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An Inspirational Story of a Plastic Surgeon and Breast Cancer Survivor

Without luck on her side, she relied on faith, family, and newfound angel, Dr. Paul Wigoda, MD.
Immerse yourself in this heart-wrenching true story of pain, loss, and triumph, an inspiring tale for anyone who has ever been affected either emotionally or physically by breast cancer. 


breast cancer survivor marcia beaird dr wigoda


In May of 2005, this breast cancer survivor underwent a routine plastic surgery procedure with a plastic surgeon in Miami, unaware of what would follow.  Forty-eight hours after the surgery, she was attacked by a flesh-eating bacteria which had spread to all of the areas she had her plastic surgery procedure. She was rushed to Broward Health suffering miserably, as over 60% of her skin was irreparably damaged; she was in agony, on the verge of death.

Dr. Paul Wigoda, MD was called to treat her. He emergently took her to the operating room, and had to remove most of her skin and fatty tissue in her trunk and thighs to remove the dead infected tissue and stop the infection from spreading further. Due to the massive infection which had spread to her bloodstream, her heart stopped twice during the operation but miraculously, she was brought back to life and survived the night. She was induced into a coma for three months during which time she underwent multiple surgeries to remove more skin and then replace it with skin grafts.  She then had to learn to walk all over again, while searching for a reason to go on, amid excruciating pain, significant deformities, and crushing medical debt.

Dr. Wigoda saved her life and supported her on a grueling path to normalcy. Unfortunately, her trauma wasn’t over, and he would have to save her again. Two years after her trauma, her breasts became enlarged, swollen and painful, from the steroid treatments she required to keep her going as her new skin adjusted.  To ease her pain, Dr. Wigoda scheduled her for a routine breast reduction, but to his dismay, found cancer during the surgery. Less than six weeks after hearing the new diagnosis, she underwent a double mastectomy, with Dr. Wigoda performing follow-up reconstruction.  She had walked a difficult path, losing most of her skin and both breasts, but by the end of 2008 she had new breasts in place and was cancer-free, having overcome every obstacle in her path.  

History tells us the most notable winners usually suffer heartbreaking obstacles before they find triumph.  They won because they refused to be discouraged by defeat and instead found courage, strength, and character.  – excerpt from her book

And she had many defeats!  

Here are words to live by:

We can choose every day which attitude we’ll use to embrace that day. We can’t change the past, the only thing we can do is play with the string we have and that’s our attitude. I’m convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. So it is with you to always be in charge of your attitude no matter what comes to you.

Let this heroic woman’s true-life miracle of survival, faith, and inspiration be the reminder we need for this October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Let’s remind each other to:

  • Get frequent check-ups,
  • Research a trustworthy doctor,
  • Remember there are always bumps in the road,
  • But we can persevere with a strong balance of life, support, and positivity!

If you seek further guidance and a free plastic surgery consultation, contact Dr. Paul Wigoda today to learn more.

Botched Plastic Surgery: Dr. Paul Wigoda Tells Patients to Research First!

Dr Wigoda- Botched Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery makes perfect! At least that’s what patients are hoping when they walk into a plastic surgery office. But South Florida board-certified plastic surgeon  Dr. Paul Wigoda, MD reminds patients to do their research first or they could end up in a reality TV show.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and as the second season of Botched on E! is nearing, we’re reminded of the sometimes terrifying consequences of elective surgery. Note that the majority of botched plastic surgeries are not this extreme, however it’s been reported that one in five patients who get plastic surgery are generally not happy with the results.

A botched or even a poor surgery makes it extremely difficult for a patient to trust doctors with their bodies in the future, which can keep them from getting corrective procedures. That’s why Dr. Paul Wigoda stresses the importance of researching your plastic surgeon and making sure they have a fully-accredited plastic surgery center.

Luckily for some unfortunate patients, the first season of the Botched provided some amazing surgeons to correct these medical mishaps. The cringeworthy highlight reel included one woman with a uniboob and another whose botched tummy tuck lifted her vagina all the way up to her stomach! For more horrifying consequences of not researching your plastic surgeon check out the seven most cringeworthy moments From Botched Season 1.

With season two of Botched coming up, realize that reality television isn’t the only place you can find great corrective surgeons. Dr. Wigoda, Chief of Plastic Surgery at Broward Health, has saved the day for many patients who have suffered from plastic surgeries gone wrong.

Here are some of his corrective plastic surgery success stories:

The Second Time CAN Be The Charm

When a breast implant procedure went wrong, Dr. Wigoda was there to make it right. In this botched plastic surgery testimonial a woman describes her first breast augmentation as “awful” and shared that it had caused her weeks of pain, resulted in an infection, and she missed work. Dr. Wigoda was able to perform an even more complicated procedure to correct this mistake but, by choosing the right plastic surgeon, the patient found herself in less pain and had less healing time! She was even able to drive herself back to his office the next day for her follow up appointment.


Patient Given Hours To Live Has New Lease On Life

An issue with plastic surgeons that can be equally if not more devastating than not being able to do a procedure, is operating without a sterile environment. A routine liposuction almost cost Marcia Beaird her life when she was attacked by a flesh-eating bacteria that stemmed from complications. The flesh eating bacteria affected 80% of her body’s muscle and fat, forcing Dr. Wigoda to remove and replace layers upon layers of infected skin. In Beaird’s case, the thing that almost cost her her life also saved it and 10 years later she is thankful for the plastic surgeon who was on call for her emergency treatments.

It’s terrifying to be a victim of a botched surgery, but you don’t have to suffer from someone’s mistakes for your whole life. If you find yourself unsatisfied with your plastic surgery results, contact Dr. Wigoda for a free plastic surgery consultation to see how you can reach your perfect plastic surgery potential.

Follow Up: Dr. Wigoda’s Skin Graft Procedure Gives Woman A New Lease on Life

“He never stopped trying something. When everybody else was ready to give up, he didn’t,” said Marcia Beaird.


This is WPLG Local 10’s report on their Miracle Monday segment featuring Beaird’s recovery with Dr. Wigoda’s skin graft procedure that gave her a new lease on life. You can read the original story here.



It’s been nine long and trying years and more than $2 million spent since Beaird’s routine liposuction procedure left her with flesh-eating bacteria that consumed 80 percent of her body, eating through both muscle and fat.


Dr. Wigoda was on call in the Broward General ER the night Beaird was rushed into the emergency room. She was already in renal failure and her organs had shut down just 48 hours after her procedure.


“I thought she was going to die the first night I saw her,” said Dr. Wigoda.


Fortunately, that was not the case. Dr. Wigoda was able to remove layers of infected skin and fat while saving as much as possible for future grafting. However, Beaird was not out of the woods yet. For three months she was in an induced coma and family members were told daily that that day could be her last.


Dr. Wigoda was able to save Beaird, but the traumatic experience wasn’t over. She has undergone multiple reconstructive procedures including tissue expansion to rebuild the areas destroyed by the infection. Fighting together has allowed Dr. Wigoda and Beaird to accomplish an impossible feat.


“I find strength in my faith and in Dr. Wigoda,” said Beaird, “He’s been an angel to me in my darkest hours.”


Her attitude regarding her new lease on life and amazing transformation is so positive and inspiring. Even Dr. Wigoda, who has seen this miracle firsthand is in awe of her.


“It really takes a strong person to be able to go through what she has been through and for her to have the positive outlook she has is unbelievable. I don’t know if I would have that,” said Dr. Wigoda.


Today, we are pleased to announce that Beaird has been feeling well enough to go back to the career she had prior to this experience and has recently started working as a flight attendant.


You can see just how far Beaird has come since this first segment aired four years ago.


Yelpers Give Dr. Paul Wigoda Plastic Surgery All 5 Star Ratings in Fort Lauderdale

The Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery reviews are in and Dr. Paul Wigoda reports all 5-star ratings on Yelp!

With more than 100 million monthly unique visitors, Yelp is the premiere local business review site. And, as anyone who owns a business or who’s ever yelped a business they love knows even with amazing service 5-star reviews on Yelp are hard to come by, not to mention all 5-star reviews. Dr. Paul Wigoda thanks our plastic surgery clients for sharing the love on Yelp and wanted to share some excerpts of our favorite reviews with you.

  • Breast Implant Review Liz S. of Boca Raton, FL writes “NO PAIN, GREAT GAIN! After having 3 children in 18 Months (a set of twins) I finally decided to have a breast lift and implants. A friend referred me to Dr. Wigoda. I had the procedure yesterday, and I have not been in one drop of pain since! … Great Doctor, great experience, great results.”

  • Perla S. of Manhattan, NY writes “I had plastic surgery 8 years ago with Dr. Paul Wigoda.I am now going to be 66 years old, and I look 10 years younger… Never ever had any pain, as he promised. I would do it all over again.”

  • B L. of Miami Beach, FL shares “So happy with the results, would have done it sooner!”

  • JR M. of Fort Lauderdale, FL says simply:  “We love Dr. Wigoda!”

  • Olga S. of Fort Lauderdale, FL “I had carefully chosen Dr. Wigoda as my plastic surgeon, for breast augmentation after scouring every single surgeon within a 25 mile radius of me. Dr. Wigoda stood out, by far, as not only the most personable, but beyond other’s average surgeon skills as well. Now, almost 3 months later, I am LOVING my breasts. They look proportionate to my body; they don’t look as if someone just “put” them there. They are just perfect. I’m feeling a little sad as today was my last scheduled follow up with Dr. Wigoda.”

Perhaps our favorite review is this from Marcia B of Ft. Lauderdale:

“ Because of the dedication of Dr Wigoda I am able today to tell my story. I give Dr. Paul Wigoda the highest points any doctor can receive. By chance, Dr Wigoda was on call at Broward General Hospital the day I was brought into emergency in renal failure and fighting for my life from a Liposuction procedure I received from another doctor in Miami Beach. Dr. Wigoda saved my life and has continued to do so ever since. The dedication that Dr. Wigoda has shown… speaks for itself. His compassion, sympathy and kindness along with his skills have given me my life back. He took an oath seriously to save lives and that day he saved mine. The results you’ll receive from the care of Dr. Wigoda will make you feel beautiful about yourself.”

Some of our other favorites include:

  • Kristina C. of Plantation, FL shares “[Dr. Wigoda] and his office staff were far superior to any of the other doctors I had consulted.  Their office is comfortable and inviting, with a very professional surgical area. The procedure went exactly as expected but the best part was the ‘recovery’. I had no real pain.”

  • Rebecca C. of Fort Lauderdale, FL says “I have much faith in this doctor. He does not try to sell unnecessary treatments or services. I have always gotten great results from his treatment. I recommend him to all of my friends. His staff, particularly Lucy, is also marvelous. They are both professionals of the highest caliber and pleasant to deal with as well.”

Dr. Wigoda hopes to make you the next happy patient to write a 5-star review and invites you to come in for a free plastic surgery consultation.

Lipo Nightmare: Dr. Wigoda Saves Life with Grafting Procedure

Five years after saving a woman’s life and multiple surgeries later, Dr. Paul Wigoda was featured on ABC Local WPLG this week; reporting on how a woman was attacked by a flesh-eating bacteria that stemmed from liposuction Lipo Nightmare: Dr. Wigoda Saves Lifecomplications.

Flight attendant Marcia Beaird thought she was simply getting routine liposuction. Instead, she was rushed to the hospital a mere 48 hours after receiving the lipo on her stomach, lower back and thighs.

“I was already in renal failure and my organs had shut down,” she said. “From that point, the nightmare started.”

The bacteria consumed 80 percent of her body, eating through both muscle and fat.

“I thought she was going to die the first night I saw her,” said Dr. Wigoda, who was on call in the Broward hospital ER the night Beaird was rushed to the emergency room.

Dr. Wigoda was able to save Beaird, but the traumatic experience wasn’t over. Her scarred skin began developing chronic wounds and she again turned to Dr. Wigoda. “He never stopped trying something. When everybody else was ready to give up, he didn’t,” she said.

“I find strength in my faith and in Dr. Wigoda. He’s been an angel to me in my darkest hours,” Beaird asserted.

Click here to read the entire story on Local 10 news. To hear the latest news from Dr. Wigoda, and stay up-to-date on the latest news and offers through our Facebook Fan Page and Twitter @DrWigoda.

South Beach Spa Launches Ad Campaign, Introduces High-End Hair Products

In a true Miami-Beach-spa-fashion, Dr. Wigoda and Me Day Spa have launched a hot new ad campaign to support Me Day Spa’s new high-end hair products and services.

Visit the salon in person to see full size photos of Me Day Spa’s new mascot and model – She’s hot!

As a L’Oreal concept salon with expert staff, Me Day Spa is no stranger to luxury and style. The additions of several new product lines re-assert that Me Day Spa is Miami’s premiere spa destination.

South Beach Spa’s New Products Include:

  • Kerastase hair care retail products and in salon treatments: including strengthening, leave in, color treated, and curly hair products
  • Eminence skin care: featuring the new body care and tropical lines
  • Alison Raffaelle cosmetics: naturally inspired beauty products
  • Obagi medical products: prescription strength, salon quality skincare
  • Prevage MD: anti-aging skincare that corrects environmental damage
  • Trapp Candles: premium exotic fragrances for the mind and body
  • Marcia Teixeira Brazilian Chocolate Hair Relaxer: A natural de-frizzing treatment – desert for your hair

For more information about these products call Me Day Spa: (305) 534-6363