3 Important Questions to Verify Your Plastic Surgeon’s Credibility

Dr. Wigoda 3 Questions To Verify Your plastic surgeon credibility

With a drastic rise in the popularity of Plastic Surgery sweeping the nation, there has been a consequential rise in doctors willing to perform the procedures. NBC reports that doctors, some even dentists, are taking weekend certification courses to learn how to perform procedures that dermatologists and plastic surgeons take months to perfect. In fact, some of these cases are performed without the patient’s knowledge.

We followed the story of Stephanie, a new grandmother who went to her family doctor and received a botched facial shot to get rid of a red spot on her face. The result was disastrous and left Stephanie with a large open wound that required extensive treatment. When NBC confronted the family doctor about the incident, the physician claimed other doctors were just upset with him because he was taking prospective patients away from them. Hoping to get our own opinion from a board-certified plastic surgeon on this subject, we asked Dr. Paul Wigoda, MD for his input.

Wigoda explains, “It’s the usual comment made by people who do shoddy work when other doctors criticize them. It appears that this doctor did sclerotherapy on a facial vein. Sclerotherapy is usually done only on lower leg veins. The fact that he did not know this speaks volumes about how little training he actually has.”

Plastic Surgeon Experience Checklist

It is absolutely crucial that before selecting a doctor for plastic surgery, you do extensive in-depth research on who will be operating in you. We have created a plastic surgery checklist of some of the most important factors you should ask any plastic surgeon whom you are considering jumping into an operating room with:

1. Ask to see prior work.

Cosmetic surgeons will often have prior work posted on a website or readily available to show you what they have done. Make sure you see visual images that can let you know this doctor can safely perform and deliver what you are expecting.

2. Read Reviews!

Especially in this day and age, reviews are a great way to get a realistic expectation of the plastic surgeon you are considering. Dr. Wigoda has worked with a large amount of his patients because they claim to have loved the reviews on his site, which have made them feel at ease. Reviews are often unbiased and very honest and written by real life people who have undergone a procedure.

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3. Ask for Proof of Certification.

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr Wigoda AAAASF Plastic Surgery Center

You want your plastic surgeon to be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery as well as have hospital privileges in at least one hospital! Also, make sure the facility is certified, professional, and up to date. To learn how, check out this blog post on our AAAASF safe plastic surgery center.

Plastic surgeons and dermatologists study and practice for years to safely learn and perform Botox, chemical peels, lasers and much more. Do not get scammed or caught off guard by a doctor who has taken a weekend course or two. Your body is a temple. Remember you have to live with it for the rest of your life, don’t let others treat it as less. Research, research, and research some more!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding plastic surgery or are looking for a board-certified experienced surgeon, please feel free to contact Dr. Wigoda here!


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