liposuction and breast augmentation procedures, I had them both done at the same time. I will never regret my decision as I feel great with the way I look now and I am motivated to maintain my weight down. It never crossed my mind that at 54 I was going to feel and look better than ever before in my life. Dr. Wigoda and his staff were amazing, I will always refer my friends and family to him!!”

Rachel Weissler:

“I truly relied a lot on the testimonials online when I was searching for the right surgeon to do my breast augmentation. I’m happy to now be able to contribute to those testimonials! Dr. Wigoda and the whole staff were amazing throughout the whole process. I get so many compliments, and I love being able to brag about how painless the experience was… :)”

Brandy A:

“When I finally decided I was going to get implants, I did all the normal online research and narrowed it down to Dr. Wigoda and two others. After three consultations I decided to go with Dr. Wigoda because I have two little ones. The “painless implants” were a HUGE plus and he was the only one that really took his time during the consultation. He went over options with me, the different sizes and profiles and seemed genuinely interested in making sure I could get the look I wanted. The other two were great, but they seemed like a generic consult where they just went over the risks and basics like they do with everyone who comes in. The personal attention made me feel a lot more confident. From there on out everything was super easy! They were able to work with my schedule and get me in pretty quickly. During the pre-op appointment we finalized sizing and they made sure every question I had was answered.

The day of the surgery I got to the office at 8 and by 8:15 the anesthesiologist was doing his thing. A couple hours later I was up with a new set of big and beautiful breasts. The procedure went smoother than I could have hoped for. I went home and was able to rest with minimal discomfort. From the time I got home through the next three days there was a lot of pressure and tightness. It was uncomfortable, but never painful. I was able to stay home and watch my four-year-old the very next day without a problem and was completely off pain meds by the 4th day. I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical about the whole “painless implant” thing, but not once through the entire process would I have ever considered myself to be in pain. Pressure and tenderness, but never pain.

I’m three weeks post-op now and am in LOVE with my breasts. I couldn’t have asked for a better job, doctor or staff =)

*on a side note, the office manager Marie is super nice! Every time I had a question, she had an answer. She was really good at walking me through everything that needed to be done and made things as easy as possible. I’m also one of those people who get SUPER nervous at doctors and actually get shaky. She went above and beyond the day of the surgery to keep me calm. =)”

Natalia H.:

“I always wanted breast augmentation and researched doctors between Broward and Miami for several months before I selected Dr. Wigoda. His reviews and his resume were the most impressive and when I went in for my consultation, I saw just how affordable the surgery was. Dr. Wigoda was very personable, professional, and knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions as did Marie at the front desk. He detailed all of the risks and benefits of both saline and silicone implants and asked plenty of questions as to what type of look I was going for. Dr. Wigoda and Marie were very meticulous in making sure I followed all the proper pre-op procedures to minimize risk of any complications. My goal was to have natural-looking implants. I went from a small B-cup to a full D-cup and my breasts look AMAZING! That was almost 7 months ago and I couldn’t be happier. I would not only recommend him, I would definitely go back for any other surgical procedure.”

Making the Right Choice in Plastic Surgery

It can be scary to consider going through plastic surgery, especially when you’re putting your life in someone’s hands that you probably don’t know very well. You should always do your research before choosing a plastic surgeon. Dr. Wigoda has made it easy to read or watch reviews from his past patients, through proudly posting the various life-changing notes that he receives on his website. If you’re looking for a trustworthy plastic surgeon with an excellent reputation, who will also help you get through the process painlessly, look no further than Dr. Wigoda.

Schedule a free plastic surgery consultation today to find out how board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Wigoda can help you feel better in your body. Remember, you deserve to feel great, be treated well, and enjoy the results!


Image Source:  merydolla / 123RF Stock Photo
Image Source: Dr. Paul Wigoda Google+ Reviews

The Breast Vacation Ever? @DrDrewHLN Panel Injects Opinions


vacation breast implants

Insta Breasts, a 24-hour saline solution that allows patients to “test drive” a breast augmentation, is making plastic surgery news. The one-day enhancement created by Dr. Norman Rowe is actually the first step toward what he calls “vacation breast implants” which is in the works and is expected to last two weeks. But are women in the market for breast enhancement really looking for this type of temporary fix, or is it just a hoax? Dr. Wigoda addresses his major concerns for the temporary procedure and why he thinks vacation breasts may disappear just as quickly as they appeared.

Are Temporary Breast Implants Safe?

If it’s done with sterile technique and by a qualified plastic surgeon it is probably safe with little risk of complications. Furthermore, the saline solution is the same that is used in long-term breast implants which, when an implant ruptures, is safely absorbed in the body.


How Much Do Temporary Implants Cost?

Rowe quotes his prices at between $2,500 and $3,500 for a procedure that can take less than 20 minutes in some cases! For three to four times that amount, patients can get amazing implants that last well more than 24 hours.


Who Should Consider Vacation Breast Implants?

Because it only lasts one day, and there is a high cost involved, it’s not likely that it will be very popular. Even if it lasts two weeks, is it worth having them done for say a vacation when you would have to buy clothes and bras to fit your new shape? Honestly, Victoria’s Secret has a line of swimsuits that can give you an entirely new shape and you can use it year-round, not just during those two weeks.

The main audience for this type of cosmetic surgery would probably be brides, and it is unlikely that they will risk this sort of procedure on their wedding. Will the dress fit? Will they feel well enough to dance, or a little off balance? When brides-to-be are considering any type of plastic surgery before the big day they need to do it in a reasonable amount of time. Bridal breast implants should be planned at least three to six months before you walk down the aisle.


Will The Vacation Implants Trend Continue?

It’s quite possible that this vacation implants fad will disappear faster than it takes the saline solution to absorb. Most women who come in for breast augmentation consultations know they want to have larger, fuller breasts. There are very few that are “on the fence” and would like to do a test run. The primary issue is usually how big to go and it is unlikely that this procedure will help answer that question very well as the patient would have to redo it with a variety of sizes to know for sure what they want.

A good plastic surgeon will educate the patient on all of their options. Saline vs. silicone, over or under the pec, size and shape recommendations, and so on. During your consultations, you should also be able to try on various sizers. While this won’t allow you to feel exactly what it’s like to have that new weight on your chest, it will allow you to see how you will appear with various sizes.

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7 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Breast Implants

Getting a major surgery such as a breast augmentation can be scary, confusing and sometimes stressful. But, what no one told you is that it doesn’t have to be. All those scary internet rumors and myths can sometimes be overwhelming. When consulting with my clients after surgery, these were the top responses when asking what they wished they knew before going under the knife and today I will address the most popular beliefs and concerns.

What to expect before breast implants

1) The price of beauty should NEVER be pain. Breast Implants DO NOT have to be painful. Do your research and make sure to read reviews of various doctors and their techniques. Getting breast implants should never lead to horrible pain. YES you will be sore, YES you may be uncomfortable, but excruciating pain should never be the result of breast implant surgery. If you are considering getting breast implants, Dr. Wigoda’s Painless Breast Implants will prove you wrong. Multiple testimonials prove that clients are in minimal pain after surgery and can even lift their arms above their head right after the procedure!

2) Silicone vs. Saline. When it comes to choosing between silicone and saline implants, most women and doctors agree that silicone is the way to go. Silicone feels closer to real breast tissue as it is an oil, while saline is simply salt water. Another important topic to consider is rippling, which is more common with saline implants. Rippling is ridges caused in the corners of the implant, and may be noticeable if you do not have a large amount of fat or breast glandular tissue covering the implant. As I always say to my clients, “whether you choose saline or silicone, it is a personal choice, but all of these things should be discussed with your surgeon.” If you want to form your own opinion, check out this blog on Silicone vs. Saline implants.



3) I Must, I Must Increase My Bust! Before you decide on the size of your implants keep in mind, it’s not unusual for patients to wish they had gone bigger once the implants have settled and they get used to having larger breasts. Make sure you consult with your doctor on the size the implants will be after the swelling subsides. Also keep in mind that you can always increase or decrease the size in the future. Because I hate to break it to you, but the Judy Blume increase your bust exercise doesn’t actually work.

4) Boobies Equal Confidence. Many women state that receiving breast implants significantly boosted their confidence. Studies show the women’s motivation for breast implants is often due to the fact that they were unhappy with the size or shape they were born with. This lack of self-esteem can affect multiple areas of women’s lives and relationships.  Statistics show that women who have breast implants tend to get more promotions, improve romantic relationships and have higher self-esteem. “I have seen countless women, who start off a bit reserved when I first meet them, come back with big smiles, more confidence, and more outgoing personalities, just a few weeks after their breast implant surgery,” says Dr. Paul Wigoda. A study published in Plastic Surgical Nursing confirms that when 84 women were surveyed, the participants’ average self-esteem score increased from 20.7 to 24.9 on the 30-point Rosenberg scale.

5) I Have Heavy Bowling Balls Glued To My Chest. Strike! This rumor is something that many women hear all the time, that breast implants feel fake and uncomfortable. The truth is, most women claim their implants can feel very natural, as if they are an extension of their body. When breast implants are done correctly, they should feel as natural as your breasts before surgery. Sure, it may take you some time to adjust to the new size, but after the adjustment period you shouldn’t notice it!

6) The Breast Implant Lifespan. Another one of the most common misconceptions about breast implants is that they must be changed and maintained every 10-12 years. This is simply not true. If you get them done right the first time, and you love them, you don’t need to touch them unless something has gone wrong. If something does go wrong, almost every single breast implant does have a ten year warranty. This means the company will send you free new implants, as well as contribute some money for the surgery to fix them. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, then yes go see a doctor. But if not, you are not required to “update” your breasts, they are not an iPhone.

7) Breasts in the Bedroom. Did you know most women report better sex lives after their surgery? Breast augmentation can lead to higher sexual confidence in the bedroom, and of course your husband isn’t going to complain either. This is sometimes hard for clients to believe, but a study published in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ magazine Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery backs this up. When women were surveyed six months before and six months after surgery, their sexual satisfaction on average increased up to 30 points on a 0-100 scale!

So there you have it everyone, the seven things that everyone else wishes they knew before breast implant surgery. If you have anything else to add to this list of things, please feel free to leave comment and share with everyone!

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5 Plastic Surgery Videos Trending on YouTube

trending plastic surgery videosBoard-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Paul Wigoda was named best plastic surgeon in South Florida in 2010 and is the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Broward Health. His Fort Lauderdale and Miami plastic surgery practice offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures including his revolutionary Painless Breast Implant procedure, which virtually eliminates
pain and is designed to result in a quick, safe and painless recovery.

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Wigoda’s top priority is and always will be his patients’ welfare and satisfaction so he often offers helpful information to help plastic surgery candidates make the best decisions for their procedures. Check out the most popular plastic surgery videos from his YouTube channel for some excellent plastic surgery insights!

1. Saline vs. Silicone Implants

There are so many important decisions to make when it comes to breast implants. The cup size, the width, the shape, the type of implant, the surface, the insertion site and the position! With so much to consider, Dr. Wigoda shares the major differences between saline and silicone breast implants to help you feel more confident and knowledgeable about your decision. Here you will discover the advantages and disadvantage of the two implant types, like how they will feel, the safety considerations, implant lifetimes, costs, possibility of breast implant ruptures, MRI recommendations, warranties, rippling, incision sizes, and the effects on mammograms and breast feeding.

VIDEO: Florida Plastic Surgeon Dr. Wigoda Answers: Saline or Silicone Breast Implants?

2. Smart People Research Smart Lipo

Considering liposuction to eliminate problem areas? Should you opt for the Smart Lipo or traditional liposuction? Dr. Wigoda shares his opinion on the new lipo phenomenon as well as some advice. First, beware the doctors that advertise Smart Lipo and don’t have a plastic surgery background. Avoid people who specialize in dermatology and pulmonology who open up spas and call themselves experts. Dr. Wigoda also goes into details about some common Smart Lipo misconceptions such as it is a lunch-time procedure, it is non-invasive, the length of the recovery period and more. Be smart when it comes to Smart Lipo and watch this video to determine if the procedure is right for you.

VIDEO: Is Smart Lipo Really Smart?

3. Dangerous Plastic Surgery Warning Signs

When it comes to plastic surgery, complications and even death are always a possibility, which is upsetting as these procedures are generally elective. It is your body and your life and patients have died from using the wrong doctor. Make sure you thoroughly research your plastic or cosmetic surgeon to mitigate the risk of complications. Here, Dr. Wigoda shares some plastic surgery warning signs you should look out for, including how or why they are offering discounts, whether they a history of problems, the surgeon’s credentials, online reviews and more.

VIDEO: Plastic Surgery Nightmares at Strax Rejuvenation: Dr. Wigoda’s Warning Signs

4. Different Types of Anesthesia for Plastic Surgery

Dr. Wigoda describes four different types of anesthesia used for plastic surgery procedures. He describes the differences between local anesthesia, local with oral sedation, local with IV sedation, and general anesthesia. Some topics covered in this video are how each anesthesia may feel, what type of procedures require a specific anesthesia, how long the anesthesia may last before it wears off, costs and whether you will need an anesthesiologist present during your procedure.

VIDEO: Florida Surgeon Dr. Wigoda Explains the Different Types of Anesthesia

5. La Toya Jackson’s Plastic Surgery

The Jackson family is notorious for their plastic surgeries and although Michael and Janet get the most attention for their over-the-top procedures, it’s no wonder that Dr. Wigoda’s analysis of  La Toya Jackson’s surgeries is one of his top-viewed YouTube videos. In the last decade, the fifth child of the infamous Jackson family has made a return to music, been an active member of reality television and has participated in various other projects such as the documentary “Dancing In Jaffa.” During this time she has slowly been changing her appearance to better resemble her siblings. Here Dr. Wigoda analyzes the multiple nose jobs, probably chin implant, lip injections, implants and possible multiple liposuctions.

VIDEO: La Toya Jackson Plastic Surgery

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