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8 Things Your Plastic Surgeon Should Never Say To You

Breast Implants Safety: 8 Things Your Plastic Surgeon Should Never Say [INFOGRAPHIC]

One of the top three questions new patients have during their first breast implant consultation with Dr. Paul Wigoda is “are breast implants safe?”...
Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr Wigoda AAAASF Plastic Surgery Center

AAAASF: 5 Questions for a Safe Plastic Surgery Center

One of the most crucial factors to consider when deciding where to get plastic surgery done is the credentials of your doctor and the...
paul wigoda realself review

Botox During Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

More and more women are questioning the use of  botox during pregnancy and whether it can affect a mother’s unborn child.  A new Canadian...
Dr Wigoda Perfect Breast Shape for Breast Implants

Plastic Surgery Infections and Death Spotlight Patient Safety Choices

Dr. Paul Wigoda tells his plastic surgery patients: think of this as your most careful investment. Health advocates including Dr. Wigoda are emphasizing the...

Does Your Plastic Surgeon Have Malpractice Charges?

Would you book an appointment with a plastic surgeon with malpractice charges? About that plastic surgeon...hold onto your breasts everyone, we have some disturbing news...

7 Reasons to Bust Open this Free eBook

Who doesn’t love free things and boobs? I am here to offer you both! If you are an avid reader of Dr. Paul Wigoda’s Painless...
Finding a Credible Plastic Surgeon on Instagram

How to Find a Credible Plastic Surgeon on Instagram

Instagram is flooded with photos of body confident fitness buffs and bikini models who are setting the standard for #bodygoals. So unsurprisingly, the platform...

Plastic Surgery: Rhinoplasty Patient Shares Her Journey On Instagram

Rhinoplasty patient opens up about the process of plastic surgery. Jenny knew she wanted a nose job (otherwise known as rhinoplasty) before she was even...

11 Ways Botox Can Change Your Life

Is Botox for everything and everyone? When Dr. Paul Wigoda opened up Time Magazine’s cover story article, How Botox Became the Drug That’s Treating Everything,...

Painless Breast Implants: “Best Decision Ever!”

Have you ever considered breast implants but scrapped the idea in fear of the pain? Dr. Paul Wigoda’s patient said she can relate. Just...

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